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There are so much free stuff on the Web and graphics are some of them. Feel free to try them out . Backgrounds, bars, buttons, bullets, GIF files, and animated clip art, they are all here. Copyrights and restrictions may apply, so you need to be careful when displaying such graphics without permission from the original graphic's designer. Often, designers only ask that you give them credit for their work.


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Making Animated Gif's - How to make Gif animations on the WWW. A site by Royal Frazier. Very concise and filled with a lot of information about gif's.

Color Maker & Background - ColorMaker makes it easy to create colorful web pages without having to bother with confusing hexadecimal numbers. For instructions on using ColorMaker, see the tutorial. For links to other web pages that are relevant to color design, see the resources page.

         DebbysLogo.gif (11394 bytes) Debby's Gif Animation Page

         animationsforwebsite.gif (6274 bytes)    Animations & Graphics For Your Website

            clipartconnection.gif (619 bytes)        The Clip Art Connection

         aaa_link.gif (3487 bytes)       Andy's Art Attack    

         freegraf.gif (974 bytes)        The Free Graphics

                                                  Yahoo Image Surfer

The Cyber 411 Search Engine

Cyber 411 provides you with the ability to use several of the top Search Engines simutaneously! Yes! All at the same time with the results summerized in one easy listing. While not specifically designed for clip art, it can be used quite successfully for that purpose. But ... PLEASE DON'T EXPECT MIRACLES. Cyber 411 is NOT a method for finding SPECIFIC images. Use the FTP search engines for that purpose. Cyber 411 is best (with regard to images) at narrowing down those sites containing imagery.

Try using a word associated with the theme you are seeking plus the word: clipart. For example, let's say you were looking for clipart related to religion. You might use keywords something like: religious clipart

Give it a try - Cyber 411 is a pretty nifty tool! Also try it for other than clipart searches. For additional info, just click the Help button.

Search For:

FTP Image/File Searchs

Please ... If you find a particularly good FTP site for imagery, please let me know so we can share that valuable information with other visitors. Remember, next time, YOU could be one of the "others" who would benefit from someone else's thoughtfulness. Click Here - to let me know about that great find. MANY THANKS!!

Filez Search 1000s of servers and over 75 million entries for any file! Just type a file name or partial name. While Filez has been particularly useful to me in locating image files, it works equally well for ANY type of file that resides on an ftp server. (Now you know the "secret" of how *I* find images.) :-)

Filez Filez - #1 File Search Engine With Over 75 million Filez!
Search  For 

FTP search'95 Web-based Archie search of anonymous FTP sites. Works similar to Filez above. Has also been quite helpful to me.


Another SUPER resource ...

WebPlaces Clip Art Searcher

Also Visit netsearchbutton.gif (521 bytes) For The Most Complete Way to Search The Internet.


jewelink.gif (14363 bytes) This is one page of real "Jewel" you can find on the web. It's an interesting site worth coming back for more visits. You can copy any graphics as you like, it's   free. The only thing  you have to do is to put a link back to the page. Well!..What are you waiting for.............

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This page was created on 1st Sept 1997 and last updated on 12/10/97


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