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Enter the Beefy Burger drive through... I mean episode section. Here is where you will Armon find our many journeys and travels that have been shown on the magic box. Speaking of which... I am getting hungry.

Gotta go find something to eat now... Oh, and bring me some Beefy Burgers the next time you stop by. - Armon

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Sleep Walk Like and Egyptian Sleep Walk
Like an Egyptian

Pack to the Future Pack to the Future

The Gift of Geb The Gift of Geb

Desert Chic
High Nuhn
Dead man walking
Goodbye Mr. Cheops
Body slam
Curse of Sekhmet
Dog bites Mummy
The Prince and the Presley
Egypt-su Kid
Face in the Mirror
Sleight of Hand
Missing Ja-Kal
Ghoul's Gold
Tempting offer
Loss of Face
Kid Scarab
Married to the Geb
Water, Water, everywhere
A dark and Skrieky night
Pepped up with Good Intentions
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Huxley
Monster Truck Madness
Eye of the Beholder
Tree O'Clock Rock
Object of His Desire
The Bird Mummy of Alcatraz
Honey, I Shrunk the Mummies
True Believer
Who's Who
My Dad the Hero
Family Feud-Part One-Brother's keeper
Family Feud-Part Two-New Mummy in Town
Family Feud-Part Three-The Heart's Arrow
We've Got One
Among Us-Compilation show
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