Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou

Hideaki Anno's New Work is"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" which is broadcast by TV-Tokyo since October 1998.

On 10/02/1998, TV-Tokyo started Hideaki Anno's New Anime "Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" at last. A lot of anime fans in Japan have been looking forward to seeing it for a long time. These two years Hideaki Anno made real performance films rather than anime.
This work is his new age anime which is different from his former works.

. 28. Act 9.0 "Moratorium No Shokuzai" (Satisfaction of Moratorium)

This "Act 9.0" was broadcast on 11/27/98 in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. That day Sega's Dreamcast was released.
As you know, commoner in Japan cannot obtain the sets yet. If you want to obtain a set, you must have any special contacts with Sega's outlets at present.
(In 12/14/98, I have not obtained a set of Sega's Dreamcast yet. I goes to Akihabara everyday.)

Playback film appeared. The picture was divided into 8 small parts. Each part showed each act of Kare-Kano.
Female students gossipped about Yukino and Arima.
Yukino felt depressed. She could not enter into the spirit of the female classmates.
She still took lunch with Asaba and Arima.

At First Sewing Room.
Female students in Yukino's class gossipped about Arima.
There are a lot of canned soft drinks and cheap candies.
They ate Japanese cheap candies. You can obtain them at a Lawson store in Japan.
  1. Glico Pocky Chocolate 185 yen
    (In Germany, it is called Mikado.) Pocky is a kind of straight string-shaped biscuit coated with chocolate.
  2. Suntory Canned Green Tea 120 yen
    Its feature is a large-sized chinese letter "tea" on the can.
  3. Lotte Sasha Futae Chocolate 185 yen
    (Myoumyou Hitoe is its parody. A mania said to me, "Hitoe means a name of an idol star belonging to SPEED.") Hitoe means single. Futae means double.
    It is a gaufrette coated with string-like chocolate.
  4. Kameda Sozaishoubu! Ikappuri non-fried rice cracker 128 yen
    (Unippuri is its parody. Ebippuri and Ikappuri are sold at present.)
  5. House Ozak potato chips
  6. Morinaga Koeda Chocolate
    Koeda is a very old label. Koeda is small-sized stick-type chocolate including nuts.
  7. Suntory Nacchan Canned soft drink (Orange juice) 120 yen
    Formerly I explained it.
  8. Otsuka Pocari Sweat Canned soft drink (Ionized water) 110 yen
  9. Koikeya-Frente Pinky Peach Mint (Mint candy like "Mentos") 150 yen

Then Ms Maho Izawa (CV = Ms Junko Noda) blamed Yukino. Maho controled all the female classmates in her class.
Yukino was several minutes late for the sewing class. Her classmates were out. They have no class then. They went to Audio-Visual room. Yukino appeared there. They ignored Yukino.
Maho Izawa had controlled her class in her junior high school days. She still has three followers.
On the other hand, Yukino said to herself, "Because of me, this result was invited." She looked for a paraffin oil can. She clapped the can to her forehead. The wound streamed blood. Arima was shocked. Yukino said, "Reflection was completed!"
She decided to be dignified at least. She regarded it as her own fight.
Yukino saw a little pretty girl.
Yukino yearned for her. She was Ms Tsubasa Shibahime (CV = Ms Mayumi Shintani). She belongs to 1-D class. She has three female friends. She speaks in a husky voice.
Ms Shibahime began to harass Yukino.
What? Tsubasa was friends with Arima in their junior high school days. Arima introduced Tsubasa to Yukino.
Tsubasa had been in hospital for several months. Therefore Yukino did not know Tsubasa.
Tsubasa got on a skateboard. Then she slammed into the stone wall. The wall was broken. She was wounded. The next day she was found in the rubbles.
Tsubasa said to herself, "Arima, Please do not leave me!"
But Arima began to leave Tsubasa. Tsubasa said to Arima, "Gyaaasu!!" Tsubasa cursed Arima.
Arima had regarded Tsubasa as his younger sister. Then she was satisfied. At present Arima loves Yukino. Arima left Tsubasa.
One of Tsubasa's three friend is a leader of 1-D class. Her name is Ms Tsubaki Sakura (CV = Ms Saeko Chiba). Thereafter Ms Sakura began to take up for Yukino.
By the way, Tsubasa harassed Yukino.
  1. Tsubasa attacked Yukino by waving her hand.
  2. Tsubasa pushed a volleyball iron case toward Yukino.
  3. Tsubasa threw a lot of books toward Yukino at the library.
Yukino envied Tsubasa for Tsubasa's three friends.
Maho narrated.
Laugh, Anger, Anxiety
Love, Friendship, Competitive mind
Growth and fall
All emotions are jammed into the inside of the classroom door.

(Ah! The next week, Yukino changed herself into a kind of monster. She began to attack Tsubasa. Tsubasa had to keep running away. The next week a horror anime is waiting.)

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"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" Copyright (c) Masami Tsuda, Hakusensha/GAiNAX/Kare-Kano Group, TX, SOFTX, 1998, 1999

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