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2 Apr 2004 - The new To-do list for "FreeDOS 1.0" is under discussion. See the (still unofficial) To-do list.

7 Feb 2004 - Steve Nickolas has posted ODIN 0.6, a slimmed down One-Disk FreeDOS Distribution. See for primary ODIN site. Also available at at ibiblio and at

5 Feb 2004 - Bernd Blaauw has released the FreeDOS Beta9 pre-release4 distribution. Get it at ibiblio. (If you want only the binaries, as an alternative, download the binary zip package from ibiblio [1.2MB])

Warning: ASUS motherboards and FreeDOS! ASUS motherboards which contain FreeDOS for their CrashFreeBIOS function sometimes ship with an incomplete FreeDOS installer on the CD-ROM. Do not try to install FreeDOS with it - and be careful when rebooting your system with the disc in the drive. Use the CD-ROM only for BIOS flashing as intended. Otherwise you could render your system unbootable. See also Technote211.

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Edit 0.81 Released!
posted on 28/Apr/04.
Here's a small update of Edit...some new features, bug fixes, etc... Nothing special, but I would definitely recommend downloading it. Oh, and you can get it here.

Edit 0.8 Released!
posted on 17/Apr/04.
Ok kiddies, I've got some new stuff for ya...come on, all your friends are doing it. You know what I'm talking about. It's the new version of FreeDOS Edit, version 0.8!!! This one is jam packed with new features, bug fixes (including the nasty tabs to circles bug -- thanks to Daniel Nagy for the bug fix), and much more. The super hot download link is here.

Move 2.1 Released!
posted on 01/Apr/03.
OK...I think I got it this time...Move 2.1 is out, which fixes all the bugs I'm currently aware of, also allows you to use the Move command to rename files. The only functionality currently not available is the ability to move subdirectories. The download is here.

New Search Utility
posted on 01/Apr/03.
I was looking at some old programs I wrote, and I thought everyone might benefit by this, it's a file search utility. This is one of my earliest C programs (updated over time). You can download it here.

Edit 0.6!!!
posted on 29/Nov/02.
With lots of hard work from myself, Eric Auer, and Jeremy Davis, Edit 0.6 is out and ready to be downloaded. Now, it doesn't crash as much, looks better, and has a little more functionality. Look for more updates coming in the near future.

New, improved Move command
posted on 10/May/02.
I've re-written the Move command, with some help from Rene, this fixes many of the bugs found in the previous version of Move. The only thing that isn't incorporated yet is moving directories and subdirectories. You can download it here.

Final version of HTML Help available
posted on 10/Dec/01.
OK. My last version of HTML Help is available. All the bugs are out, it's been exhaustively tested, so if you have a problem, it's you, not the program. Anyways, you can download it here.

New ScanDisk available
posted on 07/Nov/00.
OK kiddies...I've got a treat for ya...ScanDisk 0.5! That's right, settle down. In this version comes a lot of updates, bug fixes, and added user-bility. If you want to take a look at it, then download it.

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