You know Dead Sea Scroll-like documents called "The Next of Evangelion" are being made at present all over Japan because Eva spectators feel the "love" whatever excuses movie producers may make with the word "We did not make 'Love saves the Earth.'" Spectators naturally expect a sequel and make these reprehensible literatures. On the other hand, a certain mass communication reported Eva as "The Magnificent Self-Explosion Anime (Japanese word: Soudai-naru Jibaku Anime)." Those who expected "Self-Explosion" also expected the ending of human beings' doom and Director Hideaki Anno's suicide. Such dangerous characters discarded Eva rapidly.
In Japan the latter seems major. The number of homepages on Eva decreases. Most of Eva pages at present are on Next of Eva. The number is numerous. They are categorized as Fan-fiction.
I show you a Scroll here. It is not GAINAX-style but this webmaster's style. This consists of fragments but these fragments are like Dead Sea Scroll.
Please forget this document after reading it. A few years later professional animators from GAINAX will make an unimaginable masterpiece.

At Mibu-Dera Temple, Kyoto, on 09/13/97, Dr. FangLang

New TV-animation Series "New Evangelion (A tentative name) (Japanese title: Shin Evangelion)
(English Sub-title) "Neon Genesis Evangelion Returns"

(A Virtual Report) In the Planning of a New Series

In the Summer of 1997, our will to produce was gone with the appearance of "The Princess Mononoke." The opinions from our fans to want a sequel of Eva remained of us. Then I had not had any counter attack means against Mononoke's overwhelmingly powerful framework. At the same time, to agree the views of the major chance customers means to run the risk of going into the red.
You know the overview of anime business at present. Pioneer which wants to maintain its laser disc hardware business keeps presenting pretty girl animations through an affiliated company. King Records, a major supplier of anime software also keeps doing so. Because most of anime fans still support that business, anime soft suppliers have kept presenting pretty girl animations after a marketing theory.
The concept of the last Eva series was "Anything and Everything about Director Hideaki Anno." For example, font of very bold Ming-style type and frequent quotation. We dared to take the technique to present subject matters without concealment.
Many fans welcomed Eva as an animation that express the inside of the hero. I doubt if its purpose was to express the inside. Now Director Anno says to all animation fans again, "Come back to the reality."
What does the reality mean? What is the parallel world against Kousuke Fujishima's world of our starting point?
We would like to show you an answer in spite of a late start here. Supposing they begin to over-communicate with each other as the third impact was a good lesson to them. Supposing the over-communication resulted in a next tragedy thereafter. Moreover supposing there are those who watch all the movement of Seele or the Major from multi-dimensional space.
Here are all the subject matters. However the producing method has not been fixed yet. It is sure that a work whose subject matters are fixed is more interesting than that whose producing method are fixed. Reversing the order of two lines will give the audience a different impression.
How far do we experiment? How far are we permitted on a broad survey?


Notes: Mr. Tomokazu Seki is an actor who belongs to "Haikyo." He organizes "A Troupe: Herohero-Q Company (Japanese word: Gekidan Herohero-Q Company)." as the leading man. Tetsuya Iwanaga and Miki Nagasawa belong to the troupe. Perhaps Kensuke Aida and Maya Ibuki as well as Touji Suzuhara, the hero in fact, will have many lines in the new series. The role of "Sound Only" looks easy because the voice actors need not adjust themselves to gasping of characters in the animation. It does not actually have influence because the animators hardly finish producing the animation on postrecording.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Returns

Episode27 Hikari, Toujou! (English: Hikari, On Board!) - The next episode of "The End of Evangelion" Summer has come to Tokyo-3 again. The name of Tokyo-3 was changed to Hakone-city and that of NERV was changed to Neo-Nerv. Neo-Nerv is going to remove itself to Keihanna, Kyoto. In Hakone, Shinji's junior high school was also reopened. He lived there with Gendou and Asuka who wore sunglasses and a plaster cast on her right arm. Touji, who lost his left leg, went to school with Hikari as a transport helper. School Love Comedy begins. However the 19th Angel attacked a Neo-Nerv Hakone Base. Neo-Nerv with Jet Alone under Keiichi Morisato was defeated. Commander-in-Chief Ikari selected the 7th children as a pilot attached to Eva Unit 13 which was unhurt and whose S2 Engine was detached. The name of the pilot was Hikari Horaki.

Episode28 Chucho (English: hesitation) - She knows how to knock on the heaven's door. The Angel was driven back. In the midst of the battle, Asuka stands in front of Misato's room in Central Dogma which was Kaji's formerly. She tried to knock but could not do. Mr. Kaji was already no more. Thereafter Asuka knocked the door and entered the room. Asuka said, "Kaji-Saaan!" There was a message telephone before she knew it. Asuka got the message. Kaji's voice: Misato, Asuka. When you hear this, the Third Impact will be also terminated. Say, it means the Third Impact failed. Please hear me out. The 17th Angel, Tabris (Japanese: Dai 17 Shito Tabris) is not the last one. Other Angels must attack us. Fuyutsuki has already selected the 7th children counting on another Angel's attack. This terminal includes the 7th children data. Peep into the room when you have difficulty from now on. All the related data was left here. Asuka operated the terminal. It showed the 7th children means "Hikari." Asuka went to Gendou and proposed that she should be arranged as a pilot attached to frozen Eva Unit 01. Gendou accepted it. The next day he called Shinji and said, "We Neo-Nerv restore Unit 02 to its original state. The damage is beyond the Hayflick Limit (Japanese: Hayflick No Genkai). But it is the least dangerous on running recklessly. Shinji, get it in."

Episode29 Nigou-ki Fukkatsu (English: Revival of Unit 02) - Production-Model Eva Unit 2 Thus Eva Unit 02 was completed. Unit 13 was coated with green paint, and Unit 02 was done with blue paint. Longinus Spear's Arrow was given to Unit 13 as its proper weapon. Moreover Dark Star's Bow was given to it. Black Moon Saber was given to Unit 02. Soon the next Angel appeared. Hikari's arrow missed the mark, but Shinji sabered the core of the Angel and the 20th Angel was annihilated.

Episode30 Souryu Kyouko Zeppelin (English: Ms Kyouko Zeppelin Souryu)- She is not his mother but can bring him up. Shinji got in Unit 02 as usual. That day an unknown woman stayed there. She was Asuka's mother and told Shinji her life. Her former favorite saying was a loud laugh "Oh! Hohohohoho!" Thereafter she got in Eva and suffered mental contamination. At last she killed herself. She said to Shinji, "I hope you will kindly look after my daughter." Shinji was in distress. He confessed this sufferings to Misato. Misato: I am not in a position to interrupt other's issue. I understand it. Yet. Shinji-kun, you are trusted by Asuka's mother. You had better understand her word with good grace at least. (Japanese: Tanin No Koto Ni Kuchi Wo Sashihasameru Youna Tachiba Ni Nai Koto Wa Wakatteru. Dakedo, Shinji-kun, Anata Wa Asuka No Mama Ni Shinrai Sarete Iruno-yo. Soredake Wa Sunaoni Uketomeru Koto-ne.) On the night, Rei Ayanami appeared on Shinji's dream and Asuka's one at the same time. She said, "As far as you do not speak to it, you cannot understand it. (Japanese: Hanashi-te Minakere-ba Wakara Nai-wa)." Thereafter Shinji and Asuka tediously repeated meaningless conversations.

Episode31 Nice flight! (English: Nice flight!) - Nice flight The 21st Angel appeared. The Angel was tough one to beat Unit 13. Unit 02 which had an excellent jumping ability induced the Angel to stay. Thereafter Units 13 and 02 damaged the Angel with N2 land-mine and attacked it simultaneously and aggravatedly to ruin it. Then Gendou lifted the restriction that Unit 01 is made frozen because the location of S2 Engine is lost. He began to experiment synchronize Asuka with Unit 01. Red-colored Unit 01. Asuka said, "Synchronizing ratio is not related with morphology any more." She showed 400 percent synchronizing ratio and made Unit 01 fly as she had done unit 02. Moreover Asuka did not unite Unit 01 and did not vanish. Thus Unit 01 attached to Asuka was given to Progressive Wing Creese.

Episode32 Wa (English: ring) - Ring The place where Lilith was ruined is cleaned. However the earth was hemmed around blood and LCL ice like Saturn's rings. Magi reported the generation of mass fluctuation of the ring. The true character was the activity of an Angel which the ring transformed itself to. The Angel set up A.T.Field and began to destroy the earth. Misato thought the aim of the enemy was Unit 01 or Adam. So Misato advised Keiichi. She said, "The Angel is sure to fall into the Central Dogma. Shinji and Asuka explained Hikari on the former "miraculous" project under Misato. They are ready to fight against falling Angel. Thereafter cooperation of three Units annihilated the 22nd Angel. Then the blood ring vanished.

Episode33 Ai Oboete Imasuka. (English: Do you remember the love? )- The aged couple was divorced An inspection group from Ministry of Home Affairs inspected Neo-Nerv. Adam slept at the Terminal Dogma. Ms. Nagato: Mass fluctuation exists. Gendou: Do you collect it? Ms. Nagato: It lied with you.
The two went to another room. Makoto have another doubt of Neo-Nerv. Then the 23rd Angel appeared. It was a kind of egg. The Angel will not out unlike Magmadiver's case. Misato: A sing. It is said that an Angel is out by roaring flames. On the other hand, it is out by a sing of another Angel.
Gendou made Ms. Nagato angry. The Vice-Minister called her Angel "Gorgeous Rose" and let the Angel sing. The 23rd Angel was hatched thus.

Episode34 Living Deads (English: Living Deads) - Living deads The 23rd Angel looked like a pretty dinosaur. People lived in peace and quiet for a while. Penpen loved the Angel calling it "Kyopi-chan." Abiko-michi Four said, "The condition must be avoided." Thereafter the Angel was poisoned by the remainders of the former Nerv Intelligence Department all too soon.

Episode35 Ichi-mai Iwa (English: A monolith) - Three arrows Abiko-michi Four said, "Neo-Nerv must reform itself to a monolith in order to accomplish a new instrumentality. The purge for it must be considered as an inevitable consequence." However the head office did not kill anyone and did not reduce the budget. In fact,a large-scale purge was done in branches. Many members experienced in intelligence department and special inspection department were purged and Neo-Nerv smothered it up. On the other hand, police watched its movement. Thereafter an Angel appeared out of the sea. It transformed itself. When it went by land, it grew its legs. The cooperation of three Units annihilated the 24th Angel.

Episode36 Kessen! Central Dogma - Zenpen (English: A Detective Battle at Central Dogma! - Former Part) - On the alert Strong bakelite was run into the tentative head office of Neo-Nerv suddenly and automatically because of Angel's attack. The 25th Angel was liquefied. The three units were drowned in the Angel. The Angel also began to wash out Magi. The largest pinch of Neo-Nerv. Then Keiichi ignored it. He said, "Sure. It is something great. Well, have it transform the embryo-shaped Adam into the giant, while it attacks us." Fuyutsuki got angry and he hit at other after an interval of twenty-odd years.

Episode37 Kessen! Central Dogma - Kouhen (English: A Detective Battle at Central Dogma! - Latter Part) - Mother's love Because Magi was occupied, Ritsuko and Misato could not help Gendou and his party. Shinji felt entirely lost in front of the remains of Lilith. Shinji: Ayanami, What shall I do? The Angel came not to annihilate the human beings but to destroy the earth. That is too much. Didn't you trust me with the earth?
Ms Rei Ayanami appeared again. She said, "Don't be conceited." She slapped Shinji on the cheek. Asuka saw it and said to Shinji, "Fool Shinji, Let's go to Central Dogma!" Then Units 01 and 02 began to run recklessly. Shinji and Asuka got them in and annihilated the liquid Angel. However, Hikari was depressed because she felt herself left behind.

Episode38 Waraeru Hi (English: A day to be able to laugh)- The remainder was destroyed Changes of the seasons have appeared on the earth again but it is not perfect yet. Cicadae are not singing anyway. One day Eva Units 05 - 12 began to move suddenly. They had been let alone as the remainders. It meant they had been occupied by an Angel. Thereafter these 8 units set up A.T.Field. They attacked against the three psychologically. Three pilots laughed out. Naoko: What a man makes of a burdock is "kinpira." (Root: What a man makes of Adam is Eva.) Fuyutsuki: Human beings got a ring of intelligence. (Root: a fruit of intelligence, a ring of intelligence means a puzzle intelligence.) Misato: When I come back, we will give each other a butt of head. (Root: we will give each other a sequel of love.) Shinji: I tried...I tried to cadge on him. (Root: I tried to catch on him.) Mr. Kaji: A berth is with you. (Root: A truth is with you.) Can they find a countermeasure against these travesty. Keiichi set up some units of Jet Alone because he was none the worse for it. Those units made the Angel stranded with N2 land mine. Then Unit 02 with Shinji ran recklessly. Unit 02 devoured those eight units of Eva which had pecked Unit 02 formerly. Thus the 26th Angel and eight units were annihilated. Asuka was afraid that Unit 02 might revenge Unit 13 some day.

Episode39 Seishi Gazou No Ura De (English: At the Back of a Still Picture) - Even if people got the God's voice, the people's words would not show the God's figure. Shinji and his friends did not have no question on Ritsuko, Maya and Misato that always showed "Sound Only." On the other hand, the three had some question. Then they fell into a dilemma in the Magi as a server. At last they delayed the solution.

Episode40 Jungin No Judan (English: Real Silver Bullets) - A weaving story "The Failure of the Third Impact" The Abiko-michi Four demanded the completion of the new plan for instrumentality at a later date from Gendou. On the other hand, Neo-Nerv did not have a concrete plan. There was another cause of the failure of the Third Impact. It was not only the awakening of Unit 02. Plans of Nerv and Seele had been already revealed. Ms Nagato who had known the plan as a boss of Kaji achieved the Imperial Visit at Chiba under tightest secrecy from Prime Minister. She ordered Bokutou Police Station including Sergeant Tsujimoto, who was acquainted with, to be on guard at the Imperial Visit. They were under fire and partially won Nerv Intelligence Department, Seele and Japan Strategy Self Defence Force. The true character of JSSDF which fought at the second command post against Nerv was a crack contingent from Bokutou Police Station. Mr. Makoto Hyuga: The original MAGI exists directly below. That does not make them shoot us. Sergeant Ken Nakajima: Maya and Mr. Hyuga stay there. We know we must not shoot it. We have a rare job pretending to fight.
Therefore just after Unit 02 was awakened, they evacuated the central dogma on schedule. Moreover Ms Tsujimoto shoot 9 real silver bullets toward the cores of mass-production type Eva units at the last phase of the Third Impact. That reduced the effect of their anti-A.T.Field by half. "Goddesses" who lived with Keiichi set up the barrier around the Makuhari Messe to save five million people. LCL was salvaged just after the Third Impact as prearranged to change the population into 100 million. Maya had a question about excellent performance. She decided to remain the state of liquid, LCL.
Ritsuko paid her attention to Kensuke, who remained LCL.

Episode41 Kawari Wa Irumono. (English: There will be someone in my place.) - A chessman The 27th Angel appeared on the Goura Defence Line. Hikari, Shinji and Asuka made a sortie. The Angel invaded Unit 13 with Hikari. However Hikari said, "There will be someone in my place." She emitted her entry plug and retreated. Then Ritsuko got angry and said, "There will be someone in your place. The eighth Children shall be selected." The next day, Hikari came with Nozomi and Kodama. They were triplets. Nozomi showed the highest synchronizing ratio of the three. At last, Nozomi made a sortie with Unit 13 and annihilated the Angel.

Episode42 LCL - LCL Hikari, Nozomi and Kodama suddenly hid themselves. In fact, they slept in a LCL tank in Terminal Dogma. However Magi, Gendou and Fuyutsuki did not know that. Keiichi knew it and did not report it. Then the 28th Angel appeared. Misato: Hikari? Nozomi or Kodama, where? Asuka: All are taking a physiological leave. Ritsuko: In fact, we need to select the 8th Children.
The Angel was ruined. Thereafter Hikari and her sisters were excluded at the synchronizing ration experiment.

Episode43 Dai 8 No Tekikakusha (English: The Eighth Children) - Call His name and the Sea will give us the present. Marduk Organization selected the 8th Children. The name was Mr. Kensuke Aida unexpectedly. However Kensuke did not want to live in the human being society again. He still stayed in a LCL tank as the liquid. Ritsuko offered a program of compulsorily salvaging Kensuke. She executed but Kensuke destroyed himself at the atomic level and vanished.

Episode44 4 Nin-me No Hikari (English: The fourth Hikari) - Scientists will think a twin is not the same as the other. A tomb of Kensuke was raised. The salvage made LCL a kind of wakame seaweed which Ritsuko regarded as lipid bilayer. Touji and Hikari visited it. Touji asked Keiichi to have him get in Eva Unit again. Keiichi went to Terminal Dogma with Touji. The fourth Hikari stayed there. Keiichi said, "There will be someone in Hikari's place because of her. But there is not anyone in your place. I have many units of Hikari make a sortie in this project." It is revealed that 13 units including Hikari, Nozomi and Kodama existed. A training that Hikari clones made 13 units of Jet Alone handle Longinus spears with remote controllers began.

Episode45 Zankoku Na Megami No Thesis (English: A thesis of a cruel goddess) - A thesis of a cruel goddess The true character of the project was not the annihilation of the Angel but the annihilation of Longinus Spears brought by Seele. The 13 Hikari approached Goddesses as prearranged. Then Touji said, "Hurray!" She turned around. She found his left leg lost as she knew. Hikari got angry. Hikari cried, "Please let Touji recover his left leg as Eva!" Then 13 Longinus Spears flied from Jet Alone units and penetrated the 13 heads. Those 13 persons were ruined. Units 01 and 02 were shot out as if they had waited for that. The two units cut all the spears with their progressive knives. The spears exploded themselves. Thus it was revealed that the true character of Longinus Spears was the 29th Angel.

Episode46 Soshite Kare Wa Subete Wo Ushinatta. (English: Thereafter he lost everything.) - Touji, the final Touji lost Hikari and asked Keiichi to have him get in Eva Unit again. But Touji was refused. The strongest Angel appeared on the Central Dogma. Both Shinji and Asuka were defeated. Touji who got in Unit 13 appeared with N2 bomb as Rei Ayanami did so formerly. Misato let Unit 13 emit the entry plug. Touji escaped from death. But Unit 13 exploded and was ruined with the 30th Angel. That evening Hikari appeared on Touji's dream. She asked him not to be dead. Touji decided to remove again. He said farewell to Shinji and Asuka and went to Sakai, Osaka.

Episode47 Seele No Himitsu (English: The Secret of Seele)- A weaving story "The Secret of Seele" Shinji looked at Asuka. She hammered at a terminal of Kaji's room. Shinji: Teach me. Asuka: Assault me, and I will teach you.
Many pictures of the two came and went in Shinji's eyes. At last he violated her. But Asuka was much delighted and said, "We love each other now." They caressed each other. The two searched for the secret of Seele and examined Fuyutsuki closely. Fuyutsuki told the two about the development of the events. Keiichi supplemented the story with the development of the Third Impact. Fuyutsuki: Neo-Nerv cannot achieve the new plan for instrumentality. So it is a good-for-nothing for the Abiko-michi Four. The last Angel will come soon. Then we will be annihilated.

Episode48 Yui - To the original court The Abiko-michi Four thought that the condition at present that Asuka got in Unit 01 and that Shinji got in Unit 02 could not achieve the instrumentality of human beings. The Four advised Gendou to return the condition to the original. Thereafter the Four sent the 31st Angel. The true character was gas. The Angel directly invaded Unit 01 and Unit 02 to change Ms Yui Ikari and Ms Kyouko Zeppelin Souryu into the substance. Gendou could not shoot Yui. He ordered Shinji to get in Unit 01 and Asuka to get in Unit 02. The Angel was ruined.

Episode49 Kyukyoku No Chie No Mi (English: The ultimate fruit of Intelligence) - The ultimate purpose of human beings Abiko-michi Four threatened Fuyutsuki. They wanted to change Ms Maya Ibuki into a substance compulsorily. Then a third of Magi will cease to calculate. Fuyutsuki made Maya hide herself for a while. Fuyutsuki gave the four a LCL tank instead. Then LCL generated 14-year-old boy, Keita Asari. Gendou's inspiration ordered Fuyutsuki to research the boy. Gendou: Sacrifice the ultimate fruit of intelligence dwelling within him. The four also accepted it. As a result, Fuyutsuki advanced the concrete plan of the new instrumentality.

Episode50 MAneru onNA (English: mime woman) - When the God gave manna, people had been already too rich to eat it. The Neo-Nerv fifth branch in UK sent the sixth Children, Ms Mana Kirishima. Her true character was the last and 32nd Angel. She often contacted with Shinji and tried to fuse into Adam. But because of Fuyutsuki's trick, Jet Alone was given to Mana and she fused into it. She fought against Shinji with Unit 01 but Shinji won her because he was helped by Mr. Kaworu Nagisa.

Episode51 Nemuru Sekai (English: The sleeping world) - The moon wants to evolve the human beings The last Angel was ruined. The new instrumentality plan has no opposites. Fuyutsuki executed artificial life program but found it including wrong routines. It was too late. The true character of the program which gave all people the ultimate fruit of intelligence was to change all people into bee-like colonies including hundreds of persons. A giant honey-comb began to form. Then human beings hibernated.

Episode52 Sayonara Shogou-ki (English: Farewell to Unit 01) - I shall return The plan for intelligentiality of human beings was exercised. Then owing to wrong routine, Yui and Shinji broke away. That artificial life program ran recklessly and 13 units Jet Alone undertook the job of safeguarding the program. The Sea of Dirac which 13 units of Jet Alone set up formed a giant barrier which was honey-comb shaped and which consisted of multi-dimensional polyhedrons. Ms Maya Ibuki appeared in front of Ms Yui Ikari. She got the substance again. Maya: I stopped Magi.
Yui and Maya appeared in front of Fuyutsuki. Yui with Unit 01 rushed into the Sea and vanished with the artificial life program. The plan failed. Shinji: Mama, mama is vanishing...


The End of the Scroll

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