Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou

Hideaki Anno's New Work is"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" which is broadcast by TV-Tokyo since October 1998.

On 10/02/1998, TV-Tokyo started Hideaki Anno's New Anime "Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" at last. A lot of anime fans in Japan have been looking forward to seeing it for a long time. These two years Hideaki Anno made real performance films rather than anime.
This work is his new age anime which is different from his former works.

. 23. Secondary Education System in Japan

Now you must know the education system of Japanese high school.
As you know, just after Warld War II, USA produced the new education system of Japan because Former Japanese Empire was defeated. Most of USA local governments do not adopt the new system. But Japan had to adopt the new system. (On the other hand, German Third Empire was also defeated. German people kept their old education system.)

Japanese Primary Education and Secondary Education
SchoolsPupil age or Student ageGrades
Primary EducationElementary School7 to 121st to 6th
Secondary EducationJunior High School (Law Term: Lower Secondary School)13 to 151st to 3rd
Senior High School (Law Term: Upper Secondary School)16 to 181st to 3rd
Secondary School13 to 181st to 6th
Secondary Education and Higher EducationCollege of Technology (Japanese: Koutousenmon Gakkou)16 to 201st to 5th
Of course, there are several other courses in Japan.
Japanese Other Education Courses
SchoolsPupil age or Student ageGrades
Secondary Education and Postsecondary EducationMiscellaneous School (Japanese: Kakushu Gakkou)(16 to 20)For example, North Korean High School
Secondary EducationSpecial Training College, Upper Secondary Course (Japanese: Senshu Gakkou, Koutou Katei)16 to 181st to 3rd
Excellent students in Japan usually studies the next courses. (Tokyo and Osaka people aim at private schools. Therefore Tokyo and Osaka people courses are different from the table.)
Public Elementary School
Without Entrance Examination
Public Lower Secondary School
Entrance Examination (very much hard)
Public Upper Secondary School (Full-day course)
Entrance Examination (rather hard)
University (Bachelor's course)
For example,
University of Tokyo
Kyoto University
Waseda University
Keio University

15-year-old boys and girls must take the entrance examination for senior high schools when they graduate from junior high schools.
In fact, the examination is a ceremony.
If the candidates are attentive and do not err, they will enter the high schools.

15-year-old boys and girls in the third grade of junior high must take a lot of practice examinations which was formerly called "Gyosha Test (Tests executed by Agents).
" Recently a director of Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture forbade junior high schools utilizing the result of Gyosha Test.
His name is Mr. Ken Terawaki. He was born in Kagoshima prefecture in 07/13/52. He is Director of Lifelong Learning Promotion Division, at present.
On the other hand, he is famous as a cinema critic.

By the way, most of junior high school teachers may utilize the result of practice examinations. Practice examinations are still executed. The result indicates a kind of standard score (T-score). Time course of standard scores which a student has taken indicates the name of the public senior high school which the student should enter.
When a teacher sees the time course of standard indicates, the teacher will settle the score of the school report (Japanese: Naishinsho) of the student.
Half of the entrance of the senior high school will be completed if Naishinsho is settled. All the student have to do is not to err at the entrance examination.

All students must mark good score of Naishinsho. Therefore parents of students must bribe junior high teachers. Most of students wil mark bad score of Naishinsho. Their stress make students cause school bully. Therefore a lot of students commit suicide.

Thus the entrance examination for senior high school is very much hard.

Formerly schools did not have the executives. A school founded by a local government has had the principal as the head, the vice-principal as the vice-head, and the secretary as the head of officials.
However class-room teachers have to work harder because their duty was increased. Therefore several kinds of "Head-teachers" were authorized by Regulations of Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture.
Especially "Head-teachers of instruction (Japanese: Kyoumu-shunin)" and "Head-teachers of grades (Japanese: Gakunen-shunin)" are very famous.
At present, subordinate class-room teachers are controlled by those "Head-teachers."
Therefore class-room teachers must submit to Gakunen-shunin Kawashima (CV = Mr. Motomu Kiyokawa). Many teachers and a lot of students may bear a grudge against Mr. Kawashima.

. 24. Act 7.0 "Futari No Sokaku" (A Barrier Between the Two)

On 11/13/1998, Act 7.0 of Kare-Kano was broadcast in Tokyo and Osaka. The episode corresponds to three episodes of Masami Tsuda's original cartoon. Therefore Anno stop broadcasting the opening animation. The "Act 7.0" was divided into three parts of anime.
Of course it is not normal. However anime based on Japanese four-framed cartoon, for example "Sazae-san", is often divided into three parts.

As you know, Tsuda's original cartoon is a serial story cartoon of monthy "LaLa." Therefore one pisode of her cartoon is rather long. Moreover Tsuda's cartoon includes a lot of lines and Anno traces Tsuda's original cartoon. The Act 7.0 included three episodes of original cartoon. It means voice actors must keep speaking lines ALL THE WAY.

July has come. Finals of First Term ended.
Kano and Tsukino are looking forward to going to play with Yukino.
Kano wore a sweat shirt called Trainer with types "Ramen." Tsukino wore a T-shirt with types "Rice."
Pero-Pero, Kano Miyazawa and Tsukino Miyazawa
with a Japanese word "Ramen-Rice"
This picture is not different from the orginal.
The orginal types were "Atlanta" and "Olympic."
"Ramen" and "Rice" are not formal dishes. In Japan, Chinese noodles soup booth serves a set lunch called "Ramen and Rice." It is regarded as very cheap.
Kare-Kano fans in Japan are much interested in the scene "Ramen and Rice."
One day Yukino, Tsukino and Kano went to Arima's house. There Souichirou Arima gave them canned coffee "Guaruja."
As you know, Tsukino and Kano are junior high school students. They study at the same school and rear hamsters there.
Hamster food is sunflower seed. To get more seeds, the two want to plant sunflower seed. Arima permitted the two to plant seeds at Arima's garden.
Then Asaba appeared.

He wore a bathrobe. He is half-naked, indeed.
Asapin said to Yukino, "I went to Souichirou's bed yesterday."
Next moment he found Yukino's sisters. He tried to make advances toward them. Then Arima said to them, "Tsukino-chan, Kano-chaaan. He is so DANGEROUS that you must not approach this obscene youngman."

Thereafter Asaba helped Tsukino and Kano.

The result of finals was released. Arima took the third place. Miyazawa took the 13th place.
Their school record became worse. Teachers summoned the two. They went ot the Seito-sidou-sitsu (Student Guidance Room).
Mr. Kawashima (CV = Motomu Kiyokawa), who is Head-teacher of the 1st grade (Gakunen-shunin), appeared.
He is an aged man with glasses. He got angry. He reproached the two for their close association.

Commercial films.
Yukino remember her life till her junior high school age.
Yukino had chosen her way alone and for herself. After she met Arima, she began to change her way. What? Yukino object to Kawashima.
Seeing her, Arima said, "I hardly make sense of your opinion. I will study harder. I will demonstrate that our association is compatible with improving our school record."
Then Kawashima decided to summoned their parents.

Commercial films.
At School Garden, Arima lay down.
He drank a PET bottle (150 cl) of orange soft drink "Rena-chan."
Then Yukino appeared.
Yukino flurried. Yukino's parents said to her, "We will fight against teachers using arms."

The six entered the Student Guidance Room. Kawashima told their parents to stop the close association between Yukino and Souichirou. Kawashima told their parents to reason with the two.

A few minutes later, Yukino's father began to speak. What?
Hiroyuki Miyazawa said to Kawashima, "Why do you think their association will make the two pervert the course of learning? My daughter has done her own thing for herself. So I have not controlled her yet. I am afraid that controlling her in order to make her study harder means nipping off all the possibility in the bud."
All were impressed.
Arima's father said, "We always admire my son. We have not been troubled with him yet. Even if he is in trouble in future, we will be looking forward to worrying with him."
Thus their association was recognized.
Kawashima said to Yukino and Souichirou, "I am delighted to argue with rewarding students after a long separation."
The two decided both to study harder and to keep their close assocation.

. 25. Nekodiru Effect

Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou
Yukino Miyazawa said, "I must confess..."
Her eyes in this CG are called Nekodiru-type eyes. When she appears with a vacant stare, Ms Masami Tsuda draws her eyes as Nekodiru-type eyes. Hideaki Anno also tends to use such Nekodiru-type eyes. In Anno's Kare-Kano, Yukino sometimes shows Nekodiru-type eyes.
As you know, Nekodiru's author "Nekodiru" committed suicide. Late Nekodiru was a female cartoonist. She drew more than 10 comic books. Especially "Nekodiru Udon" is very popular.

Caution! Late Nakodiru's popular "Nakodiru Udon" was drawn for a vanished monthly magazine "Garo." Several years ago, Garo had been published by a vanished publisher "Seirindou." Therefore you cannot her original "Nekodiru Udon." A large-scale publisher "Bungei Shunju" began to publish "Nekodiru Udon." But it was very different from her original cartoon, because Bungei Shinju was so conservative that it had to delete Nakodiru's segregational and discriminatory terms. But Japanese want to read such bad terms.

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"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" Copyright (c) Masami Tsuda, Hakusensha/GAiNAX/Kare-Kano Group, TX, SOFTX, 1998, 1999

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