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Awards time is here. No, it's not the "Oscar" , "Grammy" or the "Emmy" awards. It's the awards for the World Wide Web where they choose the 'best of the best' of the Internet. It's the "Webby Awards". And here are the nominees and winners which are catogarized into 15 categories.

  • Art/Design
  • SEX


    Bianca's Smut Shack

    Popular and well-known, this site looks like a map to a virtual Barbie dollhouse. But you can find everything from film info to flower advice; each room has its own agenda. We also like all the opportunities to chat about your experiences. The recent addition of a basement allows underground sex interests (like fetishes) to flourish. Throughout, there's an open, supportive tone, encouraging honest discussion of things like the daily dump, menstrual flow, and the humorous yet poignant "how has acne affected your life?"
    The Safer Sex Pages Online sex is as safe as it gets, but you can never be too safe. Here are the facts, from a downloadable "how to put on a condom" video to a guide outlining how to make your kid AIDS-proof, with all sexual persuasions and perversions covered. Download a QuickTime film of Rosie the Riveter Goes to the Rubber Factory from the '40s, and see how America was made safe back then.
    Persian Kitty's Adult Links Your first sex bookmark should point here. One of the best megalists of sex links, it's alphabetized with one-sentence descriptions, so you can dive (so to speak) right into Asian Acorns, Maidenjuice, or The Shitter, among hundreds of others. Persian Kitty gets a big paws up.
    Spewww The name suggests some sort of massive orgasmic eruption, but Spewww tickles your funny bone more than your pelvic bone. It's an online variety magazine of humor and sex, with top-notch writing, interactive games, and yes, naked chicks. The writing includes "bad porn story of the day," as well as hysterical "third-world food reviews" (including the very ill-conceived French "choco doudou") and general commentaries that veer from sexuality altogether. In the diversions section, you can play Boob Concentration or click for new blue jokes. And photo fans can browse through a modest selection of Asian and American women-with more shots available for those who subscribe to the AVS verification system. Good clean porno fun.
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