Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou

Hideaki Anno's New Work is"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" which is broadcast by TV-Tokyo since October 1998.

On 10/02/1998, TV-Tokyo started Hideaki Anno's New Anime "Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" at last. A lot of anime fans in Japan have been looking forward to seeing it for a long time. These two years Hideaki Anno made real performance films rather than anime.
This work is his new age anime which is different from his former works.

. 32. Act 10.0 "Subete Wa Korekara (All begins since this.)"

Act 10.0 was broadcast on 12/07/98 in Tokyo and Osaka.
Opening anime was skipped.
Ms Miyazawa was still ignored.
Ms Maho Izawa (CV = Ms Junko Noda, an elder voice actress) thought.
In her childhood, she was excellent. She was good at study and sports. At present, Yukino surpasses Maho at both study and sports. It is regrettable.
On the other hand, Ms Miyazawa was unyielding.
In a mathematics class, Mr. Kawashima taught 1-A class. A problem was set.
Most of the classmates could not solve the problem. Yukino Miyazawa solved it. Then they ignored that.
If tan x = 2 and y = sin 6 x + cos 6 x,
what value does y indicate?

Yukino Miyazawa solved the problem.
The answer was y = 13/25.
After the class, Arima approached Yukino.
Arima was concerned about Yukino's environment.
Yukino said to Arima, "I decided to solve it for myself."
Asaba appeared. Asaba wanted to cheer up Yukino.
He showed Arima's portrait in his childhood. Yukino picked it up and put it into her mouth. Moreover she inserted the wet portrait into the inside of her "BRASSIERE"!
Yukino said, "In return for your present, I give you my pretty portrait in my childhood."
But in the portrait, Yukino sang a Japanese traditional song in a vulgar way. Arima looked pale.
Then Asaba showed the two his portrait in his childhood. Pretty Asaba was surrounded with a lot of beautiful girls. The two were disgusted.

"It is offensive...."
On the other hand, Yukino was keeping fighting against Tsubasa as a kind of "Street Fight."
Yukino said, "Tsubasa, you kicked skillfully. But your skill won't make you shoot me!"
Shibahime replied and said, "Shut your mouth which minds my business!"
Ms Tsubaki Sakura (CV = Ms Saeko Chiba) and her two friends, seeing the street fight, asked Yukino to have a tea break.
Three and Tsubasa went to the cafeteria.
Yukino told them she was bullied by 1-A female classmates.

Tsubaki said, "Daaaah! I absolutely hate such a thing!!!"
She said, "Shikato-ignoring or Disregard. They illitate me!!"
She has a hot sportsmanship! She is simple-minded. She plays volleyball at the volleyball club of the school.
She said to Yukino, "I see. From now on you are YUKINON. Since now we are friends with you. You belong to us. OK?"
She introduced her two friends.
A pretty girl is Ms Rika Sena (CV = Ms Yukari Fukui, she is a rather idol.). A slim girl is Ms Aya Sawada (CV = Ms Yukiko Hontani).
Ms Sawada pointed out a certain ringleader made classmates bully Yukino.
Yukino found Maho was the ringleader.

Yukino counterattacked Maho. She said, "You cannot say your opinion to my face. You should not comment on me without analyzing yourself. The pot calls the kettle black. Maybe you are puffed up with the condition all the class take sides with you." Maho hit Yukino. Maho felt she was defeated.
The next day female classmates had a meeting.
The classmates understood Maho's offer was based on an idea that she wanted to snare Yukino. They decided to not to be controlled by Maho.
Maho knew Yukino's true character. Therefore she hated Yukino.
Yukino still fought against Shibahime. But Yukino began to want to be friends with Shibahime.

Arima lost his season ticket. He lives in Shin-Maruko, Tokyu Touyoko Line, Kawasaki City.
He went from Shin-Maruko to Musashi-Kosugi. Tsubasa picked it up. In the ticket case, Yukino's portrait appeared.
Tsubasa tore it. Tsubasa put it into an incinerator. Yukino saw that.
What? Then Yukino changed herself into a monster like "Awakening and Releasing" EVA Unit 01.
First, Yukino ran recklessly and chased for Tsubasa.
Echo effect was performed when Yukino spoke.
Second, Yukino kicked her shoe toward Tsubasa.
Third, Yukino kicked three large-sized trush boxes with cans toward Tsubasa.
Fourth, Yukino flew at Tsubasa. Then Yukino's pants appeared. Yukino's action looked like a monkey.
Fifth, Yukino jumped off from a window of the school building into the ground. Shibahime ran away along the wall of the school building.
"Because her score of sports is ten (full score)."
At last, Tsubasa was cornered.
Tsubasa said to Yukino. Tsubasa still loves Arima. She has loved Arima for three years. But she failed to confess her heart.
Arima heard that and reflected.
Yukino's cassmates began to fear Yukino. They apologized to her. Yukino took compassion for Maho. Since then Yukino got friends with Maho.

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"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" Copyright (c) Masami Tsuda, Hakusensha/GAiNAX/Kare-Kano Group, TX, SOFTX, 1998, 1999

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