Mummies Alive!

Step into my gallery and be amazed, for displayed here are the many artworks done by me! Alright fine! So I can't draw! ::sighs::

Well anyways, I personally am not hosting any fan art on my page due to the limited space I have to work with and the large image archive that I am also currently maintaining as well.

But if you do have any fan art, please send them to my wonderful friend Mia over at The Tomb, who would be happy to receive and display them. Thanx!

- Anubis

*Also as a tribute, I would like to thank the Goddess Mia very much. It is because of her and her wonderful artwork and stories that inspired me to do my own drawings and fan fics. Thank you! You're the bestest friend that this Jackal God could have ever asked for. ~_^ *

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Pencil sketch of Anubis! The poster god for the 'Got Milk' campaign as my friend Mia put it! =^_^= I used the above drawing as a guide. Well tried to anyways.
Pencil sketch of Lyris holding her staff in one hand and that's supposed to be a fireball in the other.
Another pic of Lyris. Coloured this time. It was originally done for practice colouring using Photoshop 4.0, but I thought I'd put it up anyways.
DISCLAIMER: The layout for this page was inspired by Stargate SG-1: Unauthorized It was not intended to copy or resemble that site. Any similarities are purely accidental and coincidental especially after the discovery that I cannot draw or edit for beans. Mummies Alive! is the property and trademark of Dic Inc. and the producers of that show. The images on these pages were created by me for informational and display purposes without their knowledge or permission. It is hoped that I will not have to remove them. This site is here to provide information and to promote a great new cartoon, and is not intended to infringe on any copyrights.

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