Mummies Alive!

'The Young Guardians'

Part 2

By Pacifica

Disclaimer: Mummies Alive are the property and trademark of D.I.C inc and the producers of the show. Lyris is the property of the goddess Mia, all other fanfic characters are my property.

The stray Alsatian sniffed round the San Francisco docks,something told her that her human owner would turn up fairly soon. Meanwhile at the museum, Presley watched as all the mummies kneel in by the pharoah they had served. He had told them about the new exhibit at the museum. Then Ja-Kal got up, went over to the Chest of Rapses and the sealed jar. The mummies's leader picked the small wooden box as a sudden memory struck him.

"Do not be afraid of me, mighty hunter" the spirit said, handing him a box.

"What is this?" Ja-Kal asked.

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"Centuries from now, when you live again, three youngsters will have been chosen to help you protect Rapses and I think you will know the sign they will give you, this chest contains their medallions of power" was the reply.

"Ja-Kal, are you alright, you look like you’re seen a ghost" Presley asked.

"Nothing is wrong, my prince"

He picked up the chest and suddenly felt a impulse to take the sealed jar as well.

"What are you doing, you can't steal this, Ja-Kal" Presley said.

"This items are meant for us" was the reply.

Later the ship that Alto, Jannie and Tamre were hiding on pulled into the harbour.

"Have we docked?" Tamre asked.

Alto looked out of the window.

"Yes" he replied.

Then Alto opened the port-hole, climbed out and slid down the nearest rope, Tamre and Jannie followed him.

"Look, stowaways" someone cried, pointing at the children.

A tv crew in the area raced as security guards grabbed the boys.

"Jannie, listen to me carefully. This is what you must do to save your friends and you, I will guide you to it" the voice of Shaisa said.

Jannie nodded, a guard came up behind her and was knocked down by the female Alsatian, who knew that the blind girl was the mistress she had been waiting for. Then the dog ran after Jannie who had run to the nearest tv camera. Looking straight into it, the girl pretended to grab something around her neck.

"With the Strength of Ra" she cried.

Watching tv in their base, the mummies sat bolt upright at this.

"The sign" Ja-Kal said.

Across town, Scarab had seen the same thing and angrily pointed Heka at the tv and she spat a fireball at it.

"Must everything remind me of those accursed mummies" he yelled.

"Temper, temper, why don't you and I set a trap for these mummies where the children are imprisoned, your enemies are sure to mount a rescue" Isis the Seducer said.

Scarab smiled at this suggestion.

That night, as Alto, Tamre, Jannie and the Alsatian who had refused to let anyone separate her and the girl sat in a police cell. Suddenly a golden arm smashed through the wall, leaving a huge hole in the side of the cell and Alto stared as a man in falcon armour stepped through it.

"Come on" he said.

"Break out of prison, are you crazy?" Tamre replied.

"Tamre, It's our only chance" Alto said.

As they went through the hole, the children found four other armoured people outside.

"Hey, what are those" Tamre said, pointing at some Shabties walking towards the mummies.

"Scarab" the man in cobra armour said.

"Nefer-Tina, Lyris, guard the children" Ja-Kal ordered.

Up on a nearby roof-top, Scarab, Heka and Isis the Seducer watched as the battle began.

"Scarab, why didn't you tell me their leader is a serious dreamboat? I want him" Isis the Seducer said.

Then she plucked a clay hand from thin air and threw it up.

"Oh, hand of night, bring him to me" she chanted.

The small clay hand flashed and turned into a huge ghostly thing that looked like the night sky.

Nearby, a group of five people walked along the sidewalk, when one of them, a woman in office clothes fell, clutching her stomach. The man beside her dropped to his knees and the other three looked on concerned.

"Isis, my beloved, are you alright?" the man kneeling beside her asked.

"My bad side just used her magic" Isis gasped.

Back at the battle, Ja-Kal had his back to the appoaching hand of night, but Rath saw it.

"Ja-Kal, look out" he cried, shoving his friend out of the way.

The hand grabbed the person in its path, not seeing who it was and returned to its mistress.

"No" Lyris cried from the sidelines, as she watched the magical hand vanish.

"Must I do everything myself" Isis the Seducer cried, as she teleported herself behind Ja-Kal.

The leader of the mummies suddenly felt a pair of strong arms grab his shoulders. Isis the Seducer shouted her triumph at the night sky and vanished along with her prisoner. Scarab decided to fly back to his base, leaving the children, the stray dog and the three remaining mummies staring after him.

"So, what do we do now?" Nefer-Tina asked


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