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08/15/99 09:13:06
Name: Girls of ICQ My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Website de Nice. Merci pour me laisser signer votre guestbook

Shela Send mail to Shela Visit Shela  registered time 20/7/99 9:22 AM
comments You have a very cool page. I really enjoyed my visit. Keep up the wonderful work. Bye.

jeff Send mail to jeff  registered time 10/1/99 9:28 PM
comments This is cool but how can I get a page of my own.

Dee Send mail to Dee  registered time 3/1/99 6:51 PM
comments new to racecome and surfing all the site's

John B. Send mail to John B. Visit John B.  registered time 19/12/98 2:32 PM
comments I'm taking this time to wish all the supporters of my "Play it Safe in Cyberspace" site a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May God shower His Blessings upon you and yours. Thank you for your continued support! Warmest Regards, John B.

Jim Send mail to Jim Visit Jim  registered time 29/11/98 7:26 AM
comments Great site! I to am a Hot sauce nut. I even need it on my eggs in the morning! However, Dave's sauce is so damn hot it should be illegal! LOL
Thanks for the hot sauce links!

Keep up the great work!

Beth Angstadt Send mail to Beth Angstadt Visit Beth Angstadt  registered time 19/11/98 4:11 AM
comments Kira you are wacked.... love the hot tamale, see ya around...maybe during turkey day break, having a blast at college... always, beth

Andy Daugherty E-mail Andy Daugherty  registered time 6/11/98 12:35 PM
comments Did someone say crescent fresh?

Jeni Visit Jeni  registered time 9/10/98 2:37 PM
comments Cool graphics, Mookie!

Tammy E-mail Tammy Visit Tammy registered time 15/9/98 8:23 AM
comments Love your Page ! Dodger is so cute, and has a very nice web page also, he has a very nice person there.

Gary E-mail Gary Visit Gary registered time 11/9/98 11:57 PM
comments Hey Kira, Great job! Keep up the good work. It's nice to know who the other RaceCommers are besides just a name. Hope you and BNJ have a good time at the races. It will be a lot of fun. Gary

BethNASCARJUNKIE E-mail BethNASCARJUNKIE registered time 29/8/98 5:02 PM
comments Hello Kira! Decided to check out your web page again and all I can say is WOW!! You have a great site here. Maybe you can give me some advice on mine. I'm looking forward to us getting together soon and meeting for the first time. Study hard OK! :-) Your RaceComm friend. "BNJ"

Bethnascarjunkie registered time 9/8/98 6:08 PM
comments Hey #12fan----I'm here checking out the hot chili sight. Looks great! Hope you win!! You go girl!!

panda2015 E-mail panda2015 registered time 9/8/98 4:02 PM
comments I am Brian Speicher's daughter. He showed me your page. Just thought I'd say hello so.... Hello Shana

Racegramps E-mail Racegramps registered time 9/8/98 5:16 PM
comments You got my Vote, I'm from deep in the heart of New Jersey, Home of Mookie Wilson the Greatest player ever on the New York Mets.

Matt Lindberg E-mail Matt Lindberg Visit Matt Lindberg registered time 20/7/98 3:02 PM
comments This is a really cool page Kira! I looked up your profile and then I checked out your racing page, very cool!

derek E-mail derek Visit derek registered time 12/7/98 3:43 AM
comments hey.. and stuff... way back a long time ago i use to have this geocities address.. i've had about five or six.. but i recently remembered about this one, and thought "hey, i'll go see who has my first geocities address".. yeap.. i'm here.. and i'm excited you love pez too, man.. totally cool.. i have a 60+ plus collection myself.. i think i'm up to 68.. but all the stores i'm going to are running out of new ones.. i haven't gone into buying the old ones you know? they're like $200.. i think all mine were $1.29 :) but still.. i should hit 70 soon.. how about you? how many do you have now? well cool and stuff.. be sure to check my page out.. and maybe i'll get a picture of my collection to put up on there soon.. :) adios

KEVIN & SONJA'S STOCK CAR RACING NEWS Visit KEVIN & SONJA registered time 2/7/98 2:02 AM
comments pretty cool webpage, liked the picture on the first page.

RaceMom E-mail RaceMom registered time 27/6/98 3:41 PM
comments Kira: This is a great site. You have done a heck of a job here! I can't believe that you are only 18. You are a smart girl! I hope you enjoy college. My hubby says that you are a girl after his own heart with the hot sauce stuff! My aunt grows those peppers that you can't grow. She is good at stuff like that. I'll email you some. See you at Racecomm! Great site! Your too cool!

John B. E-mail John B. Visit John B. registered time 23/6/98 4:04 PM
comments Hello Mookie. Just visiting some of my supporters' sites and saying hello. Well..HELLO! And CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation! Good Luck and Best Wishes at Wake Forrest University. You're on your way kiddo. :) And also, thanks for your continued support. God Bless. Warmest Regards, John B.

klumsyboy E-mail klumsyboy Visit klumsyboy registered time 15/6/98 3:56 PM
comments Loved your page

lauren rongo Send mail to lauren rongo Visit lauren rongo registered time 24/5/98 2:28 PM
comments hello-nice site-thanks

Mahret/Cheyenne Send mail to Mahret/Cheyenne Visit Mahret/Cheyenne registered time 22/5/98 11:29 PM
comments hmm... bordom + me = WATCH OUT GUESTBOOKS!!!! Oh well. You've done a great job on the page without my help! Keep up the good work!!!!

Elle Send mail to Elle Visit Elle registered time 18/5/98 10:04 PM
comments Hello!

Tammy Send mail to Tammy Visit Tammy registered time 17/4/98 8:56 AM
comments I liked your page go to mine and sign my book

Mookie Send mail to Mookie Visit Mookie registered time 16/4/98 5:29 PM
comments I am a mookie too. That's it....

Mike Olson Send mail to Mike Olson Visit Mike Olson registered time 5/4/98 11:18 AM
comments Great Web Site!!! Email Me. Mike

Kira Send mail to Kira Visit Kira registered time 26/3/98 9:26 PM
comments This is my page. Just checking to see if this is fixed.

ECARTMEN75 Send mail to ECARTMEN75 Visit ECARTMEN75 registered time 21/3/98 9:02 PM

Name Send mail to Name Visit Name registered time 5/3/98 11:45 PM
comments Hello Kira, Thank you so much sweetheart for linking my site. I am very grateful to you for your help. God Bless! Warmest Regards, John B.

Name Send mail to Name Visit Name registered time 1/2/98 11:02 AM
comments Cool deal on your site. Lots of cool things in it. I have certainly enjoyed my vist. Thanks and keep up the good work on it.

Please Come and Visit!!!!

Name Send mail to Name Visit Name registered time 28/2/98 4:02 PM
comments kewl page! come see mine!

Name Send mail to Name Visit Name registered time 27/2/98 9:41 PM
comments Great page!! Keep up the good work! Thanks for signing my guestbook!!

Sara Chrysler - 02/13/98 00:37:18
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/sc/jtt11/index.html
My Email:schrysler@locl.net

I collect PEZ dispensers too. I have 57 of them.

Cheyenne Send mail to Cheyenne Visit Cheyenne registered time 31/1/98 7:54 PM
comments *skips in writes 'I was here' on the wall and skips out*

Kira Lewis Send mail to Kira Lewis Visit Kira Lewis registered time 31/1/98 7:48 PM
comments This is my page. I'm just testing out the new guestbook. Thanks for signing, and I hope you enjoy my page!

M.C. Send mail to M.C. Visit M.C. registered time 31/1/98 4:54 PM

Jenny Send mail to Jenny Visit Jenny registered time 29/11/97 8:37 P.M.
comment Created by Jenny 1997.

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