The Cult of Xionakis

“. . .On the eighth day, Xionakis awoke from her slumber to observe a newly-created Realm. . .And Xionakis was angered by the other gods, for they had not taught the new races the worship of Xionakis.  So Xionakis entered the shadows and the dark places of the new Realm to seek out worshippers and subdue the other gods.  And soothsayers were found in the land saying, “Beware the worshippers of Xionakis, for Xionakis seeks a place at the head of all gods.”

Who we are:

The Cult of Xionakis is a guild on Sierra’s The Realm, an online interactive role-playing game.  The Cult of Xionakis acts as the body of Xionakis in the world of The Realm. The purpose of the guild, simply put, is to promote Realmwide recognition of the goddess, Xionakis.  We seek to realize this purpose through the following means:

  • Power.  The Cult of Xionakis is dedicated to the empowering of all its members.  This is accomplished through a careful balance between loyalty to the individual and loyalty to the group.  All members are expected to be both available for help to lower level players and to be developing and increasing their own skill levels.
  • Subjugation.  Though the Cult of Xionakis is not a jumping or thieving guild per say, it has no objections to jumpers or thieves.  Jumping and thieving is, in many ways, an important part of the fun of the Realm environment.  The Cult does expect, though, that Cult members will not run about jumping and stealing willy nilly -- any jumping or thieving activities should be motivated by a just cause, the most noble of which is the subjugation of all non-Xionakis worshippers.  To steal from or jump a member of another guild -- one that claims allegiance to a god other than Xionakis -- brings the blessings of Xionakis. 
  • Missionary Work.  Next to the subjugation of all non-Xionakis worshippers, there is no more noble cause than that of spreading the message of Xionakis’ power throughout the Realm.  Any Cult member associated with the discovery and initiation of other worthy members is held in high esteem by all who worship Xionakis.
  • Humour.  In the end, it all comes down to this.  After all, The Realm is just a game, and if you can’t have fun -- well, what’s the point?  The Cult membership is known for its ever-present, often bitingly sarcastic sense of humor.  Come check us out, bring your laughs, but be warned -- no target is unfair game.

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