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Tokyo Game Show '98 Autumn was held since 10/09/1998 till 10/11/98 by Computer Entertainment Software Association (CESA) at Makuhari Messe, Chiba. As you know, Makuhari Messe (Japan Convension Center) is an extra-local-governmental organization of Chiba City.
Formerly Comike was also held there. However Makuhari Messe is rather public. Therefore doing masker was inhibited there by Chiba municipal board of education. Comic Market Executive Committee decided to stop holding Comike there. Thereafter Comike is held at Tokyo Big Sight.

Tokyo Game Show is held twice a year at present. It is the largest event on video game promotion. It is usually held for three days. On the first day, it is held for entertainment business. On the second and third days, it is held for users. Its admission fee was 1,200 yen.
CESA and MITI, which hold it, expected that its entry reached more than 150 thousand. In fact, 156 thousand people went to see it.

On 10/10/1998, I saw SNK's event.

SNK produced a TV drama program "Athena." SNK has a female character "Athena Asamiya." It was named after Saki Asamiya from "Sukeban Deka." SNK has dealt with Athena as a psycho-soldier character in "King Of Fighters." This time SNK made an adventure game "Athena." The TV drama was produced in order to promote the game. The game has not been completed yet.
SNK wanted to promote its new portable game client "Neogeo Pocket." It costs 7,800 yen. It is rather expensive. SNK used 16-bit CPU for it. It can connect with SEGA Dreamcast.
Ms Reiko Chiba is famous as a young president. Her company deals with computer business. Formerly she was an idol star. She played the role of Cham Cham from Samurai Shodown. She did masker as Nakoruru in order to promote Samurai Shodown several years ago. She gets rather sociable at present.
The event was held as her interview with SNK directors-general.
These directors-general have developed several SNK game titles, King Of Fighters, Athena, and Samurai Shodown.
In Japan, a group of simulation game titles are very popular. They are called "Bringing up Simulation Games", for example, Tokimeki Memorial and Angelique.
In the event, hosts showed 9 doubtful rumors. SNK directors-general answered the questions on them.
In the questions, SNK showed they are developing a Bringing up Simulation game title. It is called "Sodatete Kyo." It means "Please bring up Kusanagi Kyo." Of course, players must bring up Kyo in the King Of Fighters world. Female fans expect the title.
SNK showed Orichi snakes story in King Of Fighters ended at the King Of Fighters '98. It means Iori Yagami may be dead.
It is very shocking.
Moreover SNK designs Iori's younger sister. She has not appeared at King Of Fighters yet. They said, "If Iori's younger sister appears, Iori himself will not appear at the new version of King Of Fighters."
In Samurai Shodown, it was pointed out that Shizumaru Hisame did not appear at Hyper Neogeo 64.
Shizumaru Hisame is very popular among Yaoi Doujinshi comic cartoonists. Most of them are girls. SNK developers said, "We could not make polygon-type Shizumaru, because Shizumaru is globular."

By the way, in Tonkinhouse booth on 10/10/98, Ms Harumi Ikoma appeared at an event.
Tonkinhouse is a subsidiary of "Tokyo Shoseki." Recently Tokyo Shoseki began to develop videogame titles. One of them was "Season of L." Tonkinhouse used several popular voice actresses for it. Rio Natsuki (Battle Athletess DAIUNDOUKAI), Yukana Nogami (Card Captor Sakura), Harumi Ikoma (Kodomo No Omocha), Mifuyu Hiiragi (Lost Universe) and Akiko Nakagawa (Basara) played the role there. "Season of L" was developed as a RPG.
There are several fans of Harumi Ikoma at the booth. One male fan questioned Harumi Ikoma. He said, "What did you destroyed today?" If you are fans of Harumi Ikoma, you can understand the question. She is called "Destruction Goddess."
That day she said, "Today I do not destroy anything!!!"

On the other hand, SEGA promoted its new video game client "Dreamcast" (29,800 yen).
It has a 128-bit RISC CPU. (Ah! SEGA Saturn had a 32-bit RISC CPU. The tip was developed and made by Hitachi. Of course, the Saturn tip is still excellent. Thereafter Saturn got less popular as you know.) This time SEGA decided to use Microsoft Windows CE system.
Therefore the third parties can connect their clients with SEGA Dreamcast.
In fact, SNK developed its new portable game client "NeoGeo Pocket." Its data are available at SEGA Dreamcast.

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"Bushidohretsuden - Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits" Copyright (c) 1997 SNK, Fuji Telecast, Asatsu

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