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Mo Fo Yo Bucks - Spooky   12/28/99 09:41 PM
I've been adding here and there on the site. I added some strategies, downloads, and have added more to the side bars as you can see. Also, added the cool new toolbar to the left
<----------------- cool new toolbar.
Yes, I see you jumping in your seat. A cool new toolbar. 

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Cheat Codes Added

You Build It They Will Come - Spooky   12/27/99 02:08 AM
It's pretty early in the morning and I've been updating all day! I think I'm going to grab some munchies and hit the sack.
I added a new cool interface, similar to the last but spiffed up. I also, added links to the side ---------------------------->
Which may be helpful in your quest for better gaming. By the way none of those gaming sites are paying me. So I put them there because I thought they were useful and good. Well, I'm going to bed because I'm spent. No news updates but later on today there will be some.
Updates Galore (and the villagers rejoice) - Spooky  12/26/99 08:53 PM
I have posting updates left and right! Added some downloads, news, pictures, and 2 new strategies.

Latest News Updates
AOK Battelfield Scenario Design Contest!
AOE  II Crowned Best-Selling PC Game
Two New AOK Strategy Guides Realeased on the Web!

Fighters Union Open! - Spooky  12/25/99 07:53 PM
Welcome to the Fighter's Union. This site is mainly for Age of Empires II : Age of Kings and Quake III : Arena. So Enjoy. There will be more updates along the way. Once the page is going there will be more to say see ya'.

easily the best come look!




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