You know the birth of Asuka. Her mother Kyouko Zeppelin Souryu became pregnant utilizing artificial conception.
Her mother was a researcher of "Gehirn," a UN organization. She worked for a branch in Germany. An experiment made her go mad. Thereafter her daughter Asuka was brought up by a stepmother.
You must have seen Asuka call her stepmother. Perhaps she got along well with her stepmother judging from her voice.
In the end of "The End of Evangelion," both Asuka and Shinji were alive. Were others dead? In my "1000-Hit" memorial, I supposed others would be also alive.
Now I start another Asuka story. Recently a great anime producer Otsuki blamed anime fans in Japan. He said in March 1997 that anime fans in Japan would not see the real world. Director Anno also blamed them for the movement. Anime fans in Japan then remained in the virtual world.
In the beginning of 1998, several serious crimes were performed by teen agers. Anime creators also blamed anime fans in Japan.
On the other hand, Shogakukan Production held an event on their Pocket Monsters for fans at Tokyo Dome, Nagoya Dome, Osaka Dome and Fukuoka Dome. Those domes were bursting with people. I went to Osaka Dome to see the event. It is said that pocket monster players increased from the Pokemon affair. A lot of Pokemon fans there have Pikachu dolls.
The teen agers in Japan seem to avoid the real world. They were blamed for their feature. However they do not hope their future. If they make an effort at every field, they will gain nothing in Japan. They experienced no wars. Japanese economy was defeated recently. Japan as well as Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand was defeated by USA. They will have no job when they are 23 years old.
Two Japanese junior high school female students in Saitama Prefecture killed a 69-year-old male aged in February 1998. The two always tried to aim at his old-age pension. His old-age pension was over 115,000 yen ($920) per month. The two found he did not have the pension when the two came to his house. The two killed him. They had often frightened and hit him to gain money.
Is there another way for those teen agers? Perhaps not.
Mr. Ryu Murakami, who is a popular and famous novelist and who has his own homepage written in English, told in the Asahi Newspaper on 02/17/98 teen agers to be specialists in order to win respect. He also says, "The authority, for example, Minister of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, should comment on these crimes. I will also comment on the real aim of life subjectively."

I will start 4,000 memorial program of my EVA site. Then I will also reflect what to report.

Episode Extra 2. The Birth of Asuka
- (Japanese: Asuka Tanjou)

Of course, it is a fan fiction.
- In a sick ward of Gehirn, Ms Kyouko Zeppelin Souryu killed herself.
Asuka: Mom! Mom!
They selected me! I'm an elite pilot, about to protect human beings.
The best in the world!
It's a secret to everybody. But I'll tell you, mom!
Everybody is so kind to me that I'm not lonely.
I'm all right, even though I don't have father.
Look at me! Please! Hey Mom!
- When the door of the ward was opened, she was already dead. Asuka looked up at her corpus then.
- In 2016. At Hakone city. Asuka sees a lake alone.
Asuka: Even though I don't have father...(She began to sob.)

- Kyouko appeared. Kyouko has a paper on neuroscience and talked about it to her colleagues.
Kyouko: Her paper is not good. She has not seized the truth yet.

Eye catch: Episode Extra 2. Asuka Tanjou

(A narration) An old man: That time I was a researcher at Mishima Heavy Industry. The founder was a devil. He aimed at conquering the world. He and his followers tried to produce terrible weapons to annihilate human beings. However I had worked for them.
- A small town and a railway station.
(A narration) He: One day the founder ordered me to go to Germany to study A10 nerve system. The founder knew Katsuragi's theory and Adam. However he could not control them for himself. The founder thought founding A10 nerve control system was a control key to controlling Adam's power.
- Mishima founder orders the man.
Mishima founder: Adam's power is said to be infinite. We must obtain and control it as soon as possible to conquer the world.
- A railway station, again. A superexpress called ICE appeared. This is a station "Freiburg Hauptbahnhof" of "Deutsche Bahn."

(A narration) He: I was ordered to go to Freiburg University. I knew a famous beautiful female scholar worked for an institution near the university. Her name was Dr. Kyouko Zeppelin Souryu.

(A narration) He: I did not go there to meet her. It was said that she was very proud.

(A narration) He: However I wanted to meet her.
- In the ICE, two young beauties appeared.
A woman: A dance party was held in Munich last week.
Another woman: What day?
A woman: 22nd. Saturday.
Another woman: Where?
A woman: Tei Ou.
- TU in Munich.

(A narration) He: "Tei Ou" means TU, or Technische Universitaet. Especially TU in Munich was a large-scale university and very popular. Of course, its dance party was very famous. The dance party was held on 11/22/97.
(A narration) He: I knew the true character of the two just after.
The two fought against a research group in Kyoto. It was said that the head of Kyoto group was Associate Professor Kouzou Fuyutsuki. Their papers was produced by Dr. Yui Ikari.

- Dr. Fuyutsuki appeared. He told Yui to write a paper.
Dr. Fuyutsuki: By the way, how about that group?
Yui: I see. Kyouko's group?
Dr. Fuyutsuki: I hear they aim at controlling Adam's power. I think you know what Adam is.
Yui: A joke! I also want to know the true character of Adam.
Dr. Fuyutsuki: What is Adam? Dr. Katsuragi did not teach me.
Yui: It is a top secret of UN. Dr. Katsuragi under UN cannot say anything.
Dr. Fuyutsuki: Top secret. UN. After all, it means USA. Do we work for USA always?
Yui: Please calm yourself.
Dr. Fuyutsuki: I want you to tell Mr. Rokubungi to calm himself.

End of A PART

Eye catch

Commercial films

Eye catch: Episode Extra 2. The Birth of Asuka
Neon Genesis Evangelion
- The Antarctica. A UN base for Metaphysical Biology.

Mr. Rokubungi: Is it Adam?
Dr. Katsuragi (Misato's father): Yes.
Mr. Rokubungi: True? Really? Your theorem is also true.
Dr. Katsuragi: I do not know. Preliminary data on the object indicated it has infinite power and that is a kind of life.
Mr. Rokubungi: S2 engine?
Dr. Katsuragi: Perhaps. No... Apparently.
- In Kyouko's sick ward. Kyouko tried to commit suicide.
Asuka: Look at me, Mom. Please. Don't stop being my mother.
Kyouko: Please, come to the heaven with me.
Asuka: Mom, Mom, Please. Don't kill me!
No! I am not Mom's doll.
I'll think for myself, and I'll live on my own.
So I don't need Dad or Mom.
I'll live on my own.

- In 2015, Asuka read a report on herself.
Asuka: The reason I hate my own past. I said, "So I don't need Dad or Mom."
Asuka's Stepfather, Mr. Langley: It's too cruel. She committed suicide, leaving behind such a young girl.
Asuka: No. It is false. I left behind such a cruel mother then. She was much disappointed. I'm, I'm, ... I'm a bad daughter! (She sobbed again.)
- In a meeting room of Seele in 2015.
Seele leaders: Why is there the report? Why didn't they erase it?
Commander Ikari: I do not know. However the second is Asuka forever. EVA Unit 02 is produced for Asuka only.
A Seele Ieader: I still suspect you. Formerly Professor Fuyutsuki had our complete report on Adam. The report on Asuka ought to have been erased. However the report still exists.
Another Seele leader: Do you fight against us? Do you work for our enemy? Answer the questions.

- Freiburg University. Central Library. In November 1997.
(A narration) An old man: I studied neuroscience there that day. In Germany, students could eat and drink freely in the libraries. Generally libraries had large-scale reading rooms. I read a lot of books and papers. In 1997, the German government decided that it charged university students for registration fee for each semester. Students in several universities began to strike. Freiburg students decided to go on a strike by 11/27/97.
- A Japanese female student in Freiburg appeared.
A student: Strike Otoko? I see. He is in the "Streik Cafe."
(A narration) An old man: Certainly Mishima founder liked masker (doing costume-play). I did not dislike it. That day I was in the waiting room called "Streik Cafe" of Freiburg University. I did masker of "Strike Otoko" from "You're Under Arrest" drawn by Kousuke Fujishima.
The Strike Man: Old Chinese said, "Heaven knows. Earth knows. You know. And I know." Snow knows everything. Everybody cannot tell any lie. My name is "The Strike Man." Man seeks for the truth. Woman seeks for the justice. Is registration fee necessary? (Students say no.) Seek for the truth. Seek for the justice. Let's go on a strike! (A lot of students there got more enthusiastic.)
- A demonstration along the main street of Freiburg.
(A narration) He: I stirred up them extremely. I reflected. In the evening, I went to a beer hall.
- An old beer hall. A Japanese male student appeared. Then Ms Kyouko Zeppelin Souryu entered the hall. She was very drunk.
(A narration) He: I found her Dr. Souryu. She was very drunk. The manager of the hall got angry. He tried to drive her out.
A male student: (To the master) She is my friend. She was so disappointed that she overdrank. (To her) Calm yourself.
- At a table.
Dr. Souryu: Thank you, a strike man.
A male student: I am honored, Dr. Souryu.
Dr. Souryu: Call me Kyouko, a strike man.
A male student: Why were you very drunk?
Dr. Souryu: You know Adam's truth? You said, "Seek for the truth!"
A male student: Oh... Well, a UN researcher said, "It means the first mankind."
Dr. Souryu: I see. I also think so. What is the first mankind? Why does it need A10 nerve? Why must we contact with Adam?
A male student: We human beings at present must survive. Some groups want to convert human beings at present into the next type in order to survive. Other groups do not want to end the succession.
Dr. Souryu: You know the detail. Who are you?
A male student: A medical doctor working for Mishima Heavy Industry.
Dr. Souryu: I see.
A male student: I also see. Fuyutsuki's group found Adam's power, didn't it?
Dr. Souryu: No. Mr. Rokubungi and Dr. Katsuragi did.
A male student: UN group...
Two: It is a top secret.
- A bedroom. The two lay.
A male student: You seemed a virgin.
Dr. Souryu: I have loved no one.
A male student: Your first male.
Dr. Souryu: I want to refuse it.
(A narration) An old man: Thereafter I heard she had become pregnant utilizing artificial conception.
- In 2016. At Hakone City.
Asuka: I do not have my father. Using artificial conception, Kyouko got pregnant. She was dead.
Shinji: Well, where did you come from?
(A narration) He: When Asuka was born, her mother had been still normal.
End of B PART

Trailer: Why does she seek for her mother's shadow? Her mother was already dead. The battle was already ended. Why? What is the meaning of the life? Shinji did not stop her. Touji blamed her. Next episode is "Shadow."
4,000-Hit Memorial Program
The Birth of Asuka

A fan fiction.

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