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12/05/03 I've been bad, I admit it. I haven't touched this in ages and I haven't started any pages for Riverside CA, Coral Springs FL or Honolulu, HI. Yes, I finally made it to Hawaii!!! So I will hopefully be uploading pictures any day now. Making plans for my next assignment, so keep your fingers crossed for some place warm.

8/25/02 I'm in Portland, Oregon right now, getting ready to go to southern California. So when next you hear from me, I'll be working on my tan (yeah right)

5/25/02Ya'tehe! (Please forgive the spelling) I'm in Gallup, New Mexico right now and getting ready to move to Portland, Oregon. So get ready for another lag until I do anything!

Gallup has been fun and a true education. I've been learning how to bead, thanks to my friend, PZ, at work. I've also been to the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, and White Sands. Also visited Roswell and found out my grandfather's confirmation name was Anthony. Neat, huh?

Well, that's it for now!

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