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Welcome to Mookie's Country!

I love country music. Well, obviously, right? I mean, here's a whole page dedicated just to it. Actually, I'm a relatively new convert. But ever since last fall, I've been addicted. Recently I saw Kenny Chesney, Neal McCoy, and Diamond Rio at a country music festival in Lancaster PA. I have some good pictures. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM! Here's some information on my favorite singers.

Deana Carter is my favorite female country singer. Her multi-platinum debut album, Did I Shave my Legs for This is fantastic. It was the first country CD I ever bought, and just look what's happened since! I adore "Strawberry Wine" and "We Danced Anyway," and I don't think there's a bad song on the whole CD. When I was in Europe this past spring, I listened to this CD every day for 8 days straights on the tour bus and I never got sick of it. For me and my short attention span, that's an amazing feat. Her new CD just came out, but I'm afraid I haven't been able to get it yet. My shoestring college-student budget has pretty much eliminated all my cash for CD's. However, I'm supposed to get it for Christmas, so I'll let you know about it ASAP.
Bryan White is my favorite male country singer. I bought the CD Between Now and Forever pretty much blind, or maybe I should say deaf. My friend recommended it, and I have thanked her many times. Since then I bought his first CD, Bryan White, which is also fantastic. His newest CD, The Right Place, came out last year. How could it be anything but good? I, along with all of his other fans, am anxiously awaiting his next album, which is due out sometime in early '99. Check out Bryan in this too- short (6 seconds) wav file of "Look at Me Now" from Bryan White.

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