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Here's more of the software downloads. You can download virtually any kind of software to your hearts contend.

New4.gif (26624 bytes)Freeware for Windows & Dos

Bullet05.gif (658 bytes)The 32 Bit Software Archive

Bullet04.gif (715 bytes)Shareware Shop - Thousands of Shareware- Game.

Bullet05.gif (658 bytes)File Mine -- Dig Our Downloads of Shareware- .

Bullet04.gif (715 bytes)FilePile - Over 1,000,000 FREE Files!

Bullet05.gif (658 bytes)NONAGS- You'll find freeware and shareware that doesn't use the annoying nag screen.

Bullet04.gif (715 bytes)Shareware Junkies -A1 Shareware Evaluations

Bullet05.gif (658 bytes) 32-bit Shareware Collection

Bullet04.gif (715 bytes)Software Library

Bullet05.gif (658 bytes)The Shareware Stockpile

Bullet04.gif (715 bytes) Jumbo

Bullet05.gif (658 bytes) Moonboot Page

Bullet04.gif (715 bytes) Galt Shareware Zone  - GaltSharewareButton.gif (4475 bytes)

Exec-PC's World File Project-Over 1,000,000 Files
Jumbo!-Shareware and Freeware-Good For Beginners
Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps List
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software (Tucows)
Galt Shareware Zone
Comprehensive List of Freeware and Shareware Sites
ZD Net Software Library
Steve's Software Guide-Includes Top 5
SoftSEA Programs Center
The Shareware Shop
Nerd's Heaven: The Software Directory Directory
Pass The Shareware Please
Freeware for Windows
Graham's Sensational Software Sources
Tudogs-Free Software, Graphics and Services
Distributers of Shareware-Lots of Links
The Best Free Internet Software
The Shareware Author Index (SAX)-Search for shareware authors and programs to find their home pages.
ABC Software's Global Download System
Mega 16-bit Freeware List
Black Puddle Freeware
The Software Shak-Demos of Commercial Products
Ace's Links to Free Stuff-Some Shareware Included
Free Software Union
The Software Site-Games From Many Authors
King Link & Games
SpeedBump's Free Stuff-Collection of Free Software For Web Development
List of Freeware and Shareware
Free Software!-Lots Of Stuff For Programming and Freeware OSs
The Black Hole In Cyberspace
Archives-Links To Other Freeware Sources

Free Software by The Father of Shareware

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