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Welcome to Dave's Website. The focus of this page is the Zoom 505 guitar effects pedal. RealAudio files and a page describing the effects are currently up. In the future I hope to add to these pages and also put together a tutorial page for putting your own RealAudio files on your page. And please sign the guestbook, which can be found on the left panel of this page.

You can navigate my site by using side panel at the left, the area at the bottom of each page, or the area with page descriptions found directly below this section.

If you couldn't already tell, this page has realaudio clips of guitar effects by the Zoom 505 Guitar effects pedal. Each are made from a combination of effects, so the titles are inaccurate at this point.

This section lists, in table form, and gives a brief description of all of the effects available from the Zoom 505.

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