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    Greetings to all those out there that cherish the old poly head engines.  This is a endeavor that is dedicated to these engines, the 277, 301, and the most common 318.  This engine series has been called many things, mainly referring to the 318: the big block 318, the wide block, old style 318, poly 318.  Unfortunately many are unkind in their comments about the engine.
    Larry Shepherd author of, How to Hot Rod your Small-Block Mopar, said that "they had a lot of potential, they were never developed for racing.  Consequently high performance parts for old-style A engines are hard to find."  May be that is why we like this engine, because we have to work a little harder to find parts and do our work, it becomes special to us.
    I am a die-hard mopar fan and am of the belief that Chrysler never built a bad engine.  All of these engines are deserving of work and respect.  There are many bottom end parts that are interchangeable with the newer small blocks.  And the basic performance building tips are applicable to the poly series.  Plus there are the parts out there if you know where to look.
    That is the purpose of this association, I don't know that much about these engines myself and would like to know more, talk with those who have developed tricks and other items for these old engines.  It can become a source for information and exchange.  So if you are out there and you want to share your information about the poly engines, write back so we can get a flow going.  Or if you are a business that still sells products for these engines let us know so you can be listed in our directory of business' that still service products for the poly's.
    This can be a great service for those of us who are dedicated to the Poly-Head engine series.  Many have even called these engines baby-hemis, because they were originally developed from the old hemis.  So in a like vein may be there is someone out there that knows of tips and tricks for the old hemi that apply to the poly.  That is all for now, but if you are out there come on out of your garage and join us in our love for these old engines.  Share with us your knowledge so we can pass it on to other like ourselves.

Just a note, in the April 1999 Mopar Action there is an article on the new Chrysler 287 V8. Take a look at the picture of the cylinder heads, the caption calls them Semi-hemispherical, they then call it "state of the art combustion technology."  If you look closely at those heads the valve set up looks an awful lot like a poly combustion chamber, which is also called semi-hemi.  Could this be a case of Chysler looking back to build on the future.

Click on this Poly engine to see the  6 Bbl and 8 Bbl manifold setups for the Poly

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