Mummies Alive!

(Part 1)

By Dakar

Discalimer: I am able to claim one character in this story as being actually mine. One of them is from Mia the wind goddess who, I would like to graciously thank for letting me use of her character, and the others are by the wonderful people at DIC who brought us the best cartoon ever made. In no way am I trying to violate their rights on these characters this is just made out of fun. Thank you.

* * * * *

"Come here Haka" stated Scarab" there is something that I want you to see."

"What is it this time?" wandered the irritated cobra recently disturbed from her mid-afternoon sunning.

"Oh my dear Heka its something out of the extradinary."

"It's a mummy!" the frightened cobra rears up in preperation for defense.

"No my dear it is my new way for destryoing those pesky mummies and obtaining my immortality"

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Now you are going to see me in my greatest hour" Scarab explained to the still shocked serphent as he prepared to cast a spell on the dead mummy." With my spells this mummy will come back from the dead, serve me, infiltrate the mummies lair, and bring me prince rapses."

"That's just great Scarab but one thing"

"Whats that my dear?"

"We don't know where the mummies live?"

"That's ok . This mummy in life job was to find things he'll be able to find out where the mummies live."

"But Scarab isnt he one of the pharohs and not the princes? I mean wont the mummies get suspicious?"

"My dear Heka, im not stupid. I didn't use just any mummy that I have found this is a relative of Rath's I believe."

"Ok then how will you be able to control him wont he want to help out his relative?"

"Oh he will until I deem otherwise and it will be thanks to my magic. You see my ferocoius serphent the spells im going to cast on him are going to magnify his hate, anger, and his fighting ability while suppressing his emotions of friendship and love. But not before I want them too."

"So your going to brain wash him excellent idea."

* * * * *

"No fair Armon my turn to pick something to watch." Nefertinas irratation just got a little bigger.

"Well you 2 wouldn't be arguing over who gets to watch what if Nefertina didn't wreck the hot-ra again then she couold be out galacanting aound causing all kinds of trouble," stated Rath.

"Now my dear don't be so hard on her, if she didn't drive the way she did then those shabties would certainly have gotten us," Lyris states in Nefertina defense.

"Harrrmphhh, she should have been paying attention to where we were going and we wouldn't have run into the back of that truck."

"Knock it off Rath the accident wasn't Nefertina's fault at all." Ja-Kal was certainly getting tired of being a go between for Rath and Nefertina lately.

"What is wrong with you both? Ever since last week you two have been at eachothers throats day in and day out?"

"Maybe they are hungry," explains Armon wanting to add his 2 cents worth into the pot.

"What's up guys?" inquired the young prince just barely missing the beginnings of an argument." And who is that new mummy wandering about outside trying to get in?"

"What new mummy my prince?" Ja-Kal started getting concerned.

"That new one wandering around outside the sphinx. It seems as thought hes looking for something."

"Rath I thought you told me the new security system is operational?"

"Well I had to scrounge some parts from it in order to fix the hot-ra that Nefertina destroyed the other day" All that did was get a very hateful glare from the cat guardian.

"lets not worry about that right now we have an intruder and we have to deal with it" the mummy leader advised the rest of the group. "stay here young prince this could be a trap set by scarab."

"Aw man when am I ever going to be able to kick tut?"

"Now now my prince even the lion cub has to hide in the grass when danger comes."

"Ok Ja-Kal"

* * * * *

He knew that the entrance to the sphinx and the mummies lair was around here but he just couldn't find the entrance. "I know im in the right spot but for some reason I cant find the tunnel entrance." This confused the mummy for a little bit. "In Egypt I could have found it like that." He was statring to get more and more frustrated when he heard the noise behind him. "Hmm people coming up behind me. 5 of them to be exact. Better get low and wait for the attack.

The group saw the intruder and Ja-Kal motioned to surround the mummy with the females at the flanking position. This should be easy, thought the lead gaurdian. Hes hunkered down and doesn't see us. He will be easy to take. Hopefully this wont be a trap like I feared.

He knew they were splitting their ranks. To his concern this just made it more easier for him to defeat this threat. For some reason or the other he couldn't figure out why the 2 smaller ones were sourrounding him. To him it would have made more sense for them to attack in a group instead of trying to surround. I'll attack the one on the left first that is the fartherest one that is approaching me. Just wait.

The mummies were getting closer to the stranger. "now if Armon doesn't trip or make any sounds then we will be able to stop him." He then noticed that the females were getting closer to the stranger with Nefertina on the his right and Lyris on the left.

Close enough he thought the mummy. He leaped to his left getting ready to strike when he came face to face with a female mummy. Luckily for Lyris he stayed his hand

Lyris was just getting to his side when the strangest thing happened to her that caught her completely off guard. Next thing she knew was that she was staring into the brightest eyes of green that she had ever seen in her life. The mummy she faced was one she had never met in her past life but for some reason he looked familiar to her. Tall as Rath with his garments being white outlined in tan with an amulet of a crocadile hanging from his neck.

"Are you ok Lyris?" Rath questioned as he slid up next to her.

"Im fine"

"What happened who are you?" Demanded Ja-Kal of the stranger.

"Well yes who are you?" wandered Rath pulling Lyris behind him. "I demand to know just who you are and what you are doing here?"

"As for my name you already know that brother, and as for what I am doing here the Pharoah Amenothope awoke me and told me that the princes gaurdians needed help with Scarab and that he wanted me to assist."

"Daker is that you?" Rath questioned as he looked closer into the mummy that had just appeared.

"You know this mummy?" Nefertina asked this of Rath while staring into eyes that made the green on Raths armor look dull.

"Well yes I do as a matter of fact. He is my younger brother Daker." Rath stated with a smile on his face the first smile any of the other gaurdians have seen for a week.

"Daker it is you!" The shocked Rath held open his arms and pulled in his brother in for a hug. "Come lets go inside where we can talk. There is so much we need to discuss."

"Yeah like how did you find out where we lived?" The pose Ja-Kal was taking indicated to the others that in no way, shape or form was this brother of Raths going to get inside without answering a few questions.

"Well Ill answer that one. Back in ancient Egypt Daker was a scout for the Pharoah and it was his business to find out where the pharoahs enemies hid or where theyre hideouts where at."

"OK ill buy that Rath" Then to Daker, "What happened to you back there in Egypt?"

Daker leaned his head back as though remembering. "we were on our way back when I ran into some tracks, It looked like the tracks from the chariot of the Pahroah so I rode out following the tracks trying to find the chariot. It wasn't long when I found the chariot maybe a minute or 2. One thing is for sure ill never forget what had happened when I did find it."

Daker then started looking at the ground with a depressing look upon his face. "You Ja-Kal were the last one to fall and by your own brothers hands. This enraged me so. I wasn't thinking. I attacked. I sould have gotten the Pharoah then what had happened wouldn't have happened. It didn't take long before I fell. I wasn't dead yet but I couldn't move. The pain Scarab put poor Rapses through is un imaginable. Then I laid there for what seemed like hours when I saw someone riding a horse come up. It was Lyris. That is the last that I remember."

The head mummy then turned to the muse. "Is it true?''

"Yes it is," the jackyl guardian had her head bowed as if remembering some terrible incident. "His body was one of the last ones found at the battle site."

"That still doesn't explain where your sarcoughogus is?"

"It is in a warehouse down by the water." Explained Daker . "I know how to get there but I don't know any of the names of these roads."

"Well what do you think Ja-Kal? He wont be a threat to us and after that last battle we can use all of the help we can get." Rath pleaded in his brothers defense.

"Hmmmm. Ok you Nefertina and Armon go and retreive it in the hot-ra while Lyris and I wait here."

"OH thank you Ja-kal."

* * * * *

"Rath, how does this horseless chariot move? I have seen a lot of them while searching for the lair."

"Well ahhhh its much too diffucult for you to understand my brother, perhaps you should ask Nefertina as to how it drives." Rath motioned to the female sitting next to Daker in the front seat of the hot-ra. Rath was also curious as to how his brother got turned completely around in his seat belt.

"Well if you want me to Daker ill show you how to one day." The cat gaurdian was fast becoming enchanted with the exceptional looks of the new gaurdian to the point that she completely forgot who and what Pep is. When ever she closed her eyes she saw Dakers face and how lovely his eyes are.

"I would like that very much.'' A sly smile crept across his lips.

Did he just wink at me thought Nefertina? I better pay more attention to my driving then to the one sitting next to me" as she swerved to avoid hitting a motorcyclist.

"This is the place." Daker indicated to a worn out and crumbling building they were fast approaching. "Its in here but what do I need that old thing for?"

"For when the time needs to you can call upon the power of Ra and make yourself stronger." Rath needed some time to get used to the fact that his brother pretty much had no idea of what Rath was talking about.

"The power of Ra?" the confused look upon Dakers face meant exactly what Rath had thought all along. Daker had no idea of what Rath was saying.

"OH lets just get it and get back to the sphinx and ill show you later."

Daker was surprised at the slight shudder when Nefertina parked the hot-ra and shut off its engine. "Right in here."

"OH gross this stuff is getting allover me." The disgusted Nefertina complained about the dust getting all over her. "Its quiter than a tomb in here." This was followed by a terrible sneeze from Armon that scarred the daylights out of her. "Lets hurry up and get it."

"Its right her." Daker indicated to a object laying on the ground. "when I awoke this is the spot that I risen from. Now Armon come on lets lift it up and put it in the chariot."

Attractive sarcoughogus thougth Nefertina admiring the gold, tan, and orange markings forming the shape of a crocadile around the outside of it. "Man this place is giving me the creeps. Hurry up guys I want to leave."

"Just a minute Nef" Armon started groaning as he and the other managed to pick up the heavy sarchoughus and put in the back of the hot-ra. "This thing is heavy."

"Well we should get back now besides I need to recharge." Rath sure was tired.

* * * * *

"Perfect I like that." Daker was very happy with placing his sarchoughus next to the muses one. For some reason in his mind it seemed to fit. "I still don't understand why I have to keep this hideous thing."

"This hideous thing" Rath mimicked Daker perfectly "Helps you recharge when you are low on energy."

"recharge from what"

"Im too tired Lyris my dear will you please show Daker what im talking about?"

"Certinaly my love. WITH THE STRENGTH OF RA."

The sudden transformation of Lyris totally shocked Daker as he stood there looking at the jackyl gaurdian. "Wow can I do that?"

"Yes you can."

"WITH THE STRENGTH OF RA" pop snap fizzle. "What happened? It didn't work?"

"That brother is why you needed to keep it is for recharging."

"Ok then well I am getting kinda tired so I guess im going to recharge right now."

This was followed by Rath and Nefertina agreeing heartily.

"Don't you want to meet the prince?" Rath's brother or not Ja-Kal still thought that something was wrong and out of place with Daker.

"Sure why not?"

"Young prince, this is your new gaurdian Daker, younger brother to Rath" Ja-Kal pulled the wide eyed prince from behind his back.

"Wow hello my name is Presley, the spirit of Rapses resides within me," he stared in aw looking at the newest gaurdian thinking one more mummy to add to my collection as he stuck out his small hand in friend ship to the new mummy who grabbed the hand, looked at it and deciding that there wasn't anything interesting in it let go.

"I'll show you Daker. This is how people that like eachother great eachother." Ja-Kal then grabbed Presleys hand and shook it.

"Ah so you grab hands squeeze hard and bounce it up and down?" Daker was going to have fun in this world though no matter how different it was from Egypt.

"Though young prince it is getting late and you must return home. I'll take you." Interceded Lyris. "Aw do I have to go now im not tired yet?"

"Even the lion has to retreat to his lair when the rest of the pack is exhausted." Ja-Kal was rather fond of this saying.

"Besides if we don't recharge then how can we protect you?" Armon was concerned.

Rath put his head into his hand, "Armon you have the nack for stating the obvious."

"Thank you , I think."

"are you ready my prince?" Lyris asked wheeling to cycle into everyones view.

"A two whelled horse thing ? What do you call it?" This world is getting more and more interesting by the minute thought Daker.

"Oh its called a motorcycle Daker," explained Nefertina. "If you want me too I'll also teach you how to ride it."

"I would like that very much Nefertina,"

Even though she didn't have blood running thru her veins she knew the wink that he gave her made her blush.

Just then Lyris started up the cycle and Presley jumped on.

"Oh my prince don't forget your helmet." Lyris made sure that now matter what Presley was going to be safe. With the helmet on she squeeled the tire and took off down the ramp.

"Goodnight everybody." Ja-Kal suddenley felt older and tired.

"Sweet dreams." Nefertina wished this on everybody.

"Don't let the bed bugs bite." Armon didn't want to be left out.

After the others retired to their sarcoughighi , "Im glad to see you again brother."

"So am I Daker, so am I but however we do need our rest so we can talk I the morning."

"Ok then in the morning."

Ja-Kal watched as Daker closed the lid on his sarcoughagus and stopped Rath before he could get his open " Tell me everything there is to know about your brother Rath!"

"Well its not that hard, he is extremely loyal, and wont attack us or go after Presley while we sleep if that's what you mean."

"No its not. Its just that there is something about him that I cant lay my fingure on. Exactly what was it that he did back in Egypt?"

"Well Im not exactly sure about that myself. He joined the pharoahs guard when he was only 15, the youngest member to join, and after serving for a few years he was made a member of the onyx legion. After he joined the legion I only saw him about once a year."

"Do you know anything about this onyx legion?" Ja-Kal remembers the name of the group but never did know what they did.

"Im sorry Ja-Kal I have no idea at all of what they did. When I asked him he always told me that he was a scout so I really don't have any idea of what he did."

"Hmmmmm Well Im going to ask him first thing tommorrow morning when he gets up."

"I can tell you this Ja-Kal he is as trustworthy as me."

"I hope so Rath I hope so. Goodnight I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight Ja-Kal."

* * * * *

Tracks but where are these tracks going and why is the chariot of the pharoah moving so fast? Thought Daker as he stared down at them. "I better follow them just to make sure everything is ok with the prince. He took off following the wheel tracks. "I cant wait to get back. Boy will she be surprised when she finds out that she doesn't have to act anymore. I hope this gets me in good with her. Hmmm whats this? Sounds of a battle." He started getting a little nervous and excited.

"That's Ja-Kal and that's his no good brother whats his name. But what is he doing oh my." Daker couldn't believe his eyes when he saw what just had happened. Ja-Kal was hit by a blast at point blank range by his brother right in the chest. Daker knew that Ja-Kal was dead even before his body hit the ground. This enraged the man who then ran up behind Araick and grabbed him around the neck from behind with his right arm and began pulling Ja-Kals brothers left arm back.

I will avenge you Ja-Kal thought Daker. This neck will break shortly. As he started hearing cracking noises coming from Araick's neck he felt a great pain on his back which stunned him. Another one made him let go of Ja-Kals killer. Daker turned around to look at Scarab firing magic bursts at him with one hand while holding Rapses with the other hand.

Another back blast spun the scout almost completely around. This time it was Araick taking shots at him. Daker started swaying on his feet knowing he was going to die being caught in the crossfire between the two deadly adversiries. The next blast knocked Daker off his feet. His assailants thougth he was dead when Scarab started doing things to Rapses.

* * * * *

Daker awoke with a start. "What in the name of Osiris just happened?" He couldn't remember the dream but he knew that it was a bad one. "I think I might need some fresh air." Besides he didn't like it that much in the sarcoughagus that much anyway.

"Ill just get me something to drink," He thought heading off in the direction of the kitchen. "If I remember correctly they keep the drinks in the white stone sarcoughagus." He made his way over to the refidgerator. Unfortunally upon opening it he saw that it was empty. "What do these people drink around here?" He said this to no one in particular.

"Armon must have had another mid-night snack." Daker spun around to look into the face of Nefer-tina.

"Oh I'm sorry Nefer-tina I didn't mean to wake you."

"That's ok Daker I couldn't sleep good anyway, but say while were up wanna go for a ride?"

"Sure sounds like fun," anything to get out of here thought Daker.

They quietly snuck past the other mummies sleeping when they came across the motorcycle. "Here lets take this one Daker, its a lot funner to ride."

"Alright then. Lets do it."

Both the cat gaurdian and crocadile gaurdian hoped onto the motorcycle with Daker riding behind Nefer-tina which she kind of wanted him there just to feel his muscular arms around her waist. "Hang on" Nefer-tina took off almost loosing the unsuspecting mummy behind her.

"Hey this is great how fast can it go?"

"MY friend you just said the magic words," Nefer-tina pulled on the throttle making the bike speed up going aournd the corner. "Im gonna take you to this great place that I know of. Its right down here by the water."

"But I don't know how to swim," Daker had no idea why she wanted to go to the water.

"Trust me."

* * * * *

"WOW this place is great Nef." The two mummies sat side by side on the beach over looking San Fransisco Bay. "You could really get lost within your self here."

"Now you know why I like it." What he didn't know and she wasn't sure what to tell him was that this place to her is romantic.

"Look Nef while were alone I need to tell you some things," Daker stood with his back to her looking down at the beach with his arms folded across his chest. "On our way back to Memphis, I had some good news for you. I knew that you werent a boy just a girl trying to pass yourself off as a boy in order to drive the chariot."

"You knew who I was?" this news was definitely shocking to the female mummy who thought the only person that knew her secret was Rapses. "How did you know?"

"I remember standing inside of the doorway in your stable after you had won the big race, when your father said that he wished that he had a son like you. Right then I knew that you were a female and I became very attracted to you right there. I kinda of followed you around for a while. Then when the Pharoah needed a new charioteer I gave him your location. I thought that you would enjoy driving the pharoahs chariot and that maybe one day i could approach you and let you know about me. Anyway on our way back right before we were all killed I asked the pharoah for a favor."

"What was that?"

"I asked him to grant females the right to drive the chariots of the pharoah."

"You did?" Nefer-tina knew she looked ridiculus with her mouth wide open. "What did he say?"

"I don't know why but he granted me my request. I wanted to get back to the palace to let you know."

"Why did you do this for me?"

"One is because of my attraction for you and the other is because I believe that a woman can do everything that a man can do."

Nefer-tina was too choked up to say anything except motion towards Daker to sit on the sand next to her. He complied and when he sat down she took his right arm and placed it around her so she could snuggle up to him. They enjoyed eachothers company for a few minutes when a blast knocked both of them down.

Spinning to her feet Nefer-tina noticed about a dozen shabties approaching them fast. "Come on Daker its tut kicking time. WITH THE STRENGTH OF RA!"

"What do you want me to do?" Daker asked of Nefer-tin in her cat armour.

"Transform." That was all she could shout as she cracked her whip around the neck of a shabtie pulling its head off.

"ok WITH THE STRENGTH OF RA" Daker completed his transformation. Nefer-tina looked over at him trying to gauge the distance between the two so that she could watch his back. Now that's different armor thought the cat looking at the crocadile armored mummy with his fore arm weapons being blades sticking out of the top of his forearms in the color of silver with spikes sticking out of his wrists and coming up from the knees.

"Lets do it," shouted Daker while smashing a shabtie into dust with a quick swipe of his left handed fore arm blade.

"HIYIAAAAAAA," shouted the female gaurdian as she whipped 2 more shabties into the shape of dust.

Daker didn't make any sound as he drove his right handed spike through the head of another shabtie. Then spinning around he jumped up and grabbed another shabties head and brought his knee spikes into play destroying the shabtie.

It didn't take long before the shabties were destroyed.

"Lets get back to the sphinx Daker, Ra is getting ready to rise in the east." The other mummy agreed and they both hoped onto the motorcycle and took off.

* * * * *

"Well arent we going to follow them boss?" After being with him for 3500 years one would get to know somebody thought Heka from her and Scarabs hiding spot further up the cliff.

"No my dear Heka. All I wanted to do was see how Raths brother would do in combat. Ive lived for 3500 years I can live a few more days until Daker brings me the prince."

"Oh and such a waste of shabties too." Heka hissed.

* * * * *

"Where have you two been?" Ja-Kal had about had it up to here with Nefer-Tinas wanderings.

"We just went for a ride Ja-Kal. Neither of us could sleep." The older mummy was defiantly getting on the nerves of the female.

"Scarab could have attacked both of you while you were out there having fun. Did you ever think of that?"

"As a matter of fact Scarab did attack us," Daker inturupted the argument, "but we kicked his tut so hard that he is going to be using it for a hat.

"You got that right." Nefer-Tina gave Daker a high five, "He'll think twice before sending a bunch of shabties after us."

"That doesn't change things. It is far too dangerous for you two to be running off in the middle of the night like a couple of hyenas trying to scrounge food. What if the young prince was attacked? Where would we have been able to find you? What if something else happened?" Ja-Kal was tired of giving the lecture to Nefer-Tina almost every single week. "You should know better Nefer-Tina. Daker is new here so he really wouldn't know the dangers of wandering around at night time with out letting anyone else know."

"Now hold on a minute Ja-Kal," Daker wanted to stop this argument before Nefer-Tina assualted Ja-Kal which from the looks on her face was going to happen any minute. "It was my idea to go for a ride and it was me who talked her into it."

"Well then in that case don't do it again Daker and oh yeah its you job to keep the sphinx clean this week along with the sacred cats litter box as punishment for leaving this place. By the way Rath told me that you were with the Onyx Legion in Egypt, it that true?"

"It is."

"What was the Onyx Legion and what did they do?"

"All they were was scouts for the pharoh." The younger mummy was getting irritated with Ja-Kal.

"Why are you being so indigent?"

"Why do you have your head up your tut?" Daker was fastly becoming furious with the leader of the guardians.

"Now brother, Ja-Kal quit this at once. You two are arguing worse then even Nefer-Tina and I argue. Daker come here I want to talk to you." Rath was using his older brother voice to catch his younger sibilings attention. Daker then proceded to be lead away by Rath leaving Ja-Kal fumming in place receiving glares from Nefer-Tina.,

"Now what is your problem Daker?" time for the older brother talk.

"Problem, I don't have no problem. He has the problem. Why don't you go to him and give him grief?" Daker was still in the foul mood.

"He didn't have any problem until he asked you what you did in the Onyx Legion."

"Oh for the love of Horus please I told him what I did."

"Not really all you said is that you were a scout."

"You knew what I did. You have known me my whole life Rath. I could never lie to you. You know that."

"I believe you Daker however Ja-Kal has his suspicions about you."

"Rath you know I was a scout." However this was told to Rath with Daker's back turned.

"Turn around and face me brother when you say that."

This time facing Rath, "I was a scout."

"Look me in the face Daker when you say that."

"Leave me alone Rath. You never did know when to quit."

"That's because I know you Daker. What did you do for the Onyx Legion and look me in the face."

"I was an mmulenm." Daker mumbled into his breath while looking at his feet.

"What was that?"

"I said that I was an assassian." This last only being loud enough for Rath to hear. "It is something I'm not proud of and I don't like to admit. So now you know. I suppose your going to tell Ja-Kal now arent you?"

"No I'm not Daker, I'm going to leave that up to you however if he asks me I will tell him that you were a scout. However I have seen the way that you and Nefer-Tina look at eachother and I think that you should let her know."

"Oh great Mr. Never had a relationship is telling me how to run my love life." This managed to get a few chuckles out of Daker.

"Well that might be true to a point but I myself do have interest in a female myself. And after having spent the last 3500 years of my life with Nefer-Tina I know how a females heart beats." Rath shot a quick glance over to the stone couch where Lyris was telling Nefer-Tina some story or the other realising how beautiful the muse looks today. I shall let her know about how she looks when I get a chance he thought to himself.

"Just Ja-Kal. I don't know much about Lyris, Armon isnt smart enough, and Nefer-Tina looses her temper too much."

"Can I go now Rath?" His younger brother started getting a strange sensation in his stomach that he hadnt had in over 3500 years that later on thanks to Armon he finds out that it is hunger pangs.

"One last thing Daker, why do you not like Ja-Kal?"

"I don't think that he makes a good leader."

"Oh and would you make a better one?"

"Yes I think so but I don't want it."

"Well then what about the rest of us? Who would think would make a better leader?"

"Oh and what about me?"

"You have your head up your tut."

"Oh and what do you mean by that?"

"Its just that you are too arrogant and you think too much."

"Ah I see." Now Rath was beginning to get irritated with Daker. "Why don't go outside or somewhere to cool off?"

"Good idea."

"Hey guys whats up?" Presley still hasn't gotten used to the presence of Raths brother. "Did you do something you werent supposed to do?"

"How are you doing today my prince?" Daker wanted to change the subject.

"Good I'm supposed to go down to the indoor basketball court and meet my friend Walter and I was wandering if someone could give me a ride?"

"I will o prince." Nefer-Tina was quick to respond to to Presleys want for a ride.

"Im going with you, I myself need to get out." Nefer-Tina did not Ja-Kal to go along for the ride.

"Whats your problem Ja-Kal?"

"Nothjing I just need to get out."

Excellent idea Ja-Kal I think we all could use a little fresh air and some excersise." Rath liked this idea very much. "However we don't have enough room in the hotra for everyone."

"We can take the jet cycle Rath," No way was Lyris going to let Rath out of her grip now.

"Did Nefer-Tina show you how to ride it yet?"

"No I want you to."

Rath sniffed at this, "Well I suppose I could."

"Alright then its setteled. The rest of us can take the hot-ra." At least we'll be protecting our prince thought Ja-Kal.

"Daker I'm going to teach you how to drive the hot-ra," said Nefer-Tina as a matter of fact.

* * * * *

"Wow how fast can this thing go Nefer-Tina?" Daker was having all kinds of fun behind the wheel of the hot-ra.

"I suggest keeping it down considering the fact that you have never driven it before." No way was Ja-Kal going to let Daker open the hot-ra up.

"Go ahead and try it." Nefer-Tina and Daker ignored Ja-Kal as his right foot firmly mashed the go fast pedal to the floor boards. Ja-Kal started shouting but neither of the mummies riding in the front seat could hear him over the whine of the turbos.

"Wow this is fast."

"It can go even faster." Nefer-Tina flipped the switch that kicked in the hot-ra's nitrous system. This made the chariot speed up like a bat out of hell.

"RED LIGHT RED LIGHT!" Shouted the prince as Daker procedded to drive the hot-ra at nearly full speed thru the intersection.

Nefer-Tina received a confused look "Why should the chariot of the pharaoh stop for a red light when all the other charioteers have to stop for the pharaohs chariot?"

"OH some stupid laws that they have in these modern times Daker."

Rath sitting behind the hot-ra driving the jetcycle was getting very nervous. "My brother is just as reckless as she!"

* * * * *

"Here we are." Said the young pharaoh. "Walters not going ot be here for a while you guys want to come inside?"

"Sure thing my prince, do they have a concession stand?" Armon inquired.

"Uh yeah sure inside."

They just got into the main doors when Daker came to a complete halt.

"What is it brother?" Rath knew that from the look on his brothers face that something was amiss.

"Something is not right. Everyone stay out here while I go and check it out." The other mummies stood there and watched as Daker silently transformed into his armored form and shimmer into nothing.

"What happened to him Rath?" Ja-Kal never seen anything like it.

"Hmm I believe that my brothers armor has the power to conceill its self and blend in with its surroundings."

"SO you saying that he is like the chameleon?"

"Isnt that what I just said?"

"where is he at?" Just as Lyris said this then Daker reappeared.

"Scarab is in there and he has this place surrounded." Daker warnd the other mummies.

"Our main objective is to protect the prince so we must leave." Ja-Kal grabed the young pharaoh and started to make way to the door.

"No Ja-Kal I'm the pharaoh here and I say we have to deal with Scarab. Besides my friend is on the way and I don't want anything to happen to him."

"You are the pharaoh o prince and it is our duty to obey."

"WITH THE STRNGTH OF RA!" comes the transformation of the other mummies into their armored forms.

"Lets kick tut" Armon yelled following Daker into the main area of the basketball court.

Get them my shabties," Scarab yelled. Suddenly the whole place erupted with movement of the shabties.

"Hiyaaaa" shouted Lyris as she brought her quarter staff down upon the head of a shabtie smashing it to pieces and on the upswing catching another shabtie destroying it also. "HIRaa" the bull headed mummy was using his size throwing shabties around like rag dolls. Ja-Kal saw two coming for Raths back at he let arrows lose taking two more shabites out of the fight.

Daker was up towards the front taking out shabtie after shabtie with his fore arm weapons. The occasional crack of Nefer-Tinas whip was heard through the battle as she proceded to whip a group of shabties into shape. Everyone could hear the sound of metal on stone as Raths sword sliced cleanly thru the shabties he was fighting. It didn't take long for the mummies to make short work of the shabties. They then started approaching Scarab who to everyones surprise wasn't fleeing. Daker ended up being the closest one to him.

"Your tut is mine Scarab revenge for what you put Rapses thru." Daker started forward with one thought in mind and that was destroy Scarab.

"Oh I don't think so my dear slave." Scarab then changed into his beetle from and started casting a spell. "Oh hear me Daker brother of Rath, I am your master your mind and body belong to me. Do my bidding."

The crocadile mummy then stopped in place and started to turn around slowly.

This caought the other guardians by surprise. "Rath I told you he was a traitor." Ja-Kal knocked an arrow ready aiming it for the advancing mummy.

"NO Ja-Kal look at his eyes he is under some sort of mind control spell." Rath just noticed that his brothers eyes werent the color of highly polisehd emeralds but were now the color of dark rubies.

"So stop him then."

Armon rushed into the crocadile mummy but much to his dismay found that he wasn't moved. The big mummy has never been picked up off of his feet by any human or mummy but to his surprise Daker had no problem lifting him off of his feet with only his right arm. "Ja-Kal, Rath someone help me," Bellowed Armon right before Daker ripped Armons golden arm off of his body. Daker then hurled Armons limp body towards the wall where it hit and slid down the wall to land like discarded waste on the floor.

Lyris charged forth and swung her massive scythe. Fortunally for Daker it missed or it wouldve taken his head off. Unfortunally for Lyris Dakers backhand swipe at her didn't miss. She hit the wall opposite Armon and crumpled to the floor like a pile of rags, armorless much like Armon.

"I will put an end to this maurding mummy" Shouted Rath, "I will join you Rath," this coming from Ja-Kal as both mummies charged at Daker. Daker foresa this and when the other two mummies got in distance Daker tackled them both and picking up eachone at the same time by their heads and dashing them together sharply. Daker then let the armorless forms of Ja-Kal and Rath slump to the floor.

With no where for her to run to Nefer-Tina watched as her friends where dispatched by the mummy she had a crush on. She wanted to runaway but she knew she couldn't. She was needed there to protect the prince. "Oh well I died once before I can die again." She ssaid to herself preparing for the approaching Daker. She cracked her whip out wrapping it around Dakers left arm. She pulled on it trying to pull the bigger mummy off balance but much to her dismay it didn't work the way she wanted it to. He grabbed hold of her whip and tugged pulling the cat guardian to him. With his left hand he grabbed her by the throat and slammed her up- against the wall with his other hand he pulled back readying the spike that was going to peirce her head and end her unlife. That's when she got the idea.

"I love you Daker." She then slipped out of his grip and pressed her lips against his.

Memories started coming to him. Happy memories. Memories of he and Nefer-Tina sitting on the beach holding eachother right before Scarab attacked, memories of the way Armon looked at a beefy burger right before he devoured it, memories of Presley looking up to Ja-Kal like a son looking up to his father, Lyris as she smiled at Rath when he started acting arrogant, and of Ja-Kal looking at his brother Araik with love right before his brother killed him, and of Rath when Daker was sick the way Rath used to care for him.

What shocked Nefer-Tina was that Daker started kissing her back. She felt his powerful arms wrapped around her body and pull her in even closer. Just when she started feeling good that the passionate embrace that both mummies shared broke and she looked up into the greenest eyes she had ever seen.

"I love you also Nefer-Tina. There are things I wnt to ask you and tell you but I cant right now. I have something I have to do."

Daker then turned away from the armorless Nefer-Tina who just stood starting to get really upset. "You see there is something I have to do right now Nefer-Tina but I want you to know this, I love you I always have and I always will. This sacrifice of mine shall let the young pharaoh live on. Take care of him now will you my love?" Daker then turned away from her and started walking to Scarab who was now foaming at the mouth speechless with anger.

She wasn't able to see exactly what Daker did next thru her tears but she knew it was something awful when the explosion knocked her off of her feet. She felt movement at her side. It was Presley helping her stand. "Thank you o prince but I would like to sit here for a while." The young prince then left Nefer-Tina by herself and went checking upi on his other friends. He saw Ja-kal walking upi to him holding his head, Rath supporting Lyris who was limping, and Armon who just sort o f wobbled.

"What happened my prince?" Ja-Kal wanted to get about a weeks worht of sleep right now.

"There was this big explosion and I don't know Nefer-Tina is very upset."

"What happened?"

"Well I don't know but I think Daker and Scarab were killed in the explosion. You see Nefer-Tina somehow was able to get Daker out of Scarabs control and after that happened Daker attacked Scarab and then there was this big explosion."

"Oh my I'll tend to Nefer-Tina," Lyris limped over to where the other female was sitting at.

"Well if Scarab was destroyed in the explosion then there should be some evidence laying around and if he was destroyed then why are we still here?" Rath didn't like questions that he couldn't come up with the answers too.

"I don't know my friend, I don't know" Ja-Kal was seriously tired.

"Your brother is a hero Rath, he sacrificed himself for us, for the prince, for me." Nefer-Tina knew that the pain she felt wasn't going to leave her for quite some time. "Lets go home"


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