California Buckeye

Wild Flowers of the Northern California Sierra Nevada

The following are species that can be located in Placer and Nevada Counties. Following the list is a section of links that are botany related, and may be of interest. This site is still under construction and will have complete scientific names, common name, and uses.

Plants and Other Botany related sites

Amaryllidaceae (Amaryllis)


Apocynaaceae (Dogbane)


Boraginaceae (Borage)


Caryophyllaceae (Pink)


Compositae (Sunflower)


Cornaceae (Dogwood)

Crassulaceae (Stonecrop)  

Crucifrerae (Mustard)


Ericaceae (Heath)

Hydrophyllaceae (Waterleaf) Labitae (Mint) Leguminoseae (Pea or Vetch)  

Liliaceae (Lily, Star Tulip)


Malvaceae (Mallow, Hollyhock)

Onagraceae (Evening Primrose) Orchidaceae (Orchid) Polemoniaceae (Phlox) Polygonaceae (Buckwheat)  

Portulaceae (Purslane)


Primulaceae (Primrose)


Pyrolaceae (Wintergreen)


Ranunculaceae (Buttercup)


Rosaceae (Rose)


Rubiaceae (madder)


Saxifragaceae (Saxifrage)


St. John's Wort


Scrophulariaceae (Figwort)


Solanaceae (Nightshade)


Umbelliferae (Carrot)

List compiled from U. S. Forest Service Handout - Tahoe National Forest
California Wildflowers - Orr & Orr
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March 21, 2000
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