The Bard's Tales

Welcome my brave sojourner to the new House of Lucebah, noblest of knights, greatest of bards. With the swords of heroes I have slain the vilest evils and defended the purest good. Now, your destiny awaits you within the Bard's Tales!
The Bard's Tales will be up for display only while I, Sir Lucebah serve an LDS Mission Mail, contests, the gallery, updates and similar will all be disabled until I return. Projected date is sometime in March, 2001. Thank you for visiting, and feel free to take a look around anyway!
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Bard's Tales Character Contest WINNER
Jayalon the Blue
Anna'lyn Fayth
The winners are in, but that doesn't mean YOUR character couldn't be NEXT!
Please note that the graphics on this page are original artowrk. Please respect my work and copyright laws by not using or selling any of the artowrk on this page to get gain without permission from the Bard
Last Updated 3/22/99
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