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(11/13/1998 Revised)

GAiNAX is pinched again.

On 11/12/1998, mass media in Japan reported GAiNAX's evasion of taxes. Of course this fact has been already reported at this corner.
However, for example, TBS (Tokyo) reported GAiNAX's evasion using images on "EVA and jolly fellows" which is a kind of videogame on mahjong. Apparently TBS makes an ass of GAiNAX creators.
On the other hand, TBS began to broadcast TV-anime type "Sorcerous Stabber Orphen." The rating (5.1 percent) is higher than that of Kare-Kano (4.3 percent). TBS looks like a bull. Both Kare-Kano and Orphen are made by J.C.Staff.

By the way, Asahi Newspaper reported GAiNAX's evasion on 11/12/1998.
GAiNAX is located at Musashino city, Tokyo. It is a company with a capital of twenty million yen (164 thousand dollars). In the report, GAiNAX evaded taxes since August 1995 till July 1997. It concealed its income. The sum was 1,560 million yen (13 million dollars). Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau accused GAiNAX and its president Takeshi Sawamura of violation of the corporation tax law.

GAINAX was Pinched in May 1998.

As you know, a fact was reported on 05/26/98.
As you know, GAINAX was pinched there on 05/19/98.
Gainax is a large-scale anime production in Japan. It is located at Musashino City, Tokyo, near JR Mitaka Station. It is very famous, as you know. It was founded by Mr. Toshio "Ota-king" Okada. He was a lecturer of College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo. There he taught Otaku culture.
He was President of GAINAX. His wife belongs to Headquarters of GAINAX.
He founded a SF goods shop "General Products" in Osaka City in 1981. Thereafter in 1984 General Products founded GAINAX to produce an cinema-type anime "The Royal Space Force - Wings of Honneamise." The title was very famous but was not popular.
GAINAX formerly made "Princess Maker", a famous videogame title in 1991.
It formerly made TV-series "Fushigi No Umi No Nadia" for NHK in 1990. The title had excellent quality but was not popular.

At last, in 1995, Neon Genesis Evangelion was broadcast. They made it and three cinema-type EVA's.

GAINAX was formerly very small. At present, it is a very large-scale company. It deals with anime, comics, CGs, videogames, figure dolls, etc.
Now President of GAINAX is 39-year-old Takeji Sawamura. He lives in Suginami Ward. On 05/19/1998, Authorities from National Tax Administration inspected GAINAX and Sawamura's house.
Of course, EVA is very popular. Authorities thought GAINAX would earn much money.
The Authories will inspect a person directly when he evades taxes more than 100,000,000 yen. (1 dollar = 140 yen)

In May 1998, GAINAX was pinched. Now it comes off well.
You may be at ease. (It was written in July 1998.)

"Neon Genesis Evangelion"; Copyright (c) GAINAX/ Project EVA, TX, NAS, 1995-99

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