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Welcome to Rper's Web Page. I enjoy roleplaying, as opposed to"chat", using the medium of MOOs/Mucks/Muds/Mushes (M*'s, for short). I hope this page will be useful to you if you are interested in learning more about this pasttime. I have heard textual roleplaying described as "interactive storytelling". I think that is a good descriptor. Someone creates a "world" and you and other folks create characters who live and move within that world. The unfolding of their lives can be a source of surprise, fun and inspiration!

Just What is a M*?

In basic layman's terms I'm referring to a database that has been coded to have textual descriptions of rooms and buildings and outdoor scenes built around a central theme. Users with Telnet capabilities (look under general preferences in your web browser) should be able to connect to the sites I've listed. Or you may prefer to use some kind of Mud Client that is specifically designed to interface with virtual worlds. Click here to download M* Client software. Once connected, users are given the capability to create characters who can interact in "real time" with one another. The difference between this and "chat" is that they aren't visiting with people as their real-life selves but as fictional characters who are congruent with that universe.

My Personal Ramblings on Roleplaying

Roleplaying Universes:

Many lists of virtual worlds have MUDS only, or MOO's only, or intersperse chat and educational areas with roleplaying worlds. I have tried to cull out worlds that are roleplaying-oriented and organize them by theme. I hope this helps get you started. If you would like submit a roleplaying M* to be posted here, write to me. Be sure to include M* name, address, url and the category under which it falls.

I have also provided some links to other M* Lists that you may wish to browse for additional information.

More About M*s

I have not used this space to go into the history, technical development or programming details of M*'s. There are several good sources for this information. You may want to explore the following links:

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