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The geology of the Central Sierra Nevada foothills is famous for being the Heart of the Motherload Gold Country. We have close at hand, many state parks commemorating this event. Most have individual home sites, and the colorful history is available in the State Park List. There are still gold mines active in the region, such as The 16 to 1 Mine, and mining claims have been issued through the government. The Idaho Maryland Mine is currently being reopened and being examined for economic potential. Panning for gold has long been a favorite pastime of residents and visitors alike.

The hydrology of the area is significant due to the water resources in the area. Lake Tahoe is the most famous of the lakes, but some of the other lakes include Folsom, Rollins, Scotts Flat, Donner and Eagle Lakes, to name a few. Major rivers in the area are the American (famous for it's white-water rafting), the Bear, South Fork of the Yuba, and Truckee Rivers.


California's Geology

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