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Have you ever watched an episode of Dawson's Creek and thought, "I can write better than that!" Well, here you go. If you have written any sort of fan fiction about Dawson's Creek, send it to me. IMPORTANT!: There's only one rule about sending me fan fiction: don't send it as an attachment. Hotmail screws attachments up, and then I can't read them. If you have this dire need to send me your story as an attached file, send it to this address, and please make sure it's a .txt file or a .doc file. That will make it much easier for me to read.

Remember, none of these stories or the characters in them belong to me. The stories belong to the authors, and the characters belong to Kevin Williamson and the WB.

Rina Stewart (

        "Something to Talk About"

Michael J. Pfeffer (

        "In Good Standing"

Courtney (


        "Close Encounters"

        "Fools Rush In"

        "Saturday Night Fever"

        "About Last Night"

        "The Lost Boys"

        "The Big Chill"

Marc Belanger (

        "True Romance"

        "Addicted to Love"

Trisha Harper (

        "Dreams Do Come True"

Lady (Lady

        "But I Thought..."

        "Dreaming of You"

        "Because You Loved Me"

        "Hopelessly Devoted To You"

        "As Long As You Love Me"

Sarah Lubin (

        "Slipping Away"

Jessica (no email given)

        "The Edge"

Taygeta (

        "Capeside: The Hellmouth"

        "Beyond the Creek"


        "The Summer After"

Elizabeth (

        "16 Candles"

        "Homeward Bound"

        "Party Girl"

        "Reality Bites"

Theresa (

        "By The Moonlight"


        "Just the Two of Us"

        "Love and Death"


Chloe (




Stephanie (

        "Disturbing Behavior"

Lisa (

        "Only the Strong"

Terri Roberts (

        "Sleep is Sweeter"

Jennifer (

        "The Arrival"

If you are the author of either of these stories, please e-mail me so I can give you credit.


        "Love is in the Air"

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