Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou

Hideaki Anno's New Work is"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" which is broadcast by TV-Tokyo since October 1998.

On 10/02/1998, TV-Tokyo started Hideaki Anno's New Anime "Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" at last. A lot of anime fans in Japan have been looking forward to seeing it for a long time. These two years Hideaki Anno made real performance films rather than anime.
This work is his new age anime which is different from his former works.

. 43. Act 14.6 "Koremade no Ohanashi (Latter part)" (A weaving story, the latter part)

On 01/08/1999 the Act 14.6 and Act 15.0 of Kare-Kano were broadcast in Tokyo and Osaka.
Act 14.6 was broadcast as a weaving story from Act 9.0 to Act 13.0.
Yukino longs for friends. What is friendship? She began to have other friends.
(Act 9.0)
Female students gossipped about Yukino and Arima. Then Ms Maho Izawa blamed Yukino. Maho controled all the female classmates in her class. They ignored Yukino.
Yukino said to herself, "Because of me, this result was invited." She decided to be dignified at least. She regarded it as her own fight.
Then Yukino saw a little pretty girl.
Yukino yearned for her. She was Ms Tsubasa Shibahime. She belongs to 1-D class. She has three female friends. She speaks in a husky voice.
Ms Shibahime began to harass Yukino.
Tsubasa was friends with Arima in their junior high school days. Arima introduced Tsubasa to Yukino.
Tsubasa had been in hospital for several months. Therefore Yukino did not know Tsubasa.
Tsubasa got on a skateboard. Then she slammed into the stone wall. The wall was broken. She was wounded. The next day she was found in the rubbles.
Tsubasa said to herself, "Arima, Please do not leave me!"
But Arima began to leave Tsubasa.
(Act 10.0)
The classmates understood Maho's offer was based on an idea that she wanted to snare Yukino. They decided to not to be controlled by Maho.
Tsubasa picked up Arima's season ticket. In the ticket case, Yukino's portrait appeared. Tsubasa tore it. Tsubasa put it into an incinerator. Yukino saw that. Then Yukino changed herself into a monster like "Awakening and Releasing" EVA Unit 01.
First, Yukino ran recklessly and chased for Tsubasa.
Echo effect was performed when Yukino spoke.
Second, Yukino kicked her shoe toward Tsubasa.
Third, Yukino kicked three large-sized trush boxes with cans toward Tsubasa.
Fourth, Yukino flew at Tsubasa. Then Yukino's pants appeared. Yukino's action looked like a monkey.
Fifth, Yukino jumped off from a window of the school building into the ground. Shibahime ran away along the wall of the school building.
"Because her score of sports is ten (full score)."
At last, Tsubasa was cornered.
Yukino's cassmates began to fear Yukino. They apologized to her. Yukino took compassion for Maho. Since then Yukino got friends with Maho.
(Act 11.0)
(Act 11.5)
At the beginning of Summer Holiday, Tsubaki, Maho, Rika Sena, Aya Sawada, Yukino and Tsubasa went to the city to play together.
Then Yukino knew Aya, Tsubaki and Rika had their specialities. While they tried to find their specialities, Yukino only studied. Both Yukino and Maho wanted to change themselves.
That evening, they began to came back each home. Then Tsubasa embraced Yukino. Yukino and Maho had to go to Yukino's house with Tsubasa.
(Act 12.0)
Recently her father wanted to be married with a woman. He was a so-called greenhorn. Therefore Ms Ikeda won him over to her side. Moreover she had a son of Tsubasa's same age.
Tsubasa could not go back home because Ms Ikeda stayed at my home.
Tsubasa said to Yukino, "I don't like all males. At first they treated me tenderly. Thereafter at last they always choose other women."
Yukino said to herself, "I hope someday someone appeared in front of her. I wish the man saturate her heart."
(Act 13.0)
In Kazuma's room, Hiromi and Kazuma shared their domestic duties. Tsubasa remebered the scene. Kazuma said, "When I stay with you, I get myself together."
Tsubasa thought. "No wonder you felt so because we pass the same days."
Kazuma said, "Now we are nothing less than brothers."
When I arrived home, no one waited for me. I knew the loneliness. In fact, I felt lonely as I stayed alone.

. 44. Act 15.0 "Koe no Mukou ni Mierumono (Things she can see beyond the voice)"

Arima called Yukino from Nagano prefecture. He trained himself with Kendo fencing club members of his school.
One morning, in the summer vacation, Mr. Asaba came to Yukino's house. First, he met Yukino's father. Hiroyuki got angry. The lady killer Asapin said to Hiroyuki, "Who are you?" It was a mistake. But Kano, Tsukino and Pero-pero found Asapin and became attached to him. The father was shocked. The letter "Kani (crab)" was printed on Kano's shirt. "Saru (monkey)" was on Tsukino's shirt. Of course, "Saru and Kani" was an old Japanese tale.
On the other hand, the letter "Musume Love2 (I love daughters)2" was printed on Hiroyuki's father. Yukino and Miyako went to the entrance. Then Asaba said to Miyako, "How beautiful you are, Madam! I would have seen you before I met your good man."

Father Hiroyuki said to Yukino, "He looks obscene. Why do you invite that man?"
Yukino replied, "The kind boy kindly asked us to go out to a swimming pool. But you are enough unreasonable to go together."
Thereafter Asaba went upstairs with the three sisters.
Yukino said to two sisters, "Why do you became attached to him? Do you like him more than Arima?"
The sisters said, "Arima looks like an elder sister. Asaba looks like a pet."
The four took a nap. An adhesive plaster was applied on Asaba's left cheek. On this speech day, Asaba said to Arima, "I'll ask Yukino to go to a pool." Arima got angry and hit his cheek using his bag. But Asaba said, "I have not met Arima for a while. So I lose my apetite and dream of him every night."
He lives by himself. When his father moved from here because of his job, Asaba stayed behind. Asaba did not get along with his father. His father was serious. Therefore it was a hardship to stay with his father. Asaba began to study hard to part with his father. He passed the entrance examination. He could stay behind.
After he entered this high school, he met Arima. He was attracted to Arima's seriousness. He disliked his father's seriousness. But Asaba began to like Arima. When he liked Arima, he thought he was redeemed.
Yukino heard him.
She thought, "They are a boy who were forsaken by his father and a boy who forsook his father."

Miyazawa Family was scheduled to go to their grandfather's.

In the evening, Arima called Yukino.
Yukino said, "Arima, you're good at bearing. if you say nothing to me, I'll find nothing."
Arima said, "Thank you. I want to see you. Now I'm growing. I'm 172 cm tall."
Director Anno expressed the chaos in Arima's mind by rotating monochromatic photographs of an overpass over a railway.
What part of Arima do I know now? What part of Arima don't I know?
She became anxious when Arima did not stand by.

In the ending anime, a digest of that day's anime was broadcast.
In the preview, a real performance film by Maria Yamamoto and Yuki Watanabe was used.

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"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" Copyright (c) Masami Tsuda, Hakusensha/GAiNAX/Kare-Kano Group, TX, SOFTX, 1998, 1999

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