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Hi all and welcome to my ALFA WEB Page. I'm a novice at WEB pages, so don't expect too much , but I hope to improve at it as I learn.

My wife and I own an 86" ALFA ROMEO SPIDER VELOCE and I have been bitten by the ALFA bug.

I put this up in hopes of giving info on progress on work that I am doing on my ALFA spider.I also hope to get an exchange of info as well.

I do have one thing though , I like to do the work myself if I am capable. That is the satisfaction I get with "hands" on.

UPDATE : 6/25/2001

So, here it is in June and I was right , the car sits in the garage. Reason is that I have twins now and they are alot of work. But I hope to be on the road next year . That way I can get some work done on the car.

Here are some photos of my Spider.


This is our "fun car". It has always runs great and never broke down on me, i.e. left me stranded.


This shows some of the areas that need work.The edges around the head light, and spoiler.

Work Completed so far

Replaced the convertible top myself

Pulled the instrument cluster to fix a loose Tach.

Installed a stereo.

Pulled the radiator to re-core it

Rebuilt the altenator.

Change the "clutch slave cylinder". It looked easy in the repair manual but it took me a while to remove the old one. It is held it place with 2 snap rings around the cylinder, which rotated so I couldn't get at them. And it "froze" in place so I had to hammer it out. The manual does not mention which direction to "slide" the cylinder out or that you have to remove the rubber boot to get it out.

I live in Mass. Any one with info on working on Spiders can contact me. E-mail me at Thanks

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