I am a race freak. Really! I love any kind of racing. NASCAR, NHRA, World of Outlaws, whatever. I've been interested in NHRA Drag Racing my whole life, and I mean that literally! I lived right up the street from Maple Grove Raceway near Reading PA for years, and now I work there.  Check out my pictures from the 1997 Keystone Nationals!

On July 23, I went to the Invasion of NASCAR in York PA with my best friend and my younger brother. It was AWESOME! When we got there all the tickets for the autographs were gone. We were all depressed, but we decided to watch the driver introductions anyway. Bill Elliot got there first, and we got some great pictures of him. Right after he left, it started to POUR. Then Jeremy Mayfield and Brett Bodine got there. We were so close, and despite the rain we got some more pictures. We went around the side of the stage and shook Jeremy's hand! I just about DIED. Anyway, we were all ready to leave when we overheard someone say that they were getting in the back of the line for autographs just in case. So we got in line, and waited and waited and waited. It was almost 2 hours. He was only supposed to stay until 7, but he just kept signing. He signed something for everyone in line, even the people without tickets. Everyone who wanted a signature and was on time got an autograph. I got my scrapbook signed. What a great guy! Here are three pictures I took of him, his signature on my scrapbook, pictures of Bill Elliot and Brett Bodine, and a hood shot of the Mobil 1 Taurus.  

The photo above was taken at Dover during one
of the cautions by my friend Mahret.

In the last couple of years I've gotten interested in NASCAR. Now I'm obsessed. I have been known to sneak walkmans into physics class to listen to postponed races! Sorry Mr. Jewson. On June 1st, 1997, I attended the Miller 500 (my first NASCAR race!) at Dover Downs. That was the last 500 mile race there. I absolutely loved it, especially since my favorite driver, Jeremy Mayfield, earned his best finish of the 1997 season there. This looks to be a great season for the #12 team. My parents are very relieved, because good luck for the #12 car means that the TV remotes last longer. I have developed a nasty habit of throwing them when I get angry during a race. We went to the race this year also, on May 31st. It was awesome, once again. Our seats weren't nearly as good, but it was still fun. The pictures aren't that great, but I might put up a couple anyway.

As I mentioned, I am a huge fan of Jeremy Mayfield.  I have been for a couple of years now, and it's great to see him having a great season, finally!  So you can imagine how much I adore these pictures.  Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for them. My mom's friend Sherry Riegel took them for me at on her trip to Charlotte.  I am so jealous!  :)
The first picture was taken at the Penske-Kranefuss shop.  The second was taken at the Coca-Cola 600.  

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