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What Is Eva? (Latter Part)

  1. Origin of Eva
  2. Start of TV-animation type Eva
  3. Reflection on TV-animation type Eva
  4. Otaku World in Japan
  5. Last Two Stories
  6. Eva Goods Boom
  7. Voice Actress Boom
  8. Cinema-type Eva

9. Short Story Review of Eva (1)

Adam, first Angel
In 2000 a mysterious large-scale explosion happened in the Antarctica. The Antarctica vanished. Half of the world population lost. Many cities sank into the bottom of the sea. The explosion was called "Second Impact." UN showed that Second Impact was caused by the falling of a large meteorite.
However it was not true. A mysterious giant called First Angel Adam caused Second Impact. Dr. Katsuragi and the Katsuragi Investigation Party took a temporary expediment there. Therefore human beings avoided their extinction.

Gendou Ikari
Gendou Ikari (CV = Fumihiko Tachiki) established NERV, an unpublished organization for special missions under UN. Gendou and NERV provided themselves against Angel's attack.

10. People Who Work for NERV

NERV LogomarkLogomark of NERV
  1. Gendou Ikari: Commander of NERV.
  2. Dr. Kouzou Fuyutsuki (CV = Motomu Kiyokawa, He is a model of Kouzou Fuyutsuki): Vice-Commander of NERV. Former Professor of Kyoto University. He had criticized the activity of Gendou at first. However he was hired away thereafter.
  3. Ms Misato Katsuragi (CV = Kotono Mitsuishi, She played the role of Sailor Moon): A major (Japanese word: 3-Sa) of NERV. Daughter of Dr. Katsuragi. She loves Ryouji Kaji.
  4. Dr. Ritsuko Akagi (CV = Yuriko Yamaguchi, She was born in Osaka): A researcher. A classmate of Misato. A daughter of Dr. Naoko Akagi who had killed herself. She knew the secret of Eva. Both her mother and she loved Gendou.
  5. Ms Maya Ibuki (CV = Miki Nagasawa, She has an official fan page): An operator. A first lieutenant (Japanese word: 2-I) of NERV. A junior of Ritsuko.
  6. Mr. Ryouji Kaji (CV = Kouichi Yamadera, He is husband of Mika Kanai, a famous voice actress): A spy from Japanese Government and Seele. Seele let Gendou establish NERV. Kaji also worked for Ministry of Home Affairs, Japan. A classmate of Misato. He loves Misato. He came from Germany with Asuka, Eva Unit 02 and Embryo-shaped Adam. He did not only spy Gendou's activity for Seele but also spy the true character of the plan for the instrumentality of human beings for himself. He took Dr. Fuyutsuki away for Seele and was killed by NERV. He taught Misato that the plan meant artificial evolving human beings as a colony into a simple by removing individual Absolute Terror Fields.
  7. Mr. Shigeru Aoba (CV = Takehito Koyasu): An operator. A first lieutenant (Japanese word: 2-I) of NERV. He liked playing guitar.
  8. Mr. Makoto Hyuga (CV = Hiro Yuki): An operator. A first lieutenant (Japanese word: 2-I) of NERV. A junior of Misato. He liked and helped her.
  9. Other computer operators, researchers, medical staff, workers (scavengers), intelligence persons and combatants: most of them were killed by the Japan Strategy Self Defence Force (Japanese word: Senryaku Jiei Tai).
  10. Kiel Lorenz (CV = Mugihito): Chair of Seele. Chair of Committee of the Instrumentality of Human Beings. Formerly Seele controlled NERV. However Gendou tried to rise in revolt. Kiel sent the Japan Strategy Self Defence Force to requisition NERV. However Eva Unit 02 defeated the army. Kiel built Massproduction-Model Eva Units 05-13. That Eva had a replica of the Longinus Spear. These nine Eva defeated Eva Unit 02. To removing Absolute Terror Fields of all living things, Kiel tried to cause the Third Impact. There were some methods to cause the Third Impact. Kiel decided to make Eva Unit 01 and these nine form a Sephiroth, the Tree of Life in the sky. Eva Unit 01 recalled the Longinus Spear froating in the space and a Sephiroth was formed. A large-scale explosion was caused to began the Third Impact.

11. Short Story Review of Eva (2)

Sachiel, third Angel
In 2015 an Angel attacked the human beings. It was called the third Angel Sachiel. NERV prepared two units of Evangelion. They were human-shaped wide use weapons for a decisive battle. However Proto-type Eva Unit 00 was out of use and the pilot, Ms Rei Ayanami was injured. She was called first children.

Shinji is Angry
So Gendou invited his son Shinji Ikari (CV = Megumi Ogata) as a pilot of Eva. He got in Test-type Eva Unit 01 and fought against the Angel.
Eva Unit 01 ran recklessly and defeated the Angel.

Shinji began to live with Misato and Penpen (CV = Megumi Hayashibara), a penguin. Shinji was called third children.

Shinji went to school. The school is called First Junior High School, Tokyo-3, JAPAN. He became a second year student there.
Touji Suzuhara
Mr. Touji Suzuhara (Left figure, CV = Tomokazu Seki) was Shinji's classmate. But his younger sister was injured by Eva Unit 01. He was so angry that he boxed Shinji Ikari.

Shamshiel, 4th Angel
When the 4th Angel, Shamshiel (Center figure) appeared at Tokyo-3, the third children, Mr. Shinji Ikari on Eva Unit 01 saved Kensuke and Touji.

Each Angel has one core or two. If the core was broken, Angel died. Shinji tried to break the core of Shamshiel and did it. Thereafter Shinji Ikari became friends with Kensuke and Touji.
Mr. Kensuke Aida (Right figure, CV = Tetsuya Iwanaga) was also Shinji's classmate. He was a military mania. He would have a portable videocamera everywhere.

12. Eva Units and Eva Pilots

Eva Units
  1. Proto-type Eva Unit 00: Its pilot was Ms. Rei Ayanami.
    Eva 00
  2. Test-type Eva Unit 01 (CV = Megumi Hayashibara): Its pilot was Mr. Shinji Ikari. It frequently ran recklessly.
    Eva 01
  3. Production-Model Eva Unit 02: Its pilot was Ms. Asuka Langley Souryu.
    Eva 02
    Most Angels were defeated by these three.
  4. Production-Model Eva Unit 03: Its pilot was Mr. Touji Suzuhara. It was invaded by the 13th Angel, Baldiel. So it was destroyed immediately.
  5. Production-Model Eva Unit 04: It vanished with the second branch of NERV in USA.
  6. Massproduction-Model Eva Units 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, and 13: Their engines are Super-Solenoid Engines and Dummy Plugs after Mr. Kaworu Nagisa drove them. However they were not under the control of NERV.

Eva Pilots

  1. First Children (CV = Megumi Hayashibara): A group of girls that were called Ms Rei Ayanami were clones of Ms Yui Ikari, Shinji's mother. But Rei had the soul of Lilith. Finally she dived into Lilith of her own will against Gendou. Lilith changed herself into a giant Rei then.
  2. Second Children (CV = Yuko Miyamura): Ms Asuka Langley Souryu from Germany. She was suffering from psychic trauma. She was still alive after the Third Impact.
    Her four famous words were emphasized at the first movie "Death and Rebirth."
    1. My name is Asuka Souryu Langley. Greetings!
      AsukaI am Asuka
    2. Are you stupid?
      AsukaAre you stupid?
    3. Chaaaaaaance!
    4. Please! Look at me.
      AsukaPlease look at me.

  3. Third Children: Mr. Shinji Ikari.
  4. Fourth Children: Mr. Touji Suzuhara.
  5. Fifth Children (CV = Akira Ishida): Mr. Kaworu Nagisa. He was invited as a pilot of Eva Unit 02. His true character was the 17th Angel. He loved Shinji. He was killed by Eva Unit 01.
    Kaworu Nagisa

13. Short Story Review of Eva (3)

NERV did not understand the true character of Angels. However Angels indicated blue in blood pattern by which NERV distinguished them. The shapes of Angels were different from one another. The number of Angels was thought to be 17. However the 18th Angel was a human being.
Rei and Shinji with Eva Units 00 and 01 defeated fifth Angel, Ramiel. Asuka came from Germany with Eva Unit 02. Thereafter Rei, Asuka and Shinji with Eva Unit 00, 01 and 02 fought against Angels (6th Angel Gagiel, 7th Angel Israphel, 8th Angel Sandalphon, 9th Angel Matriel, 10th Angel Tzachquiel, 12th Angel Leriel).
The Super Computer Magi made by Dr. Naoko Akagi tried to analyze the true character of an Angel. Magi consisted of Magi Caspar, Magi Balthazar and Magi Melchior. The analysis code indicated 601, say, unknown. However specific wave pattern of an Angel was nearly equal to human beings' gene by 99.89 percent. Dr. Ritsuko Akagi and Magi Caspar defeated 11th Angel Iroul.
Eva Unit 03 was stationed in Japan. NERV had to select the pilot. Mr. Touji Suzuhara was selected as the pilot, Fourth Children.
Hikari Horaki
Ms Hikari Horaki (CV = Junko Iwao, She makes the official homepage) is a class president (Japanese word: Iincho (not Iinchou) ). She thinks he seems to be so tender that she has adored him. That Hikari offered Touji to put up a lunch for him in a roundabout way started the friendship between the two.
Eva Unit 03 with Touji was invaded by the 13th Angel, Baldiel. Baldiel was annihilated by a dummy plug after Ms Rei Ayanami. Then he lost his left leg.
Now you should watch Episode 19 of Eva. Shinji fought against the 14th Angel, Zelel. Then his synchronizing ratio indicated 400 percents and he vanished within Eva Unit 01 Entry Plug.
He was reborn from Eva Unit 01 at last.
Asuka became a disabled person by the attack of the 15th Angel, Arael.
The first Rei had killed by Dr. Naoko Akagi and the second Rei killed herself with the 16th Angel, Almisael.
Instead of Asuka, Seele sent Fifth Children Kaworu Nagisa as a pilot of Eva Unit 02. He loved Shinji. His true character was the 17th Angel.
Shinji with Eva Unit 01 killed Kaworu.
Thereafter Shinji also became a disabled person. Seele had controled NERV and Gendou for a long time. However Gendou tried to revolt Seele. Seele sent the Japan Strategy Self Defence Force to accomplish the Instrumentality Plan of Human Beings.
The army came from Japanese Government. They killed most of NERV members. However Misato and his co-workers fought against the army.
Then Asuka regained consciousness and Asuka with Eva Unit 02 fought against the army. She destroyed the greater part of the army.
Seele sent nine Massproduction-Model Eva Units 05-13 then. Asuka was defeated.
But Gendou with the third Rei tried to accomplish another plan for the instrumentality of human beings. However at the final phase of the plan, Rei as a symbol which means a hope betrayed Gendou. Thereby the plan went ahead after the scenario of Seele. She tried to change all living things to LCL liquid, the soup of life. However this also meant the future of human beings was left to Shinji Ikari. Human beings decided to be alive as a colony according to Shinji's choice. Shinji and Asuka were still alive. They all congratulated all children.
Smiling Shinji

14. Revival of Evangelion

The Third Movie of EVA titled "Revival of Evangelion" was released on 03/07/98.
You know EVA staff began to make minor-changed versions. First, they made Death and Rebirth (the first movie). Second, Rebirth was remade as the 25th episode "Air." Third, Director Masayuki working for GAINAX made "Death True" for WOWOW, a Japanese Satellite broadcasting station.
This time, Masayuki made "Death True 2" as a minor-changed version of "Death."
Some fans of EVA blamed for those versions. Eva became less popular.
"Revival of Evangelion" consists of "Death True 2," a review of TV series, the 25th episode and the 26th episode.
"Death True 2" included some new pictures. For example, embryo-shaped Adam appeared. It was on Ryouji's hand. In the 26th episode, Gendou with Adam was refused by Rei Ayanami in the latter part of the Third Impact. If the Adam was dummy, the refusal is reasonable. Kaji had true Adam to fail the Third Impact.

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