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Pikachu on the left...Hiya from the Cuzzy!! ...And Pikachu on the right!!

You've found the (Adequately) Awesome PokéCenter! This is the place where all of my Pokémon stuff can be found. I'm constantly updating this site, so check back often to see more Cool Beans pokémon stuff!!

Pikachu does the wave!!

Okay, so the look for this site is basic HTML... but the content makes up for it!! That's why this site is called the "(Adequately) Awesome PokéCenter"... This site has a little bit of everything a Pokémon fan would like on a web page. I have pictures of the pokémon, sound bites and screen captures from the TV show, and a few other nice treats for you!!

PokeBalls all in a row

Brock, Misty, Ash, and Pikachu
Ash: "Wow! Did you guys hear that?"
Brock: "I sure did! 'Sound bites from the show', she said. Cool! I'd love to hear them."
Misty: "Me too! I'd love to see some of those pictures as well, wouldn't you?"
Ash: "Yeah!!"
Pikachu: "Pi-ka!!"
PokeBalls all in a row

Do you want to see them, or download a few Pokémon things? Then click on the links below. Raichu will show you the way!

Raichu dances to the music "I just gotta dance, gotta dance!"

Raichu says: "Make sure you sign the guestbook or DreamBook before 'ya leave!!"

Last Update: 10/20/2006

(Note: Because they were taking up too much space on the main page, I've now added a List of Updates)

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Look!! Here's Porygon, Pikachu, Meowth, Koffing, and Jynx to show you around the site!!

Porygon picture Porygon's 3D Picture Place- some 3D pictures of various pokémon

Pikachu picture Pikachu's Pokémon Photo Vault- screen captures from the animated series featuring pictures of the characters

Meowth picture Meowth's Recording Studio- some sound bites from the animated series

Koffing picture Koffing's Miscellaneous Play Center- a few extra goodies to download or view for your entertainment!

Lugia pictureThe Pokémon Movie Reviews- a section set aside for the Pokémon movies' reviews, done by yours truly!!

Jynx pictureJynx's Pokémon Links- a few links to places that contributed to this site

PokeBalls all in a row

A shot of Team Rocket looking very miserable!
James: "Jessie, why aren't we being featured on this page as well?"

Jessie: "Hmmm, I guess it's because..."

Meowth: (interrupting) "Because Team Twirp up there asked Autumn the Cuzzy if their little pic could be placed above ours, and she said 'Yes' to them, that's why!"

Jessie: "Don't interrupt me, Meowth!" (smacks Meowth on the head)

James: "Well, that's just great! Why didn't we think of that? Now we're stuck here at the bottom of the site! This stinks!"

Jessie: "Oh, quit griping, James! You're whining too much! Besides, at least Meowth has his Recording Studio featured in the links...That's good..."

James: "Whatever!"

Jessie: "GRRRRRR!!" (smacks James on the head)

James: "OUCH!!... Well, this still stinks!... Someone should complain!"

Meowth: "I'll gladly do it! I'm going back to Autumn the Notorious Cuzzy's Web Hideaway to talk with her, mono-a-mono... You guys are welcome to join me, if you wanna leave as much as I do!"

Jessie and James: "Fine with us! Let's go!"

PokeBalls all in a row

You are the Dude!! It's the Counter-Thingy!! PokéManiac to visit this site since 1-31-2000!! Cool Beans!!

8/10/2000 I passed the 500 visitors mark!!!! YAY!!!!!

My very first award for an excellent site!!
DUDE!!! I got an award!! I actually got an award!! Woohoo!! Woohoo!!

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