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These sites cater to the parents caring for chidren. Indeed parenting is a tough proposition. It takes all your time, energy, and having sleepless nights. Here are tips and information on bringin up your children and a lot more.

Bullet01.gif (986 bytes) Home Page for The WonderWise Parent

Bullet02.gif (976 bytes) KidSource OnLine Welcome Page

Bullet03.gif (976 bytes) The Parenting Community PARENTS PLACE.COM-

Bullet02.gif (976 bytes) ParentdoodWeb - This site has a wide array of topics on everything  you need to know about parenting.                                                   It's a nice site.

Bullet03.gif (976 bytes) Attachment Parenting - Attachment parenting involves creating a  strong bond between mother/father                                                               and the child.

Bullet02.gif (976 bytes) Common Sense Parenting - Common Sense Parenting® is just that—solid, practical common sense steps you can learn to help you be the best parent possible. Kids don’t come with a user’s manual, but Common Sense Parenting® is as close as you can get.

Bullet03.gif (976 bytes) Children & YouthThis site is a links page to children, youth and parenting resources - clearinghouses - directories - educational resources - health and medicine - organizations, parenting resources, policy and research, programs and strategies, risk/resiliency and protective factors and research - statistics - suicide prevention - teen pregnancy - advocacy -- information and resources for youth, parents, citizens, policymakers, media, volunteers and mentors, community leaders, businesses, educators, religious leaders, children's advocates, service providers. Well, what more can you ask for. This is a great site with everything thrown in.


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