Touji Suzuhara and Rehabilitation Room
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Conference Room of Surgical Ward (Part 1)

A Story; Touji Suzuhara
A Story; Touji Suzuhara

Believe in TOUJI SUZUHARA!!!

Touji Suzuhara

His name is Mr. Touji Suzuhara. He is a male Japanese 14-year-old boy. He was born on 12/26/2001.
He speaks Japanese, especially Osaka Dialect.

298-2 Minami-Noda, Sakai-City, Osaka Prefecture, JAPAN
His home address (Permanent Domicile (Japanese word: Hon Seki) is 298-2 Minami-Noda, Sakai-City, Osaka Prefecture, JAPAN.
His blood type is B++. One's blood type is believed to be related with its character in Japan. Especially it is believed that a person whose blood type is B is queer.
He was a second year student of First Junior High School, Tokyo-3, JAPAN. He was injured and lost his left leg. Thereafter most of Tokyo-3 was destroyed by the 16th Angel, Almisael. Then he moved from Tokyo-3.
His family consists of a grandfather, a father who is a researcher of NERV, and a younger sister injured by Eva Unit 01.
His friend was only Mr. Kensuke Aida.

Kensuke Aida
When the 4th Angel, Shamshiel appeared at Tokyo-3, the third children, Mr. Shinji Ikari on Eva Unit 01 saved Kensuke and Touji.
Thereafter Shinji Ikari became friends with Kensuke and Touji.

Shinji Ikari

Ms Hikari Horaki is a class president (Japanese word: Iincho (not Iinchou) ). She thinks he seems to be so tender that she has adored him.

Touji SuzuharaTouji's Friendship
Look at Touji's Friendship and Hot Blood!!!
He said to Kensuke with his whole heart, "If a fellow abuses Shinji, I will give the fellow a fillip on the forehead."

Hikari HorakiMs Hikari Horaki
Ms Asuka Langley Souryu, the second children, who is a friend of HIkari's, said to Hikari, "Why are you devoted to that hot-blooded fool?"
However, that Hikari offered Touji to put up a lunch for him in a roundabout way started the friendship between the two.

His top secret was that he is the fourth children.
Fourth Children

I'm sorry, Newcomer.
His younger sister was injured by Eva Unit 01. He was so angry that he boxed Shinji Ikari. He said to Shinji, "I'm sorry, Newcomer." Thereafter he was sworn in as the pilot of Eva Unit 03.
Eva Unit 03

Eva Unit 03 was invaded by the 13th Angel, Baldiel
Eva Unit 03 was invaded by the 13th Angel, Baldiel.
Baldiel was annihilated by a dummy plug after Ms Rei Ayanami.
Baldiel was annihilated by a dummy plug after Ms Rei Ayanami.
He lost his left leg.
He is alive, but lost his left leg.
His registered ID number is 0254762.

To be continued...
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