Hello! Welcome to this web site of ours. You are most welcome to look around and get to know what we have here that are of interest to you and your company. This web site has things related to "Polishing". We are in the business of providing service to the electroplating  industry such as polishing, buffing & quality gold plating.

Our Mission

We have been in the business of polishing, buffing & quality gold plating for the past 16 years and we have vast experience in this line. Our clientele stretches from the smallest to the largest of firms in Malaysia. We have been excellent in undertaking jobs small or large and are prompt in delivery of consignments.

Company Profile

Our company V-Sing Metal Finishing has been providing service to our clients to the best of our capabilities and also to their satisfaction. We are flexible in our dealings. We always strife to be the best and will continue to do so. At V-Sing Metal Finishing, we believe that above all else, quality, dependability and quick reliable service are the most important part of our business.

V-Sing Metal Finishing is committed to being a leader in the metal finishing industry. We will continue to invest in plant, equipment, personnel, and training to insure our future growth and the ability to meet our customers' demands. Through teamwork and attention to detail, we give our customers high quality products  with service being our most important goal of all.


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General Information: samliew@tm.net.my

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Webmaster: samliew@tm.net.my

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