Mummies Alive!

(Part 1)

By Rap's

She glared, stopped. Glared again... Stopped. Nefratina paced back and forth, glaring and stopping. Stupid repairs, she thought to herself and as if reading her mind, Rath spoke up.

"It will be done soon enough, just be a bit more patient." Rath raised his head from the front of the HotRa, mumbled something, and returned to work.

"Two days?" Nefratina slumped her shoulders. "What am I going to do in that time!"

Rath sighed and looked up again. "You were the one that crashed the Hotra. Does the word reading have any signifagance for you?" He gave a disgusted look when she crossed her arms and gave him an angry glance.

"ME! All I did was try to get away from Scarab before we got our tuts kicked! And as for reading? HA! Oh come on what fun is that! I need speed and when I can't have speed I go ballistic!"

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"Oh you poor thing, maybe I should just send you to your sarcaphogus for the night." Rath smirked.

"You ignorant little pain in the-!"

"Can you two please stop!" Ja-kal entered, glaring at them both.

"He started it!" Nefratina began.

"Your the one who-"

"CUT IT OUT!" Ja-kal watched them both stop biccering at his command. "Just one day... just once cant you two get along!"

"No." They both said in usion.

Ja-kal sighed heavily. It was going to be a very long day.

"Now," Rath said turning to Nefratina. "If you dont mind I have work to do."

She made a face and stalked off, narrowly missing the approching Armon's shoulder as she left the arched entryway to the Sphinx.

"Was it something she ate?" Armon asked.

* * * *

Nefratina came back about an hour later, still agitated. Maybe I overreacted, she thought. The problem was that she really did have nothing to do.. and for her that was as bad as dying all over again.. She walked tiredly to her wooden resting place passing the pyamid, Armons late night snack wrappers and Rath's desk where she suddenly stopped, looking at it.

"He's such a grouch." she said to no one in priticular. The others had allready turned in for the night. Nefratina looked over the books and scrolls, wondering what good so much stuff could do for a person. But then Rath wasn't really normal. All he ever did was study, read, and study some more. If only he would have a little fun once in awhile maybe he wouldn't be so formidable.

Suddenly.. she got an idea.

"What are you doing Nefratina?"

She spun around quickly.

"Oh.. Armon.. I-I thought you were asleep...."

"Just got up for a sandwich and some milk." He offered her some and watched her wave them away.

"Um.. Armon I could use your help."

"With what?"

"Dont you think that Rath is.. well.. you know, a little uh.. boring sometimes?" She paused. "If you had a choice.. wouldn't you want him to be a bit more funloving?

"Well maybe... Why?"

"Would you help me change him?... nothing super. I just thought that, well... with all these spells there has to be something that could make him more... our style."

Armon looked to be thinking it over, something Nefratina didnt trust much considering Armons low attention span. He ate the last of his sandwich and spoke up.

"uh.. ok. But what about Ja-kal? I dont think he'd like this plan much."

"Well we just.. you know.. wont tell him till later. Once he sees what a great change we made he wont mind!"

"But Nefertina you dont know any spells."

"Well I did pay attention to Rath a couple of times... I think I can figure it out." She turned toward the desk and shuffled carefully through the items, looking for something she could use. Armon watched her read off each translation.

"Something on the Western Gate, waters, agriculture, Nile, some books on the geography of Eygpt... heres something. Spell of Oppisites.

"What good is that?" Armon looked over her shoulder at the paper.

Nefratina looked through the scroll. "Well.. think about it. The title is Spell of Oppisites and im guessing that means making something the oppiset counterpart of itself... meaning if Rath is grumpy, a pain and boring, this spell should turn him the oppisit of that."

"oh, ok... so how does it work?"

"Um... well it says that the person must be unconsious first or asleep. The spell must be carried out on a waxing moon and the daytime is the best time to preform it .. thats it? Anyone could do this!"

"I dont know... should we?"

"Come on Armon! he's asleep, the conditions are right and we can easily-"

"It is not Daytime." Armon said.

"Its close enough lets just get it over with!"

"Who's asleep and what is who getting over with when."

"Uh oh..." Armon turned to see Rath, standing with a look of mock annoyance.

"Nefratina, he's not asleep anymore."

"She turned around and dropped the scroll on the desk hoping he hadn't seen it in her hand.

"We're just getting..a... snack!" She blurted out.

"With Armon?" Rath cocked his head to the side. "Now i know he does that on a regular basis but-" He suddenly got a dizzyed look on his face and fell backwards into Armon.

"Wh- What did you do!"

"I made him unconsious."

"YOU HIT HIM!" Nefratina gulped and saw something much worse emerging from the falcon designed sarcaphagus in the sleeping chamber.

"Well you said you needed him asleep or unconsious so I just-" Nefratina cut him off.

"Ja-kals coming! um.. put Rath.. i mean.. lean him over the desk!

Armon looked behind him and drapped Raths limp form over the desk, trying to make it in some way look like a natural posture.

"There is no way he's gona fall for this!"

"Just Shut-up and let me think!" Nefratina fumbled the scroll in her hands and read as fast as she could the incantation inscribed on it.

"-And return this form to the right of alternates." She finished and threw the scroll down spinning quickly around just in time to catch Ja-kals confused look.

"Whats wrong with Rath?" He asked.

"Oh.. Rath? Well you know how engrossed he gets in his studies he just.. um... fell asleep."

"Oh..." Ja-kal looked at Rath again and then back at the others. "It's almost dawn and I must go check on our young prince. Stay well my freinds." He walked off leaving Nefratina and Armon to whatever they were up to.

Nefratina stared after him a minute longer not beleiving her good luck.

"Now." She said. "We just have to wait for Rath to wake and then I guess he'd be how we want him too... i think. She turned back to the desk. "Where is he?"

"He could'nt have allready gotten up could he?" Armon looked under the desk and around the desk making Nefratina roll her eyes. "Armon he is obviously not there." he stood up and began to look elsewhere when they heard the familiar rev of the HotRa.

"But thats impossible... Rath said it'd be at least two days!"

"So i lied!" She heard him shout from the other room. But his voice wasn't normal.. it didn't have that air of knowing she was accustomed to. The HotRa's engines suddenly went from rev to full throttle sending them both running into where the chariot had been, and was now screeching off down the street outside the Sphinx.

"RATH! Bring back my chariot!" She shouted, and heard him shout back to her "You mean MY chariot! I built it!" That was the last of the words she could make out before he was out of sight.

"Now do you think this was a good idea?" Armon asked and then huffed as she gave him a strong elbow in the ribs.

* * * * *

"My prince, what were you doing up so early? And are you sure your mother wont worry if you go with me to the museum?"

"Dont worry, I left her a note saying I went to the Baseball feild. So... You dont mind me coming along right? I really have nothing to do." Presly sighed. "Bordom.. my arch enemy!" He looked at the early dawned sky.

"I beleive Scarab is your arch enemy."

"Well yeah, him too but at the moment i dont see him around. I mean, he is over 6000 years old, and even bad guys gotta get some rest."

"It is not wise to underestimate your enemys. Scarab is very unpredictable."

Ppresly watched a few kids turn the corner and bike away at top speed. "Yeah, I guess so. What are the others up to anyway?"

"Not much at the moment. Nefratina has been upset over the latest crash of the HotRa. Rath informed her it would be at least two days before it was repaired."

"Oh man, did she freak?"

"Freak?" Ja-kal asked.

"You know, Did she like get real mad? Nefratina and that car are impossible to drag away from each other. Kinda like Hot Cocoa and marshmellows."

"What are Marshmellows?"

"These fat little white things that taste good." Presly said.

"What do Fat little things that taste good, have to do with cocoa?"

"Nevermind, i'll show you one later." Presly stopped walking and looked down the street oppiset them. "Ja-kal... I thought you said the HotRa needed repairs?"

"Yes i did, why?"

"Because I just saw it go flying down Main Street..."


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