Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou

Hideaki Anno's New Work is"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" which is broadcast by TV-Tokyo since October 1998.

On 10/02/1998, TV-Tokyo started Hideaki Anno's New Anime "Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" at last. A lot of anime fans in Japan have been looking forward to seeing it for a long time. These two years Hideaki Anno made real performance films rather than anime.
This work is his new age anime which is different from his former works.

. 42. Act 14.0 "Koremade no Ohanashi (Former Part)" (A weaving story, the former part)

On 12/30/1998 (Wednesday, 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm) the Act 14.0 of Kare-Kano was broadcast in Tokyo.
It was broadcast as a weaving story from Act 1.0 to Act 8.0.
(Act 1.0)
The 15-year-old heroine of the story appeared in front of us. She is 15 years old. She entered Kanagawa Prefectural Hokuei Senior High School this April. She is a vain person. She wanted to be admired. But all the classmates admired Souichirou Arima. Arima was a sportsman and handsome boy. He is very kind for all girls. She was shocked. One morning, she met Arima. In her public mode, she became a beauty. Arima began to love Yukino. But Yukino Miyazawa regarded him as her rival. She studied harder and harder to overcome him.
(Act 2.0)
Souichirou Arima blackmailed Yukino Miyazawa into helping school committee general-affairs. Yukino had to help Souichirou. She said to Souichirou, "I'm weary that you use me!" She hit him and escaped. She is good at sports. She ran rapidly. But he is also good at sports. He chased her. He also ran rapidly. She cried out.
He said, "I want to talk with you. I wanted the plausible excuse. I got it at last." He apologized her.
They got friends then. He loved her more and more.
(Act 3.0)
Yukino and Souichirou began to study together. He went to Yukino's house. The rather small house was very cheerful. Souichirou Arima was shocked. Souichirou began to remember his past days. He began to avoid her. His parents used to steal and blackmail. At last they disappeared. Thereafter he was adopted by his father's eldest brother.
His father's brothers and sisters are rich, wise and excellent. The Arima Family was a time-honored family since Edo Era. Their ancestors were medical doctors. Of course his father-in-law is also a medical doctor. He himself was blamed by his father's brothers. He had to be perfect.
He thought he was a fake who he made due to his perseverance.
He said, "You Yukino is a light lighting up my darkness which peels my masks from me."
He was scared that his true character was good-for-nothing.
Yukino said, "The true family like each other even if the member has any defects."
But she hit him seriously. She said, "Your ture character is a good man."
She said, "You and your parents-in-law will not be a true family while you behave excessively."
She said, "The true you wanted to go out of the inside."
She said, "Let's live for us to like our true characters."
(Act 4.0)
Now Yukino decided to confess her own will that she also loved him.
She tried and tried and tried....
She decided to have a brave.
At Last she approached him to grip his hand. They began to love each other.
(Act 5.0)
(Act 5.5)
Mr. Hedeaki Asaba was loved by a lot of girls. He is tall and handsome. He approached Arima. Therefore he came to Yukino. He said, "I found you a plane girl becasue I approached close to you." She got angry.
Souichirou made a rendezvous with Yukino to see a movie on Sunday.
Yukino felt happy. Then Asaba appeared in front of Yukino. He told Yukino why he harassed her. He had his ambition. He wanted to be made a full of by a lot of girls.
He wanted to make a harem "Asaba Mary Land." Asaba thought approaching Souichirou would increase the number of girls who love Asaba.
Yukino said to Asaba, "You're the worst boy!"
But Asaba replied. "Well, you should think about yourself. Are you the best partner for Arima?"
She was hurt by his sharp words.
(Act 6.0)
(Act 7.0)
The result of finals of the first term was released. Arima took the third place. Miyazawa took the 13th place.
Their school record became worse. Teachers summoned the two. They went ot the Seito-sidou-sitsu (Student Guidance Room).
Yukino remember her life till her junior high school age.
Yukino had chosen her way alone and for herself. She thought she had understood nothing.
(Act 8.0)
(Act 0.5)

In April, he met Yukino. Those days, he used to hear a message from his internal mind. "Do you genuinely enjoy it?"
He felt an atmosphere. He regarded "A Calm" around him as artificial.
Hideaki Anno expressed Arima's feeling using an extraordinery method. The cameraman shot cellophane pictures including his real hands, their movement and clips. As you know, Toei Animation (former Toei Douga) began to film digital anime. For example, "Yugioh" and "Mamotte Shugo Getten!" were made as digital anime. They will not use real hands and cellophane pictures.
He thought he always lived alone.
His feeling was expressed as an isolated utility pole.

The ending films consisted of digested anime from Act 1.0 to Act 8.0.

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"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" Copyright (c) Masami Tsuda, Hakusensha/GAiNAX/Kare-Kano Group, TX, SOFTX, 1998, 1999

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