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8 older Victor "head set" gasket sets
6 newer Victor "full engine" gasket sets

NOS 318 Poly head, new in crates, standard hore w/ pistons and rings (no cranks or rods) $250
NOS #2402116 cylinder heads fit 62-66 bare castings $100.  East Central Jersey Motor Parts  732-446-3738

Automatic transmission complete with parking brake assy. and shift linkage assy., number on case is 16144906E-3L-55
1 pr. Poly heads complete.  casting #1888768-2
Intake manifold (2bbl), casting #1610472-2
Dual point distributor, part #1626661
Carter 2bbl carb complete. Carter #0-962
Located in the northwest suburban Chicago area.  Will negotiate fair price or trade for 354 Hemi parts.  Would also trade complete engine (WE5581720) all original and fully assembled with all parts listed above for 354 Hemi engine.  Email if interested.

If you have parts that you want added just email me!

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