Mummies Alive!

'The Young Guardians'

Part 1

By Pacifica

Disclaimer: Mummies Alive are the property and trademark of D.I.C inc and the producers of the show. Lyris is the property of the goddess Mia, all other fanfic characters are my property.

"But if you leave, I know youll never come back" the five year girl said.

Rapses turned to his sister, who stood in the entrance to the palace.

"Isisa, father wishes to hold counsel with me"

The little girls face lit up.

"Father, can I come?" she asked.

"No, you stay here with Mira and Mezra" he replied.

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Princess Isisa winkled her nose at the thought of her over-devoted nurses.

"My prince" Lord Scarab called from his chariot.

Rapses kissed his sisters forehead and ran down the steps. As he looked back, the prince saw a small, sad figure standing at the top.

"Take care of mother, Isisa" he whispered.

Presley sat in his bed, sweating, he'd been dreaming and he knew what happened next.

Later he entered his home in time to a newsreader announce that.

"There will be a new Egyptian based display at the museum as the mummies of Amenhotep and his wife are put on display, along with a female courtier, the Chest of Rapses and a sealed jar containing the ashes of the Pharaohs Oracle" the newsreader said.

Across town, Scarab turned off the tv and smiled.

"Perfect" he said.

"I couldnt agree with you more"

Scarab spun, an attractive brown-haired woman in a yellow dress lay casually on the sofa behind him.

"Shall I summon the Shabties?" Heka asked, coming over.

"No, wait" was the reply.

"Excellent, the man knows who I am" the woman laughed.

"Queen Isis" Scarab begun.

"Oh please, dont mention that goody two-shoes name in my presence"

"Isis the seducer" he said

"Of course" was the reply.

"But what are you doing here"

"Hiding from my pursuers"


"Yes, Ras sent my good half, the Lord Osiris, Neith, Maat and Horus after me"

Back at the sphinx, Presley watched Lyris tuning her lyre.

"Lyris, you were alive after Rapsess death, tell me what happened to Isisa?" he asked.

She put the instrument down and turned to face him.

"After I found out the fate of the other guardians, the Queen and Isisas two nurses entered my room saying that the princess had disappeared. So I looked for her, then found Isisa's favourite doll lying, abandoned in the entrance to the palace. Racing down the steps, I discovered small footprints heading in the direction of the place Rapses died. I quickly got a horse and followed them as far as I could, finding where she'd stopped to sleep, but there were camel tracks nearby that mostly covered with the shifting desert sands. I returned and tell your parents their daughter had been found by desert nomads. Losing both children destroyed them" Lyris replied.

Tears slid down Presleys cheeks for the family hed never known.

Meanwhile three children hid in the cargo area of a ship heading forward for San Francisco.

"Alto, are we going to going to be safe in America?"

"Yes, Tamre, Achmed wouldnt touch us in a new country"

"Wheres Jannie?" the boy called Tamre asked

Alto looked round, the blind girl sat in a corner and listened to the female voice inside her head, the one which promised to always protect her and her friends the one who called herself Shaisa.


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