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These links which I have encountered while on the web. They looked interesting to me so I've added them here. They are general in nature and does not confirm to any categories now. When I have looked through them again, then only will I categorized them for easier reference. Feel free to browse through and I will add more to the list when I have found more interesting sites during my regular journey through the web. The updates will be very frequent so do come back. Please link to this page for faster reference.

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User Tips For FrontPage - FrontPage 98 News & Tips.
Top 100 Warez Sitez - The name says it all.
Ray Ron's Free Stuff - Come in and see what you can get for free here.
new1.gif (1012 bytes)new1.gif (1012 bytes)Ye Olde English Sayings - Do you know what the origin of certain words and sayings? Then go to this page and you'll know. Lots of other stuffs on the English Language too.
new1.gif (1012 bytes)new1.gif (1012 bytes)Ha! Ha! Ha! That's some funny shit. Tons of dirty jokes. It is a place where people can laugh at stuff that is funny and not worry about being persecuted for it.
SoloTech's Resources for Internet Novices - The Best Animated GIF Site on the Web!
new1.gif (1012 bytes)  Free & Cool  
new1.gif (1012 bytes)  Romance 101 Title Page
new1.gif (1012 bytes)  The Button Maker Duo
Free Animated Electronic Greeting Card - Can have personalized poems or greetings included. Great way to send greetings to friends and families  without the hassle of writing and posting a real card. Try it and make someone happy.     mailputer.gif (15369 bytes)
Need help on your computer problems, just any problems? Why don't ask the experts for free. These expert will try to solve any problems you encounter. They're the (13030 bytes)
The Biggest List of HUMOR SITES On the Web - Wow! What a huge site. It could drown you in links(literally, that is). Whatever jokes you fancy you can find it here. Could take forever to see every one of it.
The Thinking Man's Minefield - The title speaks for itself. Lots of contents on Wisdom.
Focus-Asia - A free web hosting service in Asia based in Singapore.
Sarawak Alive - Another free web hosting in Asia based in Sarawak, Malaysia.
new1.gif (1012 bytes)Free Internet Services - Lots of sites where you can get free home pages on the web, email, guestbook and counters.
Bruce Neufeld's Home on the Internet
Chinese Collection
Computer Graphics
Homepage Koos van den Hout v2
Stanley Chinese Sites
The HUGE List
Tor's Game Page
Abstract Design Studio! Free homepage graphics!
Add your home to our Random chain !
Four Corner's FREE Banner Designers
Link to WhoWhere-
LinkMonster Add URL
World Wide Web Sites
Zenations Banner Creation Service
Silicon Internet

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