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WebbyAwards.gif (3265 bytes) This is your gateway to the Webby Awards event that took place on March 6th, 1997.
An event that nominates the best of the web in 15 different categories and pick the 'Best Of The Web'.

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         FREESTATS is a statistics program that you can use on any of your web pages. FREESTATS will do MUCH MORE than most of the other counter/stats services out there. For instance, in addition to telling you how many hits your page gets it will tell you how many unique visitors your page gets each day and month, and show you who they were. It will tell you your pages most hits and unique visitors in a single day. It will tell you what countries your visitors come from and break the countries down showing you how many hits and visitors each country brought to your web site for each day. It will even tell you where your visitors are coming from!!!
        FREESTATS is ideal for those wanting to know who is accessing their web site, and where they are coming from. No more guessing as to how many hits, visitors, countries, etc are visiting your web site. It's all here now! And best of all IT'S FREE

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