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Links to Other Ecology Pages

Mendocino County Ecology Web

Links to Birds and Wildlife

Audubon Society- National

Biodiversity, Ecology, and the Environment - Virtual Library of over 800 conservation related links

Biodiversity and biological collection Web Server- Has searchable data bases in all fields Insect to mammals, biodiversity and forefront Cornell and Harvard

California Department of Fish and Game Endangered Species Lists - Listed according to Counties

Ducks at a Distance

Hummingbird Page - All about Hummingbirds, how to attract them, a photo gallery, species and their distribution. and much more

National Biological Service - Bird Monitoring in North America - Includes census information

NEODAT - Fish related information, databases

North American Geographical Birding Guide


Tools for learning about Birds

U. C. Davis - California Raptor Center

The Virtual Insectary - Located in VA , Dept. of Entomology but some species are here as well

Waterfowl Identification - Geared for the Central Fly Zone but can be relevant here as well


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Links to Government Agencies

Bureau of Land Management

California Department of Fish and Game Home Page

California Department of Fish and Game Natural Heritage Division

Natural Resources Conservation Service

U.S. Biological Service - Inventory and Monitoring

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

U. S Fish and Wildlife Service - Pacific Region

U. S. Forest Service Home Page

U. S. Forest Service - Tahoe National Forest

U. S. Geological Survey Home Page - Include links and information on geologic and soil databases

U. S. Soil Conservation Service - information on soils databases

Vice President Al Gore - Environmental Page - Includes a link to Rachel Carsens Page

The Why Files - Climatologist Toolbox



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Links to Photography and Virtual Tours

Adam's Fox Box

The Butterfly Web Site - Picture Galleries

California Hotsheet for Photographers - Includes tips for finding and photographing natural images such as wildflowers, wildlife, stars and more.

California Virtual Tourist - Links to many photographic sites

Images of the Northcoast - Photographs from Mendocino and Humbolt Counties

Incline Village Home Page - Almanac for the North Shore of Tahoe

Magical Moments by Randy Wang - Photographs and Poetry of many of the most beautiful places in West

Ron Schlorff's Wildlife Art Gallery - Beautiful pictures from around the world

Sierra Highways Tour Book - Covers all the central Sierra Towns

Tahoe City Home Page - Almanac for Tahoe's North Shore

Truckee Home page - Almanac for the Donner Pass Area

Vadim Aristov's Home Page - Photo gallery with aminals and scenery also scenic wallpaper to download

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Environmental Groups

Audubon Society- National

Audubon Society of the Eastern Sierra

California Native Plant Society

Defenders of Wildlife - Good information and photographs

Duster's Native American - Site with good Native American Links

Friends of the Rivers

National Wildlife Federation

Native America - Wonderful links to Native American site

Nature Conservancy

Northern California Nature Conservancy

Sierra Club of California

Sierra Club - National- Includes links to Chapters

Wilderness Society

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