Dr. FangLang's Pavement

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An Official Comment From Dr.FangLang

Dear Webmasters,

Thank you very much for your time and heartful replies.
Today I would like to inform you of reduction of my digital content works.
As you know, my digital content works are covered by my parents' budget and account managers.
Perhaps my parents might have been hopeful of my showing Japanese rural culture all over the world.
Soon Winter Comic Market 55 will be held on 12/29/98 - 12/30/98.
I applied to Executive Committee for a booth.
Unfortunately my circle "Pavement" was not selected.
Therefore my parents reduced my digital content works.
To promote proper culture is to struggle. I fought but I was defeated. I put an apology into words here.
As you know, Japanese economy is in the depression. Expence for telecommunication is still expensive. I had to give up the larger part of my own digital contents because I had failed to promote my works.
I shall return here at the next chance (Summer Comic Market 56).
Thank you again for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,


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