Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou

Hideaki Anno's New Work is"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" which is broadcast by TV-Tokyo since October 1998.

On 10/02/1998, TV-Tokyo started Hideaki Anno's New Anime "Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" at last. A lot of anime fans in Japan have been looking forward to seeing it for a long time. These two years Hideaki Anno made real performance films rather than anime.
This work is his new age anime which is different from his former works.

. 20. Kare-Kano FAQ

Dear Webmaster,

Thank you very much for your support and time.
Hear I would like to show a Kare-Kano FAQ.
This pages consist of Hideaki Anno's anime, Masami Tsuda's cartoon, and your advices.

With regards,

  1. You referred to Tsubasa's father as a "greenhorn". "Greenhorn" is an old American English term that is used to refer to someone who is inexperienced. It is not commonly heard any more, outside of "Westerns". So I don't understand why Tsubasa would consider her father a "greenhorn".

    In fact, this question was sent in 1998. I could not answer this question. I read the 5th volume of Tsuda's original cartoon and thought...
    As you know, Tsubasa's father works as a dress designer for little children. He is an "elite" businessman, in one sense. However most of Japanese "elite" businessmen are regarded as hothouse. Say, they are not tough. They usually think, think, think and order when they work. Perhaps they do not act, nor do not negotiate, nor do not create by themselves. They need not know the outside of their corporations.

    As for Japanese common career path, such "elite" designer usually graduated from design major of a famous fine art college in Tokyo. Of course, if you want to enter such schools, you must be good at both study and fine art in Japanese education system. When he graduated from such major, he began to work as a dress designer at a famous large-scale corporation for dress. Perhaps he would often enter into a lot of small competitions for dress design. (The winners were chosen among followers controlled by famous leading designers by turns.) After such initiations, he was regarded as an "elite" designer. In this stage, he can be a freelance.

    Usually he is protected by his corporation.

    Moreover he is a rich man since his childhood. In USA, sons from famous rich family must earn their pocket money for themselves. However in Japan, parents and grandparents from famous rich family are so proud that they must give their sons much money. Therefore such "greenhorns" (Japanese: O-bocchama) can be still "greenhorns" forever.

    In fact, at the 5th volume (121 page) of Tsuda's original cartoon, Tsubasa Shibahime said to Ms Ikeda, (Japanese) "Papa Mitaina Po-yan-to sita Sekenshirazu Niwa Anata Mitaina Hito Au To Omou." She said, "You just fit for a "greenhorn" like my papa, as I saw your way."

    Thus Tsubasa sometimes calls his father a greenhorn.

  2. This page includes duplication. It is confusing, I feel.


    That's right. This page is very confusing.

    Now Ms Masami Tsuda published six volumes of Kare-Kano through Hakusensha (October 1998). However in the six volume, Yukino and Souichirou have just begun to make love. Perhaps they are still freshmen in senior high school.

    As you know, in the convention of Japanese anime production, 13 weeks are regarded as 1 "Cours." Usually Japanese anime program is broadcast as 2 cours, 26 episodes.

    Tsuda's original cartoon has not been completed yet. Japanese-style comic book is rather fat than American-style one, as you know. (French publishers publish Japanese-style comic books when they publish Japanese comic as French edition.) Tsuda's original consists of 6 volumes. Perhaps 6 volumes corresponds to 24 episodes. Moreover in 1999 the 7th volumn of Kare-Kano will be published. Of course, the original story will not have been completed yet even if the 7th volume appears.

    Well we Japanese does not know the end of the story.
    So the page is still confusing.
    However TV-anime type Kare-Kano is Great Director Hideaki Anno's work. His work will include some tragedy and duplication. The page wants to show his way. Therefore the page emphasizes tragedy and duplication.

  3. Why do you call "Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" Kare-Kano?


    In Ms Masami Tsuda's orginal cartoon, she calls her work "Kare-Kano."

  4. You tend to introduce voice actresses in Kare-Kano.


    Well, after "Summer EVA," Great Director Hideaki Anno tried to make real performance films. At last he made a real performance movie "Love and Pop." After it, he wants to use real performance films.

    As you know, when EVA was completed in July 1997, a lot of EVA fans in Japan said, "We cannot discard EVA." In fact, three Comic Markets were held after the end of EVA. Die-hard EVA fans have still published a lot of Doujinshi comic books on EVA. They want to live in EVA world.
    So Anno said, "Go back to the real world!"
    Then EVA fans said, "He is a betrayer. He shall DIE!"
    He began to avoid illusion. Illusion reproduces those who live in illusion.
    Japanese EVA fans must have seen life-size figures of Rei Ayanami. Of course Rei Ayanami is imaginary. But Ayanami fans believe in Ayanami.
    In "Summer EVA" Director Anno showed Ms Megumi Hayashibara.
    Ayanami's voice is a part of Hayashibara's voice.
    Thereafter she often appeared at the TV shows. TV hosts introduced her as a famous voice actress who played the role of Female Ranma, Lina Inverse and Rei Ayanami.

    When TV-anime type Kare-Kano started, Anno began to use real performance films. At previews, voice actors appeared as a real performance film.
    Of course other directors will not use such films. (Great Anime Director Akitarou Daichi used a manuscript written by Ms Tomomi Nishimura, an idol star in Japan, at the opening animation of "Sugoi-yo Masaru-san.")
    Common anime directors want to use the various types of voice. They do not think the playing of voice actors. On the other hand, perhaps, Anno wants to play some voice actors as actors.
    In his new work, you must not perceive cellophane pictures move. You should perceive voice actors make special sound there.

    In fact, Ms Maria Yamamoto who plays the role of Kano and Ms Atsuko Enomoto who plays the role of Yukino promote Kare-Kano actively. They are pretty voice actresses.
    Especially Atsuko Enomoto has her official bulletin board system. There she often writes her own comments. It makes Kare-Kano fans keep away from illusion.

    Voice actresses look like Anno's spokesmen.

  5. What does Director Anno aim at?


    If Anno's team makes anime-type Kare-Kano by tracing Tsuda's original cartoons, Yukino will get friends with Tsubasa and Maho. Moreover Souichirou's agony will not have been solved yet.

    Do you think it is a good solution as an anime for young girls?


    Director Anno is an enthusiastic reader of Hakusensha's Monthly "LaLa."
    LaLa has dealt with a lot of love stories for girls. LaLa has shown many kinds of trouble solution. Anno must know the fact. Perhaps he has his own solution.

    Please remember October 1995. I was (am) a fan of Ms Megumi Ogata. She is a ugly, fat and tall woman. She is rather old. She was an actress performing at several musicals. Thereafter she got a voice actress. As you know, she played the role of Eagle from Magic Knight Rayearth. It was her excellent job. On the other hand, she played the role of Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon. Then she got very popular. Ms Megumi Ogata first played the main role at Neon Genesis Evangelion. Ogata fans expected the anime.

    But it was a "Tatsunoko-Production"-like robot anime. Several weeks later, it became a school comedy which Gainax tended to make.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion was Anno's private anime. In the end of TV-anime EVA, he had to choose that way.

    In 1998, Anno began to make a new anime. It is a girl world. At present, he uses Tsuda's original pictures themselves.

    But he has to find his original way to make a solution for young girls.

    (If the solution means a collapse of Yukino's world, Kare-Kano will be transformed into a serious tragedy.)

  6. The rating of Kare-Kano is very low, I hear.


    The rating of the first act of Kare-Kano was 4.3 percent in Tokyo. It is rather low. (EVA's rating was 5 percent in 1995.)

    As you know, "Shoujo Manga" (Cartoons for girls) became less popular these years.
    Tsuda's original cartoon is a Shoujo Manga. Moreover it is published by Hakusensha. Hakusensha is regarded as a publisher which publishes typical Shoujo Manga.
    Perhaps most of anime fans do not know Tsuda's original Kare-Kano.

  7. What do you expect at Anno's Kare-Kano?


    Anno has a father, as I wrote at my site. He drew Gendou Ikari at EVA. Perhaps he wants to draw Yukino's father. Yukino's father Hiroyuki Miyazawa (CV = Takeshi Kusao, a very famous voice actor in Slam Dunk) also has his dark past. Moreover his wife Miyako knows the days. Just after she graduated from high school, they were married. They had to make an extremely warm and merry home. In fact, their TWO daughters (Tsukino and Kano) are always very merry and cheerful.

  8. You use a phrase "real performance film." However Western performance arts include films, drama and animation.


    That's right. Japanese distinguish cellophane picture anime from other performance arts because the history of cellophane picture anime in Japan started after Warld War II.
    Some sophisticated people regard cellophane picture anime as infantile pastimes. Others regard it as Osamu Teduka's industry.
    Of course Anno watched TV-anime type "Astroboy" in his childhood. But he was interested in real performance films using special effects "Tokusatsu."
    Toho (Japan) created Godzilla. Thereafter "Tokusatsu" got less popular in Japan. "Tokusatsu" freaks began to study cellophane picture anime. They included Toshio Okada (Otaking) and Hideaki Anno. They founded Gainax, as you know.
    They are still interested in "Tokusatsu."

  9. It seems to me that your page is made after creators' intentions are evaluated. The anime has not been completed yet.


    That's right. I also feel it is a wrong way. In this term, Kare-Kano fans usually make only fan fages that include BBS, Chat room, character popularity ranking and CGs. They cannot deal with meaning and evaluation. This page only shows information and rumors around GAiNAX. It is not its meaning and evaluation.

  10. Common Western anime page does not compare cellophane picture anime with original cartoon.


    It is Asian style. This style is common in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Korea and Japan.
    For example, Rurouni Kenshin page in Asia usually deals with both TV-anime video and Watsuki's original cartoon. (Formerly Mr. Nobuhiro Watsuki said, "I love EVA, Shinsengumi company, American Comics and Samurai Shodown." Therefore I also started my Samurai Shodown site when my Kenshin site strated.)

  11. Kare-Kano is called "High-speed and High-tensioned" anime. Especially Yukino has two modes. Reverse and domestic mode is different from her normal appearance. So Kare-Kano is very different from old-fashioned Shoujo Anime. Therefore it is very successful. Yukino is a rather strong character. She does not look like weak and passive. Her style is a Western style.


    In fact, a lot of girls and young women in Japan are not married. Many young men lost their jobs in Japan. Japanese unmarried women grow wild. In some fan pages of Shoujo Anime, their wild and shocking mind is shown. (However Ms Megumi Ogata also works as a DJ. She advocates "Female Chivalry" to these young girls. In her female chivalry, girls must study the spirits and life style of gentlemen. Girls must act as a gentleman. Ms Haruna Ikezawa, a famous voice actress, is her follower.)
    They want powerful heroine. (Utena is a kind of Shoujo Anime. The heroine Utena Tenjou is powerful. But women do not like it well.)
    Women like two anime which have powerful heroines. One is "Kodomo No Omocha." The other is "Hanayori Dango."
    They have original cartoons. Both their cartoons and anime are very popular.
    Therefore Yukino is not extraordinery. Yukino is rather common in recent Shoujo Anime.

  12. I am interested in bringing Kare-Kano episodes to USA. If doing so, US fans can see Mr Hideaki's new work. Join me if you are interested in bringing this anime out to USA.


    First, just after I set up my Kare-Kano page, I've already received letters from USA, Canada and Australia. VHS-type pirate anime of Kare-Kano have been seen in USA, Canada and Australia since EARLY OCTOBER 1998 by means of Fedex. Fedex is already very popular in Japan.
    Baggages dealing with Kare-Kano video tapes will reach USA in three days. Today (03/26/1999) in Tokyo and Osaka, the last act (episode) of Kare-Kano will be broadcast by TV-Tokyo. The outline of the story was shown in Hakusensha's Monthly Comic Magazine "LaLa" 1999 May issue published on 03/24/1999. Perhaps you can also get a tape of Kare-Kano from someone in USA. But it is illegal in Japan.

    Second, official copyright business is very hard in Japan. Japanese copyright law is very difficult. The law is managed by Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japanese Government (called Bunkachou). Formerly a fast-stream bureaucrat of Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture (Monbushou) worked as Director of Copyright Division (Chosakuken-Ka). His name is Mr. Moriyuki Kato (not Katou).
    He was so wise in Copyright in Japan that he wrote an official reference on Japanese copyright law. Thus the law way was fixed. Thereafter he had to retire because he was implicated with "Recruit Affair" in 1989. At the bribery, Mr. Hiromasa Ezoe, President of Recruit Co. offered bribes to a lot of executives. At present, he works as Governor of Ehime Prefecture.

    Third, in Neon Genesis Evangelion, the complex of Toei, King Records, Kadokawa Shoten, TV-Tokyo, Bandai, Sega Enterprises, Tatsunoko Production and GAiNAX cooperated.
    But in Kare-Kano, the complex of Hakusensha, King Records, TV-Tokyo, Sega Enterprises, JC Staff and GAiNAX was formed.
    Hakusensha is not related with Kadokawa Shoten.
    Both of them are large-scale publishers in Japan. But Kadokawa is much larger than Hakusensha.
    At present, Hakusensha has its official homepage. Hakusensha wants to promote their titles all over the world. These years Hakusensha often made a lot of titles of Original Video Animation (OVA), for example, "Glass No Kamen" "Sukeban Deka" "Yakumo Tatsu" "Boku No Chikyu Wo Mamotte" and "Patariro". They are very famous in Japan. But they are not popular in USA. If you want to bring Kare-Kano videos to USA, Hakusensha may make you buy such minor titles as a kind of tie-in.

    Of course I am not an agent of anime. Famous homepage creaters often work as an agent. But I am not famous in Japanese publishers. I mainly explain Japanese subculture to foreign students studying in Japan.

    This month (March 1999) NHK broadcast Anno's early work "Top wo Nerae! Gun buster." At the OVA, Shinji Higuchi, Keiji Gotou, Masayuki, Toshio Okada and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto worked as animators. The skill was not good yet then. But the method of making picture was simular.

Please refer to the Next Part...

"Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou" Copyright (c) Masami Tsuda, Hakusensha/GAiNAX/Kare-Kano Group, TX, SOFTX, 1998, 1999

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