Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou

Hideaki Anno's New Work is"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" which is broadcast by TV-Tokyo since October 1998.

On 10/02/1998, TV-Tokyo started Hideaki Anno's New Anime "Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" at last. A lot of anime fans in Japan have been looking forward to seeing it for a long time. These two years Hideaki Anno made real performance films rather than anime.
This work is his new age anime which is different from his former works.

. 21. Act 6.0 "Boku Wo Kaeru, Kimi No Koe" (Your voice that changes me...)

On 11/06/1998, Act 6.0 of Kare-Kano was broadcast. Its opening animation was broadcast for the first time.
Anno did not use bold type.
Souichirou's internal mind is shown through a narration. The narrator is Mr. Motomu Kiyokawa. (Yes, he played the role of Kouzou Fuyutsuki.)
They began to randezvous this summer.
Two different views are shown.
The former part is Yukino's view.
Yukino thinks. Arima is handsome and perfect.
The latter part is Souichirou's view.
Souichirou thinks. Miyazawa is extraordinery. I cannot understand her way to think. It is very interesting.
Anno traces Masami Tsuda's original cartoon. Anno's cellophane pictures resemble the original cartoon. However the cellophane pictures are different from the original cartoon a little. Modifying effects are added to Anno's pictures. On the other hand, the pronunciation is shown at the original cartoon.
Asaba teased Yukino. Yukino left. Souichirou appeared. Asaba teased Souichirou. Yukino and Souichirou told Asaba the same lines.
Asaba's hobby at present is surfing using "body boards." The price of his yellow one is 28,000 yen (230 dollars). The price of his blue one is 24,500 yen (201 dollars). He is still a freshman in senior high school. He is very rich.
Yukino said to Asaba, "We ate Top's Chocolate Cake." Souichirou said to Asaba, "Study hard!"

Yukino is very cheerful. Souichirou thinks. Arima's condition is constant. On the other hand, Yukino changed a lot after she began to love Arima. It seemed to Arima that Yukino would be transformed into another character.
Souichirou did not change. He was impatient about his constant condition.
One night. In the unmanned school. It rains. Yukino nestled up to Arima. Suddenly Arima thought. "I want to go o together with her."
Arima embraced Yukino impulsively.
Arima tried to kiss Yukino. Then it thundered. He came to himself.
He thought about himself. He was ashamed.
On the other hand, Miyazawa was shocked. Her internal mind heard a popular song. It was Pink Lady's "SOS." (Pink Lady was a very popular singer group in Japan in 1970s.) In her mind, she heard a line "A man will be a wolf." On Yukino's face, the music note of "SOS" appeared and ran.
Arima was still ashamed. But Yukino said, "You may also nestle up to me. A man must be tried if he kept standing alone." They kissed each other.
Souichirou thinks. Miyazawa has the key to solving the door of Souichirou's mind. He loves her because she always change him. He and she can support each other.

The next day it is very fine. Miyazawa met Asaba. Miyazawa left. Arima appeared. Arima met Asaba. Miyazawa and Arima tod Asaba the same thing. "That's very very OK with me. That's all right even if it rains and is windy."

. 22. Who is Rena Tanaka?

On 11/13/1998, Act 7.0 of Kare-Kano was broadcast in Tokyo and Osaka. In the episode, Souichirou Arima drank a PET bottle with 150cl soft drink. Its label was shown. It was called "Rena-chan."
"Rena-chan" means "Natchan."
Formerly Suntory (Osaka) sold a soft drink label "Natchan." Ms Rena Tanaka appeared at its commercial films. Then she got very popular. Her fans and mass media began to call her "Natchan."

Rena Tanaka is called "CM Queen." She is very young. She was born on 05/22/1980 at Kurume city near Fukuoka. She worked as a CF model at Fukuoka. She got "CM Queen in Kyushu district" soon. Therefore Tokyo promoters began to take notice of her.
At last she began to work in Tokyo. She appeared at the CFs of JR East "TRAiNG" and Suntory "Natchan." Her height is 157cm. Her sizes (B-W-H) are 77-56-82. Her shoe size is 23.5cm. Her blood type is A. She works for a production "Ten Carats."

Natchan is a kind of low-caloried orange juice. Its natural juice content is 30 percents.

By the way, when Yukino, Tsukino and Kano went to Souichirou's house, he served canned coffee. It was based on UCC's canned coffee "Guaruja."
As you know, when cinema-type EVA was released, UCC released canned coffee with milk with pictures on EVA. Six kinds of EVA canned coffee were released. They are Misato, Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Kaoru and EVA characters.

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"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" Copyright (c) Masami Tsuda, Hakusensha/GAiNAX/Kare-Kano Group, TX, SOFTX, 1998, 1999

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