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Man - slow, slovenly, brilliantly. Computer - fast, accurate, stupid.

Welcome to my links to others Personal Home Pages page(Friends on the Internet). This page consist of links to home pages which I consider a great source of ideas and interest.

Name of Site Descriptions


CHOMP is here to provide for you the best listing of links, jokes, computer tips, and more. This site will always be improving to bring you the best quality links.
June Sarmiento's Page Great site. A lot of variety here and lots of quotes and words of wisdom.
Mark A. Fiorentino's Web Corner - A Page from Malta A link to Malta.It is a very popular Maltese page, and includes some information about Mark, the village where he lives, interesting information, and a collection of useful(??) links to other web sites. So if you're looking for information about Malta, you've stopped at the right place !!
Fun House Come in and have a look!
Jeffrey's Homepage Jeffrey is from Singapore. He has some Singapore sites worth visiting. I especially like the Virtual Science Centre.
Dennis' Home Page A home page from the 'Land of Hornbills', Sarawak, Malaysia. Have some details about Sarawak and Malaysia and a lot of links to various sites. Should have something for everyone.
Virtual Borneo A great site about Borneo and a lot of other things of interest. Have some great paintings and art by the webmaster himself. Also alot of links to fantastic sites depicting art especially Chinese Art.

Hope you enjoyed your visit here. Let me know what you think about my page. If you want your home page to be linked here, please email me. After going thru your homepage I will list it here and the only thing you have to do is to put my link in your homepage. Easy, isn't it?..

If you find any broken links please let me know so that I can fix the links.


This page was created on 1st Sept 1997 and last updated on


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