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Awards time is here. No, it's not the "Oscar" , "Grammy" or the "Emmy" awards. It's the awards for the World Wide Web where they choose the 'best of the best' of the Internet. It's the "Webby Awards". And here are the nominees and winners which are catogarized into 15 categories.

  • Art/Design


    You Don't Know Jack

    Gamers never knew they needed a hip, funny, addictive trivia CD-ROM game until Berkeley Systems' You Don't Know Jack taught them otherwise. Now the same people bring this extraordinary experience to the Web. You do have to download some software, but thereafter you're completely immersed in the action-no browser in sight. The show host keeps up a steady stream of irreverent commentary, interrupted only by occasional, brief, tolerable ads. Choose from several hilarious categories relating to all facets of pop culture. And yes, it's all free, with regular updates. Gamers may compete for cash and prizes, either daily or monthly. Requires Windows 95 and a 28.8 modem, but what doesn't these days?
    Macromedia Shockwave Center It's the epicenter of Shockwave activity, but why no other earthquake jokes or puns? Grab the Shockwave plug-in here (it's big); then check out to hundreds of "shocked" sites.
    Happy Puppy Don't let the name fool you: This is the premier site for CD-ROM games and online gaming. While it ain't pretty, it goes way beyond the standard fare of reviews, game cheats, and downloads. You can read columns, articles, news, and FAQs, and download screen savers to your hard disk. Plus, the supplied can take you to all kinds of games-related sites.
    Gamespot One of two or three major sites for all CD-ROM game-related needs. You can search for reviews based on category (action, puzzle, sim), read about the latest hardware (speakers, sound cards, and so on), print some walkthroughs, and enter sweepstakes. The hip looks good, but it's tough to read the fonts at times.
    Games Domain One word: vast. Many games sites offer commentary and downloadable files but you have to dig down deep to find the good old postings. Games Domain displays exactly how often it's updated, and you can visit prior postings in any category, including news, previews, reviews, downloads, freebies, game FAQs, magazines, patches, programming info, and links. A handy index and search vehicle help you sift through everything.
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