Mummies Alive!

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I am currently 16 is living in Toronto, Canada. I enjoy reading, and writing, music and math problems. Unfortunately, do not write a lot. I hope everyone like my story and I hopefully, I do not characterize any character inaccurately.

Thanks for reading and (hold your amulet before reading the next phrase) WITH THE STRENGTH OF RA! : )


Scarab is once again pursuing his goal of immortality by extracting the spirit of Prince Rapses. However, in doing so, he crossed the path of Chontra who is seeking revenge against Rath, Prince Rapses' guardian. Chontra summons the spirits of close friends and relatives to the guardians to distract them while she kidnaps Prince Rapses for Scarab and executes her revenge on Rath.


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Heka poked her head out of her golden, ceramic, cylindrical bin puzzled by the sudden noise. She stared across the room at Scarab who stood still in front of a mirror.

"What's wrong, boss?" Heka asked still dazed.

"What's wrong? You tell me what's wrong!" Scarab replied in frustration.

Heka stared at her boss. As usual, Scarab looked too and thin. His pale skin appeared even whiter against the baggy gray track suit he wore to sleep. He stood crooked back staring at Heka with his narrow brown eyes. Heka stared upwards towards the top of his head.

"Your hair is growing again?" Heka guessed sarcastically

"No. A new wrinkle. That's what's wrong." Scarab answered pointing to a microscopic line on his forehead. He then turned back to the mirror.

"Gee boss, don't be upset. You have never been upset because of a little wrinkle. Besides, you look the same! It is not like anyone cares about that little wrinkle. You probably need your beauty sleep. Waking up at five in the morning isn't helping" Heka yawned then ducked her head back into the bin.

Scarab turned and walked towards Heka's bin. Swiftly, he reached in and grabbed the snake by her neck.

"What are you implying?" he threatened.

"Nothing." she gulped.

"I need the boy prince's spirit." Scarab muttered as he paced across the room tossing Heka back into her bin.

"Ready my shabties!" he commanded "We are going hunting."

Then Scarab ran into a room to put on his usual purple and black garb.

"Uh...Boss?" Heka voice rang.

"Not now, Heka." he responded as he walked out.

Heka's head jutted out of her bin. There was a young woman there. She was tall and too, wore a purple garb. She also wore golden arm bands that glittered against the light.

"We have a visitor..." Heka said. her head quickly returned inside the bin.

"Ah! Dear Chontra, how may I help you?" Scarab greeted the young woman with open arms.

"You know, Scarab, that wrinkle makes you look a thousand years older." she replied with a cunning smile as she crossed her arms. Heka poked her head up to listen to the exchange.

"What do you want, Chontra?" Scarab asked with a harsh voice.

"Revenge against Rath." she replied simply, "But it seems I am running a little low on man--I mean shabtie-power. I um...need your help."

"Well..." Scarab smiled, "I will be glad to help in exchange for the young prince's identity."

"Alas, I can only pay you with a plan." Chontra sighed, "When my plan is through, you will have no need for the prince's identity."

"Go on," Scarab replied as Heka slithered beside him.


"hey guys! It's holidays! No school!" Presley said as he ran into a chamber in the Sphinx just to find his four bodyguards mesmerized by the television set.

"That's nice, Presley." Nefertina replied with a smile as she stroke Rapses' pet cat, Katie, which was sleeping on her lap.

Next to her was Ja-Kal who studied the words of the TV announcer carefully. To his right was Rath who brushed popcorn bits off his bandages in disgust as Armon chewed the snack with an open mouth. Presley walked to the stone couch across of the seven-inch TV and seated next to Nefertina. After several minutes, sighed in reflection of his boredom.

"Uh...guys. would you like to do something else other than watch TV?" he asked.

"Maybe later, o' prince." replied Armon as he stuffed his face with more popcorn.

"Quiet, Armon, the man in the magic box is speaking." Rath jabbed.

'Magic box... why can't they understand that the magic box is just television--IT'S FAKE!' Presley thought as he rolled his eyes in exasperation.

"How about a fishing trip? A drive around town? A magic lesson? or a visit to Beefy Burger?" he suggested.

The four guardians jumped off the couch and began opting for one of his suggestions as kahti fell off Nefertina's lap.

"Hey look!" Armon yelled suddenly pointing back to the TV.

"What is it, Armon?" Ja-Kal asked with in a weary tone.

"It's a new Beefy Burger commercial! How can the burger dance?" Armon remarked as Ja-Kal, Nefertina and Rath returned to their seats.

"Must be magic." Rath responded studying the commercial. The four mummies were again hypnotized by the television.

"Oh brother!" Presley remarked with an exasperated sigh. He knelt down to play with Katie but the cat was already asleep.

"You know, I find it strange that Scarab has not attacked anyone for days. I find myself absorbing the wisdom of the magic box more than I used to." Rath remarked.

"Yeah, I've been cleaning out the white stone sarcophagus lately." Armon added.

"You've always been cleaning it out, Armon." Nefertina corrected.

"Hold it ! Isn't it a good thing Scarab isn't after me?" Presley asked obviously confused.

"Yes but Scarab is still hunting for you. When the lion..." Ja-Kal began.

"Please, Ja-Kal, no animal stories. I don't understand what the problem is."

"If Scarab is out there, he must have some sort of fool-proof plan or else he would not have attacked for such a long period." Rath clarified.

"In other words, Scarab must have a very lethal plan to capture you, o' prince. I am worried." Ja-Kal said turning to Presley.

"Didn't I just say that?" Rath asked.

"Maybe Scarab took a vacation." Armon suggested. The others simply stared at him.

"What did I say?" Armon protested.

"No matter the reason. Until your spirit is safely with your father, we will remain in this world to protect you." Ja-Kal assured. Presley took a seat next to him. After several seconds, he stood up again.

"Anyone wants to do anything?" he opted.

His guardians stared at the television screen. Presley shook his head and sighed.

"I'm going home, guys. See you later!" he said as he turned to the door.


Presley walked slowly towards the bus stop by the museum. He was bored to tears: his mother was still at work; his friend, Walter, was still on vacation with his family; and his guardians were watching TV. 'And it's still mid afternoon! What am I going to do?' Presley thought. He sighed and kicked the pebble by the bus stop.

Suddenly, from behind him came a hand covering his mouth. Presley grabbed his amulet instinctively to summon his protectors but another hand came to grab his arms and legs. 'Shabties!' he thought, 'That means Scarab!'. It was too late, the shabties had already tied him up and they were racing towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

* * *

Back inside the Sphinx, the four guardians were still mesmerized by the flickering lights of the television set. Then suddenly, Ja-Kal's amulet glowed.

"Rapses is in danger!" he yelled as he jumped off the couch.


Within seconds, Nefertina was at the wheel of the Hotra next to Ja-Kal. Armon and Rath were behind her.

Armon's golden arm glittered while Rath's cobra sword reflected the sunlight. Ja-Kal was obviously agitated. He was worried for the young prince's safety. Nefertina concentrated on the road being careful not to crash the car while running every red-light. 'Rath would kill me if I scratch this chariot.' she thought. There was an eerie silence in the car.

"Can't this chariot go any faster?" Ja-Kal asked impatiently breaking the silence. He was becoming more and more restless by the moment.

"Faster is the magic word." Nefertina replied as she stepped on the gas pedal.

"Oh no..." Rath muttered under the jolt of the sudden acceleration.

The Hotra soon pulled towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

"There he is!" Armon yelled pointing at Presley who was tied up and was carried over one shoulder of a shabtie.

"And there's Scarab!" Nefertina pointed out at the direction where the shabties were heading.

"I guess Scarab is not on vacation." Armon commented.

"No Armon, Scarab is never on vacation." Rath teased.

"The question is why would Scarab bring Rapses to the Western Gate?" Ja-Kal asked.

"Who cares. Let's kick tut!" Nefertina yelled as she pulled over the Hotra on a side-walk and jumped onto the grass running towards Rapses. The others soon followed.

"Release him Scarab!" Ja-Kal ordered.

"No." Scarab said as he held Heka by the throat. Heka spat out a fire-ball which hit the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Ja-Kal took off into the air aiming one of his flaming arrows at the shabtie carrying Presley.

"Shanties, Attack!" Scarab ordered as he took off into the air and flew towards a boat in the middle of the river under the bridge. Scarab landed on the front deck of the boat and headed inside where Chontra was already chanting some magical words.

"I don't understand, boss, why not grab Rapses now and be done with it?" asked Heka.

"Because, Heka, that has never worked before. I cannot afford to waste anymore shabties by capturing Rapses the direct way. Maybe Chontra's plan will work." Scarab replied.

"As if this isn't wasting Shabties..." Heka remarked as she rolled her eyes.

"These spirits Chontra is summoning will distract those annoying mummies. That makes the prince unprotected. That means capturing Prince Rapses will be as easy as breathing."


"By the great spirit of the underworld, I command you, bring forth Tia, Urisis, and Kenna!" Chontra chanted.

With a crack, the Western Gate opened as three glows emerged from it.

"It is done." Chontra smiled, "Await my signal, Scarab and Prince Rapses will be yours for the taking!"

"You have done well, my dear Chontra." Scarab congratulated.

Chontra raised her arms to cast another spell. Bright rings circled around her body for a few moments before dispersing. When the rings have dissipated, Chontra looked identical to Bejin, Rath's mentor and teacher. With a puff of smoke, Contra teleported out of the ship and onto the foot of the golden gate bridge next the glows.

* * *

"Look! Scarab is summoning someone through the Western Gate!" Rath said pointing to the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge as he used his sword to slice a shabtie in half.

"But who is he summoning?" Nefertina asked cracking her whip against several shabties.

"I think we are going to find out." Armon replied as he crushed two shabties' heads together.

"Everyone, be prepared. We must protect the prince." Ja-Kal said as he flew Presley to safety.

"Uh...guys... Scarab is getting away on that boat over there..." Presley muttered as Ja-Kal placed him next to the Hotra.

"Everyone, to the bottom of the bridge to see who Scarab had summoned." Ja-Kal ordered.

" anyone listening? Scarab's ESCAPING!" Presley yelled pointing at the boat which is speeding away from the bridge.

His guardians ignored him.

"SCARAB'S ESCAPING!!!" Presley yelled again.

"yes o' prince but he is too far now. We will never be able to catch him now." Rath replied as he joined his teammates at the foot of the bridge.

"He may not have been that far away if you've listened to me the first time." Presley muttered bitterly.

"Prepare." Ja-Kal ordered.

There were three glows at the bottom of the bridge. Three was someone already there by the glows. The glows began to take humanoid forms as the spirits from the Western Gate shimmered into the new world.


" can't be..." Ja-Kal muttered.

"Huh?" Presley asked confused as he turned around.

"What?" Armon said in amazement.

"By Ra..." Rath said in disbelief.

Standing before them were four figures: a tall woman with long black hair and smooth white skin wearing a golden arm band and a long white dress; a man wearing a blue kilt and a blue and white cape and headdress; a short and stout woman with dark skin and a white dress; and a relatively tall man wearing a white cape and a kilt with a blue and yellow hat.

"Tia!": Ja-Kal remarked as he embraced the taller woman. She was still dazed.

"Ja-Kal? Where am I? What is this strange world?" she asked puzzled.

"This is--" Ja-Kal began but was interrupted.

"Mother!" Armon rant o the shorter woman and held her tight.

"Armon! Oh I see you've been eating!" she replied.

"Kenna?" Nefertina said approaching the man wearing a blue kilt.

"Who--Nefer? Is that you?" he replied.

"Mentor? Bejin?" Rath asked approaching the tall man.

"Yes, my student. It is I..." the man wearing the blue and yellow hat replied.

"Hate to interrupt this but I here sirens...shouldn't we be going ?" Presley interrupted. Everyone ignored him.

"WE HAVE TO GO!!!" Presley yelled, "Yiesh! Must I yell every time to be heard?"

"Sorry, o' prince. You are right, we must leave before the police arrive. We will continue this discussion later." Ja-Kal said as he escorted Tia to the Hotra. The others followed.

"Horseless chariots? Rath, this must be your magic. Only you can perform such a trick." Bejin complemented with a smile.

"Well...I..." Rath responded.

"Don't worry Kenna, I am still the charioteer." Nefertina said.

"Of course. Besides, I am too dazed to drive. I don't even know how to steer this chariot." he responded warmly.

"We do not have enough seats. Some of us must find an alternate way home. I can fly Tia back to the Sphinx." Ja-Kal offered.

"Do you have enough energy?" Rath asked concerned.

"I believe so."

"We are still short one seat."

"You mean two." Presley interrupted.

"Beg your pardon, o' prince?"

"There are nine of us. Ja-Kal is flying Tia home. That leaves seven but the Hotra seats five. So we are short two seats." Presley counted.

"I hope you don't mind taking the bus." Armon smiled.

"Lousy luck!" Presley muttered.

"Maybe I can accompany our prince on the bus. Rath can drive." Nefertina suggested.

"How can you explain that stuff you are wearing to the bus driver?" Presley asked.

"Can't you conjure up something to make me look normal, Rath?"


"I can. Stand still." Bejin interrupted as he waved his arms up and down. In a matter of seconds, Nefertina was dressed in a red jacket, black jeans, and a red baseball cap. Her hair was neatly tucked under the cap.

"Thanks!" she exclaimed.

"Come, let us go." Rath said as he hopped to the driving seat. Armon seated next to him.

"Don't worry, ma, this thing is safe." Armon assured his mother, Urisis.

The Hotra skidded onto the road as Ja-Kal took off in the sky holding his wife, Tia dearly in his arms. Nefertina and Presley slowly approached the bus station.

* * *

"Where am I, Ja-Kal?" Tia asked clinging onto her husband's neck

"We are in a place young Rapses calls San Francisco. We are apparently in a time 3500 years after our deaths. Don't worry, Tia, I will not let anything happen to you. This world is still quite strange to me, but the other guardians and I are learning new ways and customs." Ja-Kal answered concentrating on his flight.

"What happened the day you were to find Prince Rapses?"

"I gathered up the other guardians to find the young prince. However, Scarab was our enemy. By the time we found Prince Rapses, Scarab's forces were too strong." Ja-Kal paused.

"We could not save the prince nor ourselves." he continued quietly.

Tia looked at him studying his expression.

"I failed the Pharaoh Amenhotep. I am sorry." he finished.

"There was nothing you could do to stop Scarab. No one knew he was after the Prince." Tia assured and paused.

"Life was lonely and hard after you died. I missed you, Ja-Kal." she continued.

"What happened to Padjet?"

"He grew up disappointed that his father could not pass down his wisdom."

"I am sorry."

"Don't be. You have lived an honorable life."

Somehow, Tia's words sounded hollow. The couple flew in somber silence over the roof-tops of down-town San Francisco.

* * *

"Who is this Kenna?" Presley asked as he and Nefertina boarded the bus.

"Some guy I knew. He and I were friends." Nefertina answered as she tossed a token into the collection bin.

"Your boyfriend?" Presley teased.

"No! Of course not! He doesn't even know I am a girl!"

"When did you meet?"

"While driving chariots for the pharaoh. he's really nice. I can't wait to take him for a spin in the Htora or the Jet Cycle."

"Yeah, but you gotta tell him you are a girl first."

"He'll be surprised."

"It's not like everyday to find out your friend is a girl after 3000 years."

"He'll get over it.".

* * *

"This world is strange...too strange..."

"It's not that bad, mom, wait till you have a Beefy Burger!" Armon exclaimed, "Rath, stop the chariot! We have to get some Beefy Burgers for my mother!"

"Not now, Armon." Rath answered as he concentrated on the road, "Bejin, how have you been?"

"Happy. I have never taught a more talented student than you, Rath."

"Why, you flatter me!"

"Honestly!" Bejin insisted then changed the topic, "Rath have you taught any students before teaching Prince Rapses?"

"Yes. She was talented. The finest touch with magic. But she turned to be the biggest disappointment."

"What happened?"

"It's a long story. I rather not say."

"Fine. How is the prince taking your magic lessons?"

"He's learning."

"I knew you would be a good teacher."

"There we are. This is where we live now." Rath said as he pulled the Hotra into e Sphinx.

'And this will be the scene of your final demise, Rath', Bejin thought.


The others joined Armon, Rath, Urisis, Kenna, and Chontra in the Sphinx after a while. The mummies once again broke into chatter and greetings to their lost love ones while Presley yawned.

"Your prince is thankful for the rescue but he is dead tired and would like to go to bed." he said yawning.

No one responded. Presley sighed and looked towards Nefertina who was revealing her 3000 year-old secret to Kenna.

"Nefer? You are a woman?!" he exclaimed.

"Nefertina, really. I pretend to be a boy so I could drive chariots."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I couldn't because no one would ever accept that a woman can drive!"


"I am sorry, Kenna. I just wanted to drive chariot."

"Now that I know you are a woman, it makes you all the more impressive."


* * *

"Would you like to try some pizza? They are leftovers but still good." Armon asked his mother as he swallowed half the pizza.

"No, thank you, Armon."

"Sorry we don't have any Beefy Burgers. They are really good. Popcorn?"

"No thanks."

"Maybe some fires? They are soggy but good."

":Armon, why don't I cook some hippopotamus stew o celebrate our reunion? We can all celebrate and feast!" Urisis suggested.

"All right! I will ask the young prince to get an hippopotamus."

"Everyone, I will be cooking hippopotamus stew for this joyous occasion." Urisis announced.

"No way! The only hippo in town is in the zoo and no one is going to kill it and make it into stew. Why can't we all just have microwave dinner and canned soup?" Presley suggested.

"What is microwave dinner?" Nefertina asked.

"Food you put in a microwave."

"What is a microwave?" Armon asked.

"It's far too complicated to be explained." Rath said as he crossed his arms.

'Arrogant as usual' Bejin thought.

"Microwave dinner is those boxes of food stuffed in your freezer and the microwave is where Rath heats is potions. It's kinda like a multi-purpose heater."

"Oh." Rath muttered.

"Where is this freezer?" Ja-Kal asked.

"It's the icy compartment in the top part of the fridge." Presley responded.

The others looked puzzled.

"You know...the icy part of the what you call it? White stone..."

"White stone sarcophagus!" Armon yelled.

"Yeah. Where you put your ice-cream."

"Why should we eat that?" Nefertina asked.

"Well, because its illegal to kill the hippo. Look, why can't we take a rain-check? I am dead tired! Nefertina, can you give me a drive?"

"What is a rain-check?" Ja-Kal asked

"You know, is when you promise someone that someday you would do something. You know a promise..."

"Kenna, would you like me to take you out for a spin in the Hotra?" Nefertina asked turning to Kenna.

"The horseless chariot? Sure!"

"Come on, Presley, let's go."

"Fasten your seat belt." Presley suggested as the Hotra raced down the ramp leading out of the Sphinx.

"Nef, just don't crash...." Presley said.

"Do I ever?"

"Ask Rath."

The Hotra raced down the street passing every red light.


"What happened?!" Presley asked stunned by the sight of the Sphinx when he returned the following morning. Cardboard pizza boxes spread through the floor and Beefy Burger wrapping paper were scrunched up in little balls.

"What a mess!" he said as he made his way into the kitchen. The kitchen was even messier with a pile of dishes next to the sink. Paper wrappers lined the floor. kahti was licking off of one of the numerous wrappings. Armon was there with his mother. The two were eating lasagna, fried rice and fries.

"And this, mother, is lasagna. It's really good." Armon said to his mother as he chewed on a slice of pizza.

"As good as those Beefy Burgers?" his mother asked.

"Nope, but pretty good." "Armon! What did you do?" Presley intruded, "This place was totally clean when I left!"

"Sorry, prince. We had our celebration without you. We were too hungry to take a wet check." Armon apologized as he turned around to Presley.

"That's rain-check. What did you guys eat? Pizza, Beefy Burgers, and take-out Chinese food?"

"It was more like a traditional Egyptian meal, Prince Rapses." Urisis replied kneeling on the floor in respect for the presence of the prince.

"Name is Presley Carnavon. What are you doing on the floor?"

"Why, it is tradition that we bow in the pharaoh's presence." she replied humbly.

"Well, I'm a kid, not the pharaoh. Like what did you guys eat anyway?"

"An exotic specialty." Armon replied bluntly, " It has been a while since I have tasted home-cooking."

"Don't tell me you killed the hippo in the zoo..." Presley prayed.

"No. We had the meat of the finest animals on the farm."


"Cow meat!"

"Now that's legal!" Presley said as he patted Armon's back. "Where's everybody?"

"Ja-Kal is with his wife in a chamber somewhere. Rath, Bejin, Nefertina and Kenna are in the garage. Don't ask me what they're doing there." Armon said as he stuffed another piece of pizza into his mouth. Presley sighed and shook his head as he left the kitchen.

"Where's Rath's Vacuum Luxor when you need it?" he muttered then turned into the garage. To Presley surprise, the Hotra was deformed such that it is almost unrecognizable. Rath was fixing the hood of the Hotra. He was obviously annoyed and angry. He muttered curses as he worked furiously while Bejin looked on in stone silence. Nefertina was looking on by the doorway tapping her foot impatiently while Kenna stood next to her silently.

"What did you do?" Presley broke out."What did you do?" Presley broke out.

"He did it!" Nefertina accused Rath as she pointed to him.

"Me?! You were the one who crashed the Hotra!" He responded looking up at Presley.

"You are the one who told me to go faster!"

"You are the great charioteer of Egypt. You should know how to steer one!"

"I know how to steer one! You are the most annoying back seat driver!"

"CUT IT OUT!!!!!" Presley yelled through the noise. "What happened?!"

"Rath and I were taking the Hotra to show our guests the many wonders of this new world when we had a slight accident." Nefertina said.

"We attracted the attention of a local constable and he pursued us with his own chariot. I suggested to Nefertina to speed up and get away but instead Nefertina ran into the pole of Ra." Rath detailed.

"What? Pole of Ra?" Presley questioned confused.

"I believe it is the pole that grants us power for the magic box." Rath explained.

"Power pole. So, how did you shake loose the cops when the Hotra is down?"

"We scared them."

"How did you get the Hotra back?"

"Ja-Kal had had to fly it back using the Skychophagus. If you have been more careful with your driving, we would never have been pursued by the police, Nefertina!"

"Well, it was YOUR idea to go faster!" Nefertina replied hotly.

"Don't blame it on me!"

"But it's your fault!"

Presley sighed and turned to Kenna.

"Tell me when they finally stop arguing." he said exasperated.

"It may take another 3500 years." Kenna replied.

Presley walked out of the room. He was bored again. His guardians are now distracted by other matters. 'Walter won't be back for another week! What am I going to do?' he asked. Then, like a prayer, Ja-Kal walked in with Tia.

"Young Prince, may you be so kind to escort my wife Tia, and I around town. She would like to visit the many wonders of this world." Ja-Kal asked with a smile.

"Anything to get me out of here. But we got to take the bus because there was a slight accident with the Hotra." Presley responded.

"Yes, I had to fly the pieces back to the Sphinx early this morning."

"Well, get some disguises and let's go."

"Tia, why don't you were Nefertina's clothing. I am sure you will fit in them." Ja-Kal suggested turning to his wife as the two exited to the chamber where their street clothes were kept. In a few minutes, the couple was dressed neatly. Ja-Kal was wearing an orange jacket with black jeans, sneakers and a hat while Tia wore a red jacket, blue jeans, and a white T-shirt.

"These clothes are most strange." she remarked looking at her reflection in the mirror.

Presley smiled as the three headed outside.

* * *

"Excuse me, Rath, but I must take a walk outside." Bejin turned to Rath just as Ja-Kal, Tia and Presley exited the door.

"Me too. Come on, Kenna, let's take a ride in the Jet Cycle." Nefertina said as she grabbed Kenna's wrist dragging him to the motorcycle.

Bejin walked just outside the garage as he took out a staff he carried on his belt. He waved the staff several times until a glow formed around it. Scarab's face emerged in the glow.

"Chontra?" he asked, "Is the Prince vulnerable?"

"No. Ja-Kal and Tia are with him. They are at the great covered market place. But the mummies are distracted now. When they rest in the sarcophagi to recharge, I will strike."

"Good. I will summon two other spirits to keep the mummies busy if they should try to rescue their prince."

"I will contact you later." she answered as she hid the wand in her belt. Turning back to Rath she thought, 'Your time is at an end...'

* * *

"That's the book store and that's the food court. Why don't we eat something?" Presley suggested as Ja-Kal, Tia and he walked down the mall.

"I am a little hungry." Tia said.

"Good let's have some pizza. That's the stuff Armon was eating back at the Sphinx. Did you try any?"


"Well, just take a seat and I'll get three slices."

Tia and Ja-Kal seated in a corner table and smiled at the Presley. Presley walked towards Pizza Place to place the order for three pepperoni pizzas. The three soon finished their pizzas as Presley threw away the paper plates and returned the trays.

"Presley Carnavon!"


"Geez! School ended for two weeks and you already forgot my name?"

"Elaine!" Presley greeted turning around to a young blond girl a little shorter than him.

"So you do remember! What are doing here all by yourself?"

"I'm not alone. I'm here with my uncle and aunt. Why are you alone?"

"I'm with my Uncle Joe. He's a police officer that's always keeps him busy. It's his day off and he wanted to spend some time with me." she responded pointing to a tall thin man.

"That's nice."

"Where are your uncle and aunt?"

"They're over there." Presley said reluctantly pointing to Ja-Kal and Tia.

"They look strange."

"They're my uncle and aunt from...Egypt."

"What's with the bandages?" Elaine asked pointing to Ja-Kal's half bandaged face.

"He had a head injury. He's kind of recovering..." Presley lied.

"What kind of injury?"

"I've got to go...Bye!" Presley said as he ran back to Ja-Kal and Tia and dragged them away to another part of the mall. "That girl is suspecting something..." he explained to his guardian.

"Elaine, who was that boy you were talking to?" Joe asked his niece.

"That's Presley and his uncle and aunt from Egypt." she responded.

"I swear I could have saw mummies in this area at night during my shift. That man with the bandages certainly looked like a mummy."

"Presley said he had an injury."

"That boy is very strange..."

"You don't know the half of it."


Scarab was pacing impatiently inside his resident pyramid. Heka stared at him confused.

"Chontra should have contacted me by now. The prince should be vulnerable!" he said impatiently.

"Oh boss, maybe Chontra made a couple of mistakes and screwed up. The way we always do." Heka suggested.

"Shut up, Heka. I am growing weary of our beautiful enchantress."

Just then, an image of Chontra's face materialized in the middle of the room. Scarab stopped pacing and ran towards it.

"Do you have the prince, Chontra?" he asked.

"Not yet. I will deliver him to you as promised. First, you must send several shabties to pick him up and bring him to you." she said confidently.

"How many shabties and where?"

"Twenty to the back of garden of the Sphinx. The prince should not pose as a problem to capture."

"Very good, Chontra. I feel younger already."

Just as suddenly, Chontra's image disappeared into the air.

"I don't trust her." Heka said bluntly.

"Neither do I. But if she can deliver the prince..." Scarab thought as he began to pace again.

"What if she can't. What if the shabties fail and the mummies come running after the prince? When the guardians are through with saving Rapses, it'll take another 3000 years just to pay the repair bills"

"Quiet, Heka. I won't fail. Not if I have extra help." Scarab said walking to a gigantic pot where he summons spirits. He held Heka tightly by the neck.

"Spirits of Nuhn and Geb, I summon you. Come forth!"

A spiral of water emerged from every water-carrying duct of the pyramid just as the ground rumbled.

"This is going to be a long day..." Heka muttered.

From the ground there came a pile of mud. He took to a gigantic humanoid shape. From the toilet bowl was a spiral of water. A face emerged from the spiral.

"Nuhn, great spirit of the waters and Geb, great spirit of earth, may I humbly ask to serve you?" Scarab greeted.

"How can anyone help Geb?" Geb asked in a deep voice.

"Why, I can, oh mighty, gracious spirit. There are some foul creature who disturb you. I thought perhaps I can warn you, first. You can then be prepared to punish them for disturbing your sleep." Scarab replied.

"Who dares disturbs Geb?"

"The mummies. The guardians of the young Prince Rapses."

"They will hear the roar of Geb!" Geb said as he plunged into the earth readying himself for the battle against the guardians.

"Well, well, well... how can anyone help Nuhn?" Nuhn imitated.

"I won't send you back through the Western Gate and you can destroy the city if you destroy the mummies first." Scarab bargained.

"As long as I can destroy!" Nuhn smiled and dived into he toilet bowl ready to intercept the mummies.

"See, Heka, with the help of Geb and Nuhn, the mummies will not pose a threat even if Chontra failed." Scarab said turning o Heka.

"Oh, I just hope you can keep this under control."

* * *

Rath was still frustrated with fixing the Hotra. 'Now Nefertina's going to bring back my Jet Cycle in a million pieces! Ra help me...' he thought. He slammed the hood of the Hotra with a exhausted sight. He had just spent his entire day reassembling the vehicle.

"There! It's finished." he exclaimed in satisfaction.

"I know you can put it back together. You've been the most talented student I've ever had." Bejin replied with a smile.

"Why, thank you! But you've never praised me as much before."

"Well...I uh... I just realized." Bejin replied turning away from Rath 'He must not know who I am or my plan will fail...' he thought.

"I am sorry I can't show you some of the modern magic of this world because Nefertina always crashes the chariot." Rath sighed looking back at the Hotra. "if there's only some way to hide it so she won't drive it yet..."

"A cloaking spell?"

"No. She'll just crash the Jet Cycle into it if she can't see the chariot. Perhaps I should just lie again and say 'it's not ready'." Rath said as he exited the garage to grab a piece of scroll paper and a feather pen. He printed neatly in hieroglyphics 'Still under repairs' and placed the paper on top of the Hotra. Then he turned back to Bejin. "I am quite tired. Perhaps I should return to my sarcophagus to recharge. You can amuse yourself by looking at the magic box." Rath pointed to the stone couch across from the seven inch TV set. "I am sure young Prince Rapses will be glad to show you around when he returns."

"Of course. I shall wait." Bejin replied as he walked over to the TV and switched it on. He sat in the centre of the stone couch. 'As it is, you will need all the rest you can get, Rath.'

"Mother, all that eating and cleaning made me...tired." Armon yawned as he entered the room with his mother.

"Well, sleep, my sweet son. I shall clean the rest of the dishes and the Sphinx." Urisis, assured her son as she accompanied to his sarcophagus. Armon opened the door and stepped inside.

"Sleep well, my son." Urisis smiled and shut the door before joining Bejin on the couch.

"When will the others be returning?" she asked.

"Soon." replied Bejin, "They must return to their sarcophagus to recharge or they will not have enough bulking energy." he continued just as two figures emerged behind them.

"Sleep well, Nefer--I mean, Nefertina." Kenna said as he accompanied Nefertina to her sarcophagus.

"Great ride, right?" she asked turning to him.

"These horseless chariots are most swift."

"Yeah. Rath's smart though he is the most arrogant, stubborn pain in all 3000 years." Nefertina exclaimed.

"You have been living with him for over 3000 years. He cannot possibly be as bad as you described."

"He is. See you later!" Nefertina assured as she stepped into her sarcophagus and closed the doors. Ja-Kal, Tia, and Presley had returned.

"I need to recharge lust I cannot protect the prince." Ja-Kal said as he opened the door to his sarcophagus.

"Will you show me more of this strange place when you awake?" Tia asked.

"Of course I will. Please, o' prince, show my wife around." Ja-Kal said turning to Presley.

"Yeah, sure thing." Presley replied.

"Rest well, Ja-Kal." Tia said then closed the door to Ja-Kal's tomb.

'Finally, you are all alone, Rapses' Bejin thought as he smiled. Tia and Presley sat by him.

"Prince Rapses, can you show me the garden near the back of the Sphinx?" Bejin asked as he turned to Presley.

"Sure thing. Follow me." Presley said turning towards Bejin. The two exited the room and walked towards the back garden.

"That's as far as you will go, Rapses. Sieze him, shabties!" Bejin yelled.

"What?" Presley looked around stunned. Two shabties emerged from behind and grabbed him. Presley pulled one of his arms free to summon his guardians.

"Don't you recognize me, o' prince?"

"Who are you?!"

Bejin lifted his arms as golden rings circled his body revealing to Presley who he really is.


"You do remember, Rapses. Shabties, take Rapses. The other mummies will soon follow. Rath is mine to deal with." Chontra commanded.

The shabties carried Presley away into their vehicle.


"Did you hear anything?" Urisis asked turning towards Kenna and Tia.

"I thought I heard a scream," Tia said, "but I cannot tell who it was."

Bejin walked into the chamber as the three guests turned around.

"Where's the prince? I thought he was to show you around." Kenna began.

"He couldn't. He has an overdue visit with his father's advisor." Bejin replied coldly.

"Where is he, then?"

"Heading towards the great pyramid of this time. Speaking of time, your time has expired!"


Bejin once again raised his arms as golden light rings circled his body. When they dissipated, Chontra was standing in place of Bejin.

"Who are you?" Tia said frightened.

"It doesn't matter. Back through the Western Gate!" she said as she raised her arms again to cast a spell. The three figures sitting in front of the TV set melted into a yellow glow within an instant and headed towards Golden Gate Bridge.

Chontra smiled as someone emerged from the falcon sarcophagus. It was Ja-Kal.

"Everyone, wake up! Presley has been trying to contact us! Prince Rapses is in danger!" he said knocking on the door of every sarcophagus. He then turned around to the empty bench where Chontra stood.

"Tia! What have you done with her?" he said in disbelief.

"She is where she belongs!" she remarked bitterly.

The three other sarcophagi opened. Rath stared in the direction where Ja-Kal yelled. To his surprise, a former student of his stood there.

"Chontra! How can you be here?" he yelled in disbelief.

"You invited me, Rath. You recognize me now?" she replied bitterly.

"What do you mean?"

"Rath, you were by best student..." Chontra impersonated in Bejin's voice.

"You pretended to me my mentor?"

"Very good Rath."

"Presley! What have you done with the prince?"

"He has an overdue visit with Lord Scarab." Chontra smiled.

The other guardians gathered in front of Chontra.


"Your weapons cannot harm me!" Chontra laughed confidently.

"I taught you your magic, remember Chontra? I can defeat you any time." Rath boasted.

Chontra ignored Rath and shot a beam of light at him. Rath raised his sword to deflect it.

"Find the young prince. I will deal with Chontra." Rath said as he readied his attack on Chontra.

"Are you sure, Rath?" Ja-Kal asked.

"Yeah, last time, she kicked your tut in Burtley." Nefertina snickered.

"But I want to kick Scarab's tut!" Armon whined at the thought that he might have to stay to help Rath defeat Chontra.

"I am sure, Ja-Kal. Besides, the young prince's life is more important than mine. You three must go ahead to save him." Rath said has he threw his sword at Chontra. Chontra raised her hands and the sword fell down to the floor with a clink sound. The other three took a last look at Rath before heading towards the garage. Nefertina hopped onto the Jet Cycle while Armon took the controls of the Hotra. Armon saw the sign by Rath which lay on top of the car; he shrugged his shoulder and threw it outside just as Ja-Kal opened the gateway of the ramp and flew upwards.

* * *

Rath was trying to surround Chontra with a force field but to no avail. Chontra had turned his sword into s snake, the wall behind him into a wall of nails, the stone couch into a pool of water, and now she's about to turn the floor of the Sphinx into fire pit. Rath was trying desperately to stop that spell. He finally tossed Chontra into the pool with a force field spell but Chontra soon recovered.

'I am too old for these mystic battles...' he thought to himself.

Now he was trying to undo some of Chontra's spells. When Chontra retrieved herself from the pool she stared at Rath angrily then with an effortless push tossed him against the wall lined with nails. Fortunately, Rath had just undone her spell so he was not harmed by it. Rath struck again with a mystic bolt but Chontra deflected it effortlessly. Chontra then struck Rath with a fire bolt and paralyzed him. He lay wailing in pain on the floor.

"Finally, Rath, revenge is mine!" Chontra laughed evil as she stepped in front of him.

Rath tried to speak but he was in too much pain.

"You knew I was too powerful for you. That's why you stopped teaching me. You said I was the best student you ever have. The pharaoh's son will never be half as good as I am!" she continued.

"Prince Rapses is more of a student than you ever were!" Rath muttered in pain.

Chontra scrawled in jealousy and raised her arm to aim a fireball intended to annihilate Rath. Then from behind, kahti sprang onto Chontra's back. She gasped in pain as she tried to pull kahti off her back.

"Good sacred kitty!" Rath cheered.

Rath raised his hands to surround Chontra in a force field.

"Jump down, sacred cat!" Rath ordered. Katie jumped down immediately.

"Return beyond the Western Gate!" Rath chanted a spell. Chontra body melted into a single speck of light and disappeared.

"Thank you, sacred one. I will reverse all these spells later but I must help the others save Prince Rapses first." he assured, "How did you know I was under attack by Chontra?"

kahti turned to look at the corner of the room where her litter box was. Chontra had turned it into a fire pit.

"Oh. I will reverse Chontra's spell over the kitty box then help the others."


Nefertina steered the Jet Cycle nervously. The prince was in grave danger and it was her duty to protect him. Ja-Kal was even more restless. He was flying at top speed above her ignoring everything. Armon was not far behind. At such a tense moment, not even Armon can stop for a Beefy Burger. She was following the signal from Presley's amulet and with each ticking second, the signal became louder and louder. Finally, the tip of a pyramid was in sight.

'So that's where Scarab's hiding.' she thought as she accelerated towards the structure.

Ja-Kal also increased his speed. Already an arrow was flaming in his bow. Armon steered the Hotra carefully as he sped up beside her. 'Hold on o' prince, we're coming!' she thought. Then the ground began to shake violently. It obviously startled Armon who was stumbling to regain control. 'If Armon crashes the Hotra, I'd hate to see what Rath would say.' she giggled as she stopped the Jet Cycle to avoid crashing it.

"EARTHQUAKE!!!" she yelled.

"Not so!" A deep low voice said as a head made of mud and stone emerged from the ground.


"Glad you remember. But you forgot never to mess with the spirit of the earth!" he rumbled.

"And the Nile! You mummies are going to be watered down!" Nuhn joked as he sprang up from a sewer cover.

"Geb and Nuhn! This must be Scarab." Armon said as he jumped out from the Hotra.

"Stay out of our way spirits." Ja-Kal warned, "Our fight does not concern you."

"But I'm not fighting, I'm flowing!" Nuhn laughed. Everyone stared at him.

"What an audiance!" he remarked.

"You were going to distract me so now you're going to pay!" Geb rumbled as he created another earthquake. Nefertina and Armon fell to the ground.

"That's it! Let's kick some spirit tut!" Armon yelled as he struck a fist against Geb.

Nefertina jumped onto the Jet Cycle and began firing at Nuhn just as Ja-Kal fired two flaming arrows directed at each of the spirits.

"Ja-Kal, you go ahead and rescue our young prince! He needs you. We'll take care of these two." Nefertina assured.

Ja-Kal shot a last arrow at Geb then flew towards the pyramid.

* * *
Nefertina was riding the jet cycle around the block leading Nuhn in circles. She finally stopped when she spotted a cement carrying truck by a construction sight. 'Perfect!' she thought. She drove towards it speedily.

"Over here you washed-up comedian!" she yelled

"Washed-up? I am all water!" Nuhn joked.

'When will he realize his jokes stinks as much as the food in Armon's sarcophagus?' she thought as she pulled the Jet Cycle beside the cement truck. She jumped off the Jet Cycle and into the cement truck. She turned the truck around so it would face Nuhn. Nuhn laughed and decided to attack Nefertina by flowing into the valve which leads to the cement tank. When Nuhn poked his body into the tank, Nefertina pressed every button, pulled every lever in the truck dashboard. 'One of these got to be the one that spins the tank then releases the cement...' she thought. Finally, she pulled a red handled lever and the tank began to twirl slowly. After several revolutions, the cement began flowing out. Nuhn was covered in it.

"In a couple of hours, you'll be a solid statue!" Nefertina laughed.

"Eui....uh...ah...." Nuhn mumbled still disorientated by the spinning.

'Better help Armon.' Nefertina thought as she ran back to the Jet Cycle and drove off to where Armon was battling Geb.

* * *

Armon was trying to run away from Geb. Geb was shaking the ground very violently that he was no longer concerned about defeating him but rather leading him towards to Western Gate. To do that, he must return to the Hotra and drive towards the Western Gate Bridge. With the violent earthquake, he was having many difficulties returning o the Hotra which was just a foot away. From the corner of his eye, he saw Nefertina pulling over near him. Nefertina stopped the Jet Cycle and opened fire on Geb but did not phase him. She cracked her whip several times at him but to no avail.

"What happened to Nuhn?" Armon asked curiously.

"He's a rock solid comedian now but he was washed up before." Nefertina answered, "How can you keep him at bay? These earthquakes are killer!" she added

"I keep on running away." Armon answered.

"Is the mighty Armon afraid?" Nefertina mocked.

"Afraid? Never! I think I have a plan."

"This is as bad as Nuhn's jokes."

"We can get him back beyond the Western Gate!"


"Leading him there?"

"No. I've got a better idea." A voice said from a distance. Nefertina and Armon turned around. It was Rath. He was flying the Skychophagus. He landed the plane and joined his friends in the battle against Geb.

"What happened to Chontra?" Nefertina asked.

"The sacred kitty helped me defeat her." Rath smiled.

"Go sacred kitty!" Nefertina cheered.

"So, Rath, what's your idea?" Armon asked.

"Spirit of Geb, return through the Western Gate!" Rath chanted and within a second, Geb disappeared into a glow.

"Rath, Nuhn just a block away if you want to send him back to the Western Gate. He's a...block" Nefertina joked and smiled.

The three guardians headed to where Nuhn was. Rath stared at the cement block which trapped Nuhn for a while before chanting a spell to send him beyond the Western Gate.

"Now, we must head towards that pyramid and help Ja-Kal." Rath said.


Ja-Kal shot an arrow through one of the windows of the pyramid and flew in. There was already an army of shabties waiting each commanded to murder Ja-Kal. Ja-Kal shot four arrows at once and the stone soldiers turned into rubble. Two shabties came from behind him but he kicked them both. He then again shot two arrows at separate shabties. 'There are too many of them. I will never be able to defeat them all and save the young prince in time!' Ja-Kal panicked. 'Yet I must try!' he persisted. Just then, the Skychophagus threw through the cracked window which Ja-Kal had entered into the pyramid. The Jet Cycle smashed a near by window. Rath jumped out from the air craft as Nefertina and Armon jumped off the Jet Cycle.

"Did you defeat Nuhn and Geb?" Ja-Kal asked.

"They are back beyond the Western Gate where they belong." Rath assured.

The four guardians once again busy themselves by destroying the army of shabties. Even with the other three, Ja-Kal suspected that the army was too large for the four of them to handle. 'If I let the shabties capture me, they will sure bring me to Scarab. That will be where he has captured the young prince. It will save me time trying to find him.' Ja-Kal planned.

"Everyone, surrender!" Ja-Kal ordered.

"What?!" Armon yelled stunned by the command.

"You've got to be kidding!" Nefertina said as she cracked her whip against several shabties.

"What in Ra's name do you think you are doing?" Rath said in astonishment.

"I've got a plan. It will lead us directly to Rapses but you must surrender first!" Ja-Kal insisted.

"I don't understand." Rath said, "If you want to save the prince why would you surrender?"

"I will explain later. We must let the shabties take us." Ja-Kal ordered. The other three ignored him.

"NOW!" he commanded. His teammates all dropped their arms to allow the shabties capture them.

He lowered his bow and allowed two shabties to grab his arms and lead him towards Scarab.

"I sure hope you know what you are doing Ja-Kal, our young prince's life depends on it." Rath muttered.

* * *

An automatic stone door slid open as Ja-Kal, Nefertina, Rath and Armon entered to a large chamber. The army of shabties were directing them towards Scarab. Presley was tied up in a corner.

"Ah Ja-Kal, come to see the end of your young prince?" Scarab greeted as the two shabties brought Ja-Kal forward.

"No, Scarab! A wise hunter always know how to seek a pray." Ja-Kal laughed as he broke free from the shabties which held his hands and shot an arrow at Scarab. Nefertina, Rath and Armon too freed themselves from the shabties which shackled them and joined Ja-Kal.

"You are in my palace now, Ja-Kal, you cannot harm me." Scarab said as he bulked up.

"We may be in your palace but we will still defeat you." Ja-Kal insisted.

"We'll see about that." Scarab said as he pointed Heka's head towards the mummies. Heka spat out a fireball. The four mummies barely dodged it.

"Shabties, attack!" Scarab ordered as he returned to where Presley was tied up. "Prince Rapses, your spirit is mine!"

"No! I won't let you! Ja-Kal, Nefertina, Armon, HELP!!!" Presley yelled as he struggled to free himself from the ropes.

"Young prince!" Ja-Kal yelled as he aimed his bow at one of Presley's shackled hands but a shabtie jumped from behind before he could fire.

"Sprit of Rapses..." Scarab began.

Ja-Kal struggled with all his might to free himself from the shabtie. When he did, he saw the glowing spirit of Prince Rapses exit from Presley's body. The spirit slowly headed towards Scarab.

"NO!!!" he yelled as he shot a flaming arrow at the back of Scarab. Scarab turned around stunned to see Ja-Kal there.

"Shabties, attack him!" Scarab ordered.

Ja-Kal shot two arrows to free Presley's hands and immediately ran to him knocking down Scarab. Ja-Kal aided Presley in freeing his shackled legs and carried him.

"Everyone, evacuate! We must leave." He ordered as the automatic door slid open and he ran out of the chamber towards where he had earlier surrendered to the shabties. Rath immediately followed.

"No problem!" Armon said as he tossed a shabtie to a wall. Nefertina freed her whip from a shabtie and followed Ja-Kal. The stone door slid behind her.

"After them, Shabties!" Scarab ordered. The shabties ran towards the doorway but they all slammed into the door. It was not fully opened yet.

" annoying..." Scarab muttered.

Ja-Kal carried Presley and flew out of the pyramid. Armon and Nefertina rode the Jet Cycle down the ramp of the pyramid while Rath flew the Skychophagus.

* * *

"Are you guys all right?" Presley asked his guardians as soon as they returned to the Sphinx.

"We are fine." Ja-Kal said bluntly.

"Where's everybody?" Presley asked remarking at the empty Sphinx., "What happened here?"

"Bejin, apparently, was Chontra. She sent the others back through the Western Gate. Their purpose here was to occupy us, distract us, so that she can take revenge on me and kidnap you. She and Scarab planned it quite well. They even brought in Nuhn and Geb to assure a victory." Rath explained.

"But you guys defeated him. So isn't that great?" Presley said.

"Yeah...great..." Nefertina said with an obvious disinterest in her voice.

"'s wonderful..." Ja-Kal muttered.

"It's a great victory..." Armon said in a similar apathetic tone.

"What's wrong with you guys?" Presley asked.

"Nothing. I need a ride." Nefertina said as she headed back towards the garage.

"I need a snack." Armon said and headed towards the kitchen.

Ja-Kal left without a word. Presley followed him but Rath held Presley back.

"Young prince, why don't you go home. There are some personal matters that we must resolve by ourselves. Besides, I must clean up..." Rath said turning towards the mess left by his battle against Chontra.

Presley stared at Ja-Kal for a while then ran up beside him.

"Ja-Kal, will you be all right?" he asked.

"I will be fine, young prince." Ja-Kal replied soberly then continued walking.

Presley turned around and headed out of the Sphinx.


Scarab paced impatiently around the pyramid obviously annoyed and disappointed by his recent defeat. Heka looked on from her bin.

"See boss? The mummies have once again foiled your plans." Heka said.

"Oh shut up, you over grown stick pin. You are as expendable as a shabtie." Scarab replied.

"Oh really? The prince would not have gotten away if you had sent the right spirits after him. Geb and Nuhn aren't exactly the brightest spirits."

"Don't worry Heka, I already have another plan... Prince Rapses' spirit will be mine soon enough. In the meanwhile, I plan to blame my failure on you."

"Hey! Don't take it out on me! It was Chontra's plan and you agreed to it!"

"Chontra isn't here so I'll take it out on you." Scarab said as he squeezed Heka's neck tightly.

* * *

Nefertina stood on the beach alone. The wind whistle behind her hair. It was late but she did not want to return to the Sphinx. She was not ready to return to the Sphinx. All she could think about was Kenna. She wished at a flying star that she could see Kenna again. 'Rath said if you wish upon the right star, your wish will come true. Well, I wish Kenna will come back,...some day.' she thought.

She stared into the ocean again. After sun set, she decided to turn around and head back to the Sphinx. 'At least I still have some friends. Ja-Kal may be the most boring guy in 3000 years but he is still nice. Rath and Armon are a laugh a minute. Presley's fun to be around only if he lets me to be around him...' she thought. She turned to the Jet Cycle and rode slowly rode back to the Sphinx.

* * *

Armon cleaned out the fridge. 'I miss my mother.' he thought. 'Mother always loved to cook and eat.' he told himself. He stuffed the last piece of left over pizza in his mouth. He gathered up all the litter and garbage left on the floor from the wrappings of the food and threw it into he garbage can. He opened the fridge again but there was not a scarp of food left. Armon looked up disappointed and headed to his sarcophagus feeling sleepy and somber.

'I don't want to wake up for another 3000 years' he said as he opened up the tomb. He turned around to see the empty stone couch. For a second, he wondered where his friends were. 'The Sphinx is sure big and empty without mom' he thought. Then looking at the wall, he saw some enlarge hieroglyphics designs which were painted on when the Sphinx was built as branch of the museum. The pictures that of the god of the underworld. 'Sleep well, mother. Until Prince Rapses is safe, I cannot join you.'

* * *

Rath undid another one of Chontra's spells on the furniture of the Sphinx. 'What a fool I've been to mistake Chontra for Bejin!' He remarked. He moved onto another piece of furniture that Chontra had cast a spell on. The Sphinx was awfully quiet. Usually, Armon would be chewing down Beefy Burgers and Nefertina and he would be arguing while Ja-Kal would pass on words of wisdom through his animal stories to Presley. But Presley was at home so he could give some time for his guardians to recover their losses and broken hearts.

Nefertina took off on the Jet Cycle. 'Perhaps it's best she went for a ride right now. It would clear her head.' he thought. Armon walked out of the kitchen towards his sarcophagus. 'I hope Armon will feel better soon. He is usually so jubilant.' he wished. 'Where's Ja-Kal?' he asked as he stared around the chamber. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a shadow in a far, dark chamber of the Sphinx. 'Ja-Kal needs a friend now.' Rath assured as he turned towards the chamber.

* * *

Ja-Kal sat alone in a dark chamber of the Sphinx. He stared at large wooden chest debating whether or not he should open it. He shut his eyes for several seconds then lifted the lid of the chest. There was only one item in there. A single white cloth with a small black hand print. It was the hand print of his baby son, Padjet. The cloth was used to wrap food for him and Prince Rapses when the two went hunting together.

However, Scarab had kidnapped and murdered the prince before the guardians could rescue him. The cloth was the last momentum he had of Tia and his family. He sat somberly looking at the hand print and drawing out the imprinted fingers with his own fingers. He blinked several times as if to cry but no tears dripped down his face. Rath saw Ja-Kal from a distance. Feeling sorry for Ja-Kal, Rath approached him.

"Tia was never meant to stay in this world, Ja-Kal. Our duty is to protect the prince. This is our life. We cannot let our emotions distract us." Rath said in a lame effort to comfort Ja-Kal.

Ja-Kal ignored him and stared at the hand print. He clutched the cloth and lay on his lap. He began sobbing.

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