The Professors Page
 Information contributed by Jason Simanowitz of KC, MO. The self-
described Professor of Polyspherical Knowledge. Questions for Jason should
be directed to
 As most of us Poly folks know, the bottom end of a
Poly 318 will swap with a LA 318. Now, Iím sure you and
others are curious about WHAT swaps and what
DOESNíT. Well, Iím happy to say that after spending
hours down at my local Plymouth dealer, I have an
OFFICAL list for yíall that Iíve compiled myself after
scouring pages upon pages of parts books and service
manuals. (whew)  (Go to the interchange section of the page for this
info) If anyone needs a dual quad intake, Iíd check
Hemmings Motor News. They were a performance item on
old Furys and itís rumored that some company in CA.
Makes Ďem, only out of aluminum. Although I also heard
they went out of business. By the way take a look at the
engine in the movie ďChristineĒ. Thatís right. Itís one of
ours! A dual quad Poly. DLI also makes new 9.5:1 pistons
for the Poly. (DLI address and phone info in Business Directory)
 Anyway, thatís all I have for now. Keep wrenchiní.
Sincerely, Professor Jason
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