Quest for Glory 5

Dragon Fire

Here are tips and secrets for raising skills





Vitality rasies on it's own fairly well. Work out at the Adventurer's Guild until you are exhausted, take a few stamina pills and work out again. In a matter of minutes you can raise this skill by 100 points.




Magic Spells


You can practice Swimming by jumping off the dock outside the Dead Parrot Inn. Wait until you get the water-breathing amulet to make it alot easier to increase this ability.


To attack rapidly, and thus raise Attack skill rapidly, alternate between clicking on your enemy and pressing the attack button on the keyboard. Also, alternating between attack and block will raise both skills and cause you to attack/defend faster.


Alternate between attack and blocking to quickly raise Defense skill.


Sneak whenever you go into the Thieve's Guild and practice your thieving abilities. It should go up on it's own, you only need to practice it in moderation.

Lock Picking

An easy place to increase Lock Picking skill is at the doors to the vacant rooms at the Gnome Ann's Inn. Just click on the door and select "Pick the Lock" and this will raise your Lock Picking skill, fairly easily.


Rapid throwing will increase Throwing skill as well as Strength. Buy about 10 daggers and 5 spears. Throw all the daggers rapidly, then all the spears; you don't need to wait for one to land to throw the next. This is easy because you can throw anywhere, even in towns. Just don't hit anybody!


Use rope and grapnel on ledges of the rich houses at night to climb up/down. Need help finding an easy way to raise this skill. Help is apprechiated.


Acrobatics will increase when you fight with your fists or kicks. To quickly raise this skill, unequip any weapons or armor, then rapidly alternate between the attack keys on the keyboard and clicking with the mouse. The idea behind this is that when you press the attack button to kick or punch, you immediately walk/click to a new location nearby. This causes the character to "start" to punch, but then start to walk as well. This will quickly raise acrobatics to 500.


You could practice your pickpockecting skills on the dummy in the theive's guild, but it takes a long time and you have to leave the room and come back in so Arestes sets up the "harder dummy." Rather than go through this, go to the outside of the Dead Parrot Inn at night. Go up the stairs to the first door on the second floor and "Pick the Lock." Although it says you attampt to pick the lock, your skill for Pickpocket will rise rapidly! It's faster than the dummy, and I believe doesn't use any stamina. It's also easier to repeat to quickly get your skill up to 500.


Give flowers to women, give money to musician at Town Square.

If There's Something I missed...

If you know of a tip or trick that might be useful for Quest for Glory 5, please tell me.

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